LoL Pro Invitational Tournament what do you think?

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    Came here to say hi<3

    But my thoughts on the tournament are good. It's fast and fun. Too bad we gotta wait a week for the finals =(

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    Invitational is going great, good to see the teams we know and love. Good choice for an introductory tournament for Curse and the LoL Pro website.

    Agree with some of the above posts of branching out into open registration, lets some lesser known teams get some games with higher level teams. Also would help increase the skill level of new/second tier teams. More high level competitors can only help the game.

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    Must obey Hawkeye.........


    I do think we need more amateur stuff going on during the week.     The viewer base for LoL seems to be as large or larger than SC2 and they always have a tournament or 3 going on each night.  I do understand that LoL is a tad different in match lengths and most torunaments would need to be Bo1 until semis or finals, but even a $50(5/$10 RP cards) 1st place only tournament would be nice for amateurs.

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    Great stuff, though I noticed you guys using notepad to track the scores. I have  gift for you guys if you check your messages, you may just find it more useful than notepad.

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    Kinda fail that we had to wait for like an hour to watch one(or more of the) part/s of the series. 
    Also a good note to your shoutcasts(vs the most famous SC2),when you are going to eat dont make us listen ur chewing etc...manners plox.Your casting a tournament ffs. Take it seriously or ur viewers wont. And also,in SC casts they have a guy (who is not visible to viewers),just to watch out for fights or important phases pre or after a fight...u guys lost several good fights and u were wondering afterwards what happened...

    Overall,good job.LoL needs sponsors besides Riot to organize tournaments.Nice to get such a prestigious site to get the motor running on LoL site/tournaments.
    Keep up the good work. 

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    I really enjoyed APictureOfAGoose when they appeared on the tournament scene with "whacky" picks like Jungle Pantheon and the like. 

    If they're running standard comps now I'm going to be sad.

    And I really wish Elementz would stop saying "May-O-Kai."

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    Quote from Follish »

    Flood of registrations and posts incoming - I'm calling it.

    Nice tournament so far, I'm comparing it to the early days of IPL/NASL (StarCraft 2 tournaments) and it is so far pretty well done.  You can tell it's done from home, not a particularly "polished" feel to it, but the games are what matters and it's fun to watch!  I'm looking forward to the live finale in San Francisco!

    It's been happening since they posted this site on reddit lol.

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    I came here so Hawkeye wouldn't be lonely anymore :3 You're my favorite commentator, by far <3

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    Hey guys great to see everyone here.  I have really loved this event, I am hoping for a lot of great new opportunities to bring the LoL community fun events here at Curse.  I will try and take your suggestions to heart and continue to bring the best possible events to y'all.  For those of you who said you like my casting.... dawwwww thanks.  I hope to get to do it more.  Keep an eye on the site for announcements of all our fun new events and feel free to suggest them to us here on the forums.  Also come watch up play at  

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    Loved the tournament and the casting that went with it. Went very well from my point of view for a first time tournament. Keep it up!

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    I really enjoyed the tournament. You guys and Alienware are awesome for sponsoring this independently of Riot. Here are some pros and cons I noticed about the tournament, as well as thoughts I have gleaned from community feedback:

    Awesome: Great teams, Exciting match-ups, Large prize pool, Professional LoL player commentary from Elementz, a variety of casters (e.g Colby -> s'plode -> Hawkeye)

    Things to work on: The stream experienced lag issues for many viewers, even after lowering the resolution (@TheGunRun might be able to help with this); Frequently during the games, especially during exciting moments, Colby would talk over/interrupt Elementz, which degraded the moment, and divided the viewership by forcing them to choose who they wanted to listen too; A lack of professionally branded ovelays

    Overall, I was really impressed but LoLPro as a whole and by Curse's involvement and dedication to the community. Thanks once again for hosting such an amazing tournament! I look forward to watching the upcoming rounds.

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    Great tournament so far, really incredible commentary. Colby did a great job, I really don't see why people have a problem with his casting. He obviously enjoys the game and has a lot of knowledge about it. But anyways, the teams are all great. 

    The only criticism I have is that, especially for watching live, it does become a pretty big pain to have to sit inbetween matches and wait for teams to do whatever it is that they do. The 20+ min. inbetween can be really deturring for me to stick around and keep watching. But other than that, I've really been enjoying the gameplay 

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    I enjoyed watching it all, though it was a bit late for us in EU, I think it lasted all to 02:00 AM, but there were a lot of delays, so I figure it wasn't planned to be that late.
    The casting was good enough, however, they kind of talked about other stuff while there was a team fight going on, and then later explained what happened. Colby always repeated what Elementz said, which wasn't really annoying, except from when he started to cut off Elementz just to repeat what he had said 30 seconds ago. Other than that, I enjoyed the casting.

    Overall, this tournament was really great and enjoyable. Thanks a lot! :)

    PS! Next time try ask Jatt for shoutcasting, he's a top-notch caster, without a doubt.

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    I really appreciate the feedback, we are working on ways to fix some of these issues.  Unfortunately some things like the time between games are the unfortunate side effect of trying to get 10 people in the same game online at the same time.  We hope next weekend will also go very well.  It will be a late night because we are playing after IPL, but I think it will be a good set of games.  

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    Ill be here I enjoyed watching the games take place.  However I am not sure what caused it but atleast on my end there were huge lag spikes where u would hear the commentators talking but the screen was frozen and you couldn't see the action.

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    Why are you purple o.0


    Jw lol, the colors are a little confusing because there are so many of them.

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    I have to agree with the others about Colby, BENCH HIM. Put him in a locked coffin and throw the key to the ocean. Do it. Please.

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    Looking forward to SF tourney!~

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    Why don't they tell us the exact time for the Grand Finals?:(

    So many tournaments at saturday, gotta schedule my day

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    Just posted the time in the news section.  With all the tournaments we had to see what time the teams were scheduled for these other events and work around it.  We are playing at noon PST.  

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