• #67 Jasper8726

    thank that was really helpful


  • #64 ghost20018

    How do you feel about attack speed reds of your looking to split push?

  • #58 kfuykk

    I like this build, cause it gets all wath u need to go solo top :). I like it... WIN 100% (if u can play it).


  • #53 Darunningbanana

    Hi guys

    I used to play aatrox a lot in last season and he is my favorite champion. I am new to LOL but reached plat 3 virtually with this champion. I sometimes play him as jungler and always maximize W and start with Q for buliding the attack speed. Also I think he can beat any toplane champions even jax if play well in very early game. It is really hard to find a good engage chance when countering player in your lever.  But a tip for your guys is that also hit counterpicks when he is closer to you for example when they are trying to get our minions with switching your W wisely. First item for sure is Blade of the ruin king and then i will go tanky in the rest of the game. When you cant get Blade of the ruin king, make sure bulid a little bit of amor when countering AD for example Ka or riven. Last of wisper is an option but you can always have it when you are confident to survive in team fight. Other offensive items are just meanless in rank game according to my experience. Aatrox is heavliy relied on sustanability and defensive bulid to survive. His attack speed is so fast but champion itself is really squishy So ninja Tabi is vital.  On of the cons for him is although for example i can beat tanky top such as Renekton , Shen, Mundo even Shy(very tricky one). In the later game, the usefulness of these champions are inherently outweighted the usefulness of Aatrox, so how much you can limit these champions is the key when you play Aatrox. The essence of such champion is combo . When your Q failed , just back off and use your E to slow your enemy. Dont lose your mind to engage even if your Q failed because AD players including me are normally very aggressive and emotional ! Every hit of aatrox is important to beat your enemy and always stacked your W up to 3 to hit enemy because your enemy is not a fool  and will not stay close to you at most of the time.

    English is not my first language so hope it is readable for people and welcome to make comments so we can explore more about this cool champion.


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  • #47 s70729

    I personally Think that Life Steal Quint's Would be better, And make You stay in lane longer.. Other than that the rest of the build is Fine and BotRK and SV Are A Must Imo

  • #51 drquas

    I agree, 2 lifesteal quints are pretty good if you start with doran's blade, and i've been experimenting with hydra rush instead of BotrK and I like it a lot, even more than BotrK against tanky people.

  • #44 Dominator_

    I hate aatrox. i was playing lucian, i was killing him with my ignite up,after i killed him and he activated his passive. and i was OOM with no spells other than ignite when i was getting away from him. and he Q's into our tower,i ignite him before the tower gets the killing blow and i get a kill like a boss,lol!

    Edit:he was fed a bit as well!

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  • #43 motamedn

    breathstealer? lolwut?

  • #42 Hotrod56478

    Unless, Your talking about the test server then they probably exist

  • #41 Hotrod56478

    Trinkets arent out yet.

  • #40 Shakarezz

    Guide Updated

  • #39 deas13

    I don't usually complain abut builds on here after all you guys know why more about the game then me im sure but the fact that you don't have spirit visage on this build bothers me so much it isn't even funny. I've been playing him consistently in normal and ranked games and in normal I have been taking him even if im countered to get a feel for hi and I gotta say spirit visage is straight up core in my build. I haven't seen anything aside from blade of the ruined king that is more important on him(I get blade first) so I have to ask why don't you have it listed? the cdr health passive and mr are almost needed on him.

       I also run him 21/9/0 my marks ar att dmg and quints are life steal and I do very well even against those people others say are counter picks. I haven't had a chance to play him against your listed counters yet however. I also level his e first for both control and dmg then w for sustain. once again yall know more then me but I gotta know why no spirit visage


  • #52 Darunningbanana

    i strongly agreed with most of your sayings

  • #38 Akifiman

    Wont a Ravenous Hydra be a bit more better that Guardian Angel for aatrox? Since he already hasthat revive thingy from his passive, and ravenous can give him Tons of more AD and Lifesteal.

  • #36 unreamelo

    why not hidra?


  • #37 Tadamasa

    his ult doesnt work with hydra + bf has more lifesteal + flat ad so u can outburst ppl harder. But hydra is fine too

  • #35 Salus99

    I have played aatrox 3/4 times and the best and after a few trys my build is:

    - Blade of the ruined king

    - spirit visage

    - Last whisper

    - Randuin's Omen

    - Frozen mallet

    Boots depend of the match making ^^

  • #33 Coakie

    i normally buy 3-5 vampiric scepters at the start and build from there. in the end i have 2 hydras and the blade of the ruined king. with a ton of life steal you dont need hp

  • #34 devioustrickster
    Notes: Off topic
  • #29 Kingscore1

    you cant take turret hits when you jump, which helped me when i got knocked up by singed, my bloodwell kicked in. got a kill on him and jumped out with no turret dmg.


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