• #19 RocKemSocKemTards

    man i love some jungling cow! a bit different from the build i use but still really effective  i usually never get a chance to build ruinic bulwark cuz the support beats me out to that so instead i get spirit visage for CDR and to boost the heal  :)


  • #20 thechosenone124

    Tell your support to not buy Runic Bulwark. Unless this is one of those tanky supports (only taric, leona, and blitzcrank fall into this category) you need that item way more than them, because they aren't the ones who will be towerdiving and initiating 5 people.  The item the support will beat you to is Shurelyas, which can be replaced with spirit visage

  • #17 reversedffs

    Jungle Alistar is about having team that can follow You, because otherwise, its not that possible to carry game. Anyway, getting frozen heart early allows to stay in jungle for longer.

  • #12 Metalleri

    Ever tried to go for an MS build?Boots of Mobility,Zephyr,Zeal,Triforce + bulwark+Shurelya's,AD runes and 9/21 masteries from ad jungle masteries?Tried it and seems to work.

  • #13 thechosenone124

    Why AD? You're abilities would deal less damage, your passive will be useless, your sustain will be less effective etc. Maybe Triforce would work, but  shurelyas? You are not the support

  • #14 Metalleri

    i was talking about ad tank build on ali jungle since his ratio on ap on his abilities is fail goin for a cdr+ms build might work potentially.shurelya's on ali is pretty ok i think since u can rush a w+q combo out of nowhere to start a team fight.


  • #15 thechosenone124

    AD tank is a bad idea because you have to remember his passive, which has 10-20% scaling AP per second. because it deals this damage per second, you have to add about 30%-60% AP scaling to his abilities to get a real idea on his scaling Q scaling will be 80% on champions and 110% on minions and monsters, W scaling will be 100% on champions and 130% on minions and monsters, and E is on low cooldown anyway and doesn't directly deal damage damage, so its hard to calculate scaling 

  • #16 thechosenone124

    80% and 100% AP scaling against champions can't really be considered bad. And the scaling against non champions is insane. I'm not arguing with the tank on your build, I'm arguing against AD Alistar

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    I played an ARAM game with Alistair against Vi, and I noticed that he could potentially lane. His passive and pulverize clear minion waves instantly, and his QW combo makes anyone think twice about tower diving. He has incredible sustain, and I've screwed up a lot of last hits with W. Also, any ganks against him are most likely going to fail due to his QW.

  • #10 aragorn42

    would frozen gauntlets be a good replacement to trinity force since it would max out CDR, give you more damage on your abilities, and provide a slow. This could be a good possibility if someone on your team already is getting frozen heart. You could get frozen gauntlets and another item I am not sure what I would get maybe a locket of the iron solari or spirit visage or even a morellonomicon (do not think this is a good idea though) if the other team has like a mundo or volibear or soraka.

  • #9 LiQuiD112

    Updated skins seciton on the guide

  • #8 vibeus

    changelog? what has been updated?

  • #7 LuxDie

    I would add to "cons" that he is blue dependant.

  • #6 Dlacik

    Hi and thanks for nice guide.

    I would like to ask a question abou masteries.  There are three points in Enlightment (CDR/lvl) but you are going to have CDR cap from your items (Shurelya's Reverie, Randuin's Omen and Frozen Heart). Would it be a significant lost before you get all three items if you spent these points in another defense mastery?

  • #4 greenops

    I had a pretty nice save using this build.

    However I did kind of KS graves but my only intent was to prevent the next auto attack that would have killed graves.

  • #2 Yoius

    It's nice to see an Alistar Jungle guide here. =) Works really well, tanky as hell here along with my ulti. =)

  • #1 JioDerako

    Awesome to see a jungle Ali guide here, finally!

    I've got a question on the item build, however. First off, no arguements on the item choices, it's all pretty standard as far as I can tell; super tanky, lots of support, and finish up with a solid bit of damage (Triforce).
    However, I'm curious what some of the "next best" item choices might be for him. You mention on Frozen Heart that you'd build it if your support or top wasn't planning to build it; what if your toplane is, say, a Ryze, and he's definitely going to build it? What item would you build to replace FH for yourself (presumably, you don't want to waste item slots building an aura effect your team will already have).
    Not much else provides as much CDR for Alistar, at least, not in the defensive items. I'd tend to gravitate towards a replacement item that provides some more CDR, since faster cooldowns on his all-important CC seems too important to pass up. But would you be better off, perhaps, just replacing that FH with something that's similarly strong on defenses? Or take the opportunity to bring along yet another aura effect? (Zeke's Herald comes to mind, or maybe even Soul Shroud.)

  • #3 OGBNillem

    Zeke's, Force of Nature or Banshee's Veil are some nice choices if you are not going to build Frozen Heart, still recommend always getting Glacial Shroud.

  • #5 gigawrath

    Soul shroud is CDR and an aura. Sounds like a decent replacement for FH if you absolutely cannot get it.

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