• #72 Akunza

    I think this guide needs a tune up after his nerfs and items should be fixed too =/

  • #58 Sigun74

    Great guide, I found it very usefull.

    I have only one question. I feel like Wit's End with Trinity and Wriggle's are somewhat overkill as long as AS is considered. I don't build BotRK and with your build and full passive I reached 2.3 AS if I'm right. And that's without ult active. I think Trinity and Wriggle's are items that are not worth excluding out of build, but I would drop Wit's for other mres item, like Spirit Visage, GA or Banshee's. I mean, I feel like AS from Wit's is wasted with all those AS boosting runes and items. I know Wit's has utility of stealing mres and deals magic damage, so it's harder to itemize against Aatrox, but I think Wriggle's and Trinity both bring more to the table. I may be wrong about it, I'm low elo and certainly haven't play many games with Aatrox.

    What are your thoughts about it?

    P.S. Sorry about any mistakes, be it spelling or grammar. English isn't my native language.

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  • #54 KipEvil

    Aatrox doesn't have any abilities that grant bonus resists.  The Enchanted armor mastery are a waste on him imo.

  • #59 Sigun74

    You will want to get some resistances later in the game, I feel like even small bonus of 5 - 10 resistances from this mastery is superrior to +2hp/5.

  • #71 KipEvil

    Yeah but enchanted armor scales of bonus stats from skills not from items.  

  • #51 motamedn

    Thanks Refpsi but just looking at the stats i can't help but wonder how you came to this end build. I feel like with a few changes, you can keep most the benefits of this build but gain a bit more.

    My thoughts: Substitute Mercs -> Beserker, Wit's Ebd -> BOTRK, Trinity Force -> Zephyr

    Net: Keep tenacity, trade TF / wits passives for BOTRK instaheal, get extra 20AD, 38% AS, 25 armor and 10% basic dmg reduction at the cost of 50 MR.

    I think it is 600 gold cheaper overall, which could make it that much easier to trade wriggles for a spectre's cowl / visage which would trade in 20% AS and some armor for 55 MR and a decent health boost...Where am I wrong? Thanks and thanks for the guide again!

  • #52 Refpsi

    The passive of wits end is very strong. As are the passives for trinity force. You cannot underestimate these two. You meant to say Ninja tabis and not berserker shoes. You lose health by sacrificing out trinity force.

    That build lacking critical strike devastates it for the late game. The attack speed on wits end is 42 with 30% on trinity force. the difference between zephyr+borky and wits end +trinity force is only 18%. You seem to have mistaken ninja tabis as equal to zerk greaves.

    The botrk active does not make up for the losses on wits end and trinity force, especially in a low penetration build.

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  • #53 Akunza

    If only TF had a item set for non mana users

  • #49 jmerithew87

    Is this guide still a good baseline for a new Aatrox to follow? I'm considering picking him up, but was afraid with this recent nerfs this may no longer be a good guideline to follow until it's updated.

  • #50 Refpsi

    Guide is good and updated for s4

  • #47 Bladesoftrinity

    I think Wriggle's lantern is kinda useless now. You can better build something else instead i think.

    What do you think of Wriggle's Lantern and why you think it is good?

  • #48 Gaxxxe

    Wriggles is good because it clears faster than any other jungle item, but is generally inferior because it doesn't scale well into late game and it gives no mana sustain. However, on alternative resource users, such as Lee Sin and Aatrox, Wriggles is a good item. If you don't want to build it, I would suggest getting madreds and then selling later or starting the alternative start(dorans blade).

    Most people I see start with Dorans Blade on Aatrox and build either BoRK or a tank item as their first big item. However, it is worth noting that Wriggles is getting a huge buff in Season 4 and will become viable for many junglers.

  • #45 Akunza

    Any new updates or builds for the new patch?

  • #46 Refpsi

    Trinity force got a lot better, I am planning to hold off a lot of changes till season 4/preseason commences. 

  • #43 grizz71999

    in my opinion i think people should buy the rav because i is a awesome way to farm minions as i would build with rav, bloodthirster, and rand omen the rest dosn matter

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  • #42 grizz71999

    i love aatrox he is so op


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  • #41 grizz71999

    my first game as aatrox was when i was lv 12 and i went 19-8


  • #40 knight14421

    This is a good quide and it help me alot on aatrox :) it make me understand how aatrox is use in jungle.....tq for everything :) i hope you make this kinda of guide for the new master yi :)

  • #39 DragonsCrest1928

    This guide is very good, although randuins omen is a powerful item on aatrox considering that is slows ALL enemies around making it very useful in a team fight going for an ace. But depending on your play style in a team fight you could be first to go even with blood well on. I have played many games using this exact build and been successful. But the way I play aatrox I don't usually jump into a team fight. I fight them one by one. Aatrox can win almost any 1v1 and usually a 1v2. And some of you that are reading this may find that you prefer to pick people out and kill the apposing team off one by one. If so i recommend getting a frozen mallet to stick to your opponent. You gain a large health boost from it, and a bit of attack damage. This was not meant to shut down this guide but more meant to give a bit of info for a differently play style. The frozen mallet is also good in ganks because the other laners can get hits on target as can you. Making sure they don't get away. I do not recommend this as a first item but maybe after Blade of the Ruined King. Or after your defence. Again this was only meant to give new thoughts and or strategies to people who have different play styles.

  • #37 Templarrr

    really good guide, first time aatrox 13-4

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