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    Hello guys,

    This is something I have always struggles with when organizing events like the LoLPro invitational.  Scheduling matches.  If we put rounds on a tight schedule, we can pick and choose matches to broadcast, but there can also be long downtimes if a match does not last lo0ng.  If we just play as soon as both teams are ready, we can broadcast more matches, but maybe not always get the top teams or best matchups.  So my question is... which do you preffer.  A set time for matches with fewer streamed in total, or more matches streamed, but a harder time following only top teams?  

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    I personally prefer the more matches streamed option. it also gives more variety, and often gives you a chance to see a match, you might not have tuned into your self, and discover something new.

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    More games is better imo. You aren't going to have bad teams at an invitational (at least I would hope not!) so watching every game should be fun! As many games streamed as possible would be better imo, you can learn more that way and have just as solid of matchups.

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    My thought has always been that "Top Teams" are the teams who play well. You don't have to be well known to have great games. I Started casting by covering a lot of lesser-known teams and was amazed how well they performed. By covering such teams, LoLPro would not only increase its viewers awareness of lesser-known teams, but also have a lot more quality games to broadcast.

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