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    My New Favorite champion

    faced a morde top, dont know what to build/do

    Does olaf actually need ANY + dmg? in runes /masteries? (maybe to help him last hit?) the true damge is guarenteed 340dmg every what 4 seconds? surely armor/mr/health regen would be more beneficial?

    Anyone got any thought/advice

    Dr Shakamoto EUW

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    I played Olaf yesterday for the first time and really enjoyed him.  I built wriggles into Warmogs / Atmas and then Phantom Dancer to try and take advantage of his life steal.  In future times when I play him I think I'm just going to go straight tank.  He seems to do a ton of damage without building any pure AD Items.

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    Yer my thoughts exactly, i think hes borderline op, that dmg is guartenteed no matter what, sherelia's is a really good item on him, ghost + sherelias + ulti closes the gap on anyone

    i copied a build on solomid i wont take credit, the build here is more of a AD heavy build

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    Did you watch Voyboy play Olaf in the two games of IPL4?  You can probably watch them on Twitch.tv.  He played an absolutely brutal Olaf twice!  Great games to watch if you want to see a killer Olaf in action. :)

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    Olaf seems to be gaining some steam as a really powerhouse solo top. The new Maw of Malmortius is extremely powerful on him. That's probably the only damage item you really need on him. Something like Wriggles > MoM > Fratma and he's just a wrecking ball. Not sure what masteries for him I go a weird 9/14/7 on him, but I think 9/21 is the most standard probably.


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