• #66 MaxMan32

    Doesn't this build make the enemies ignore you ? The last game I played I had around 3.5k HP but no AP at all , the enemy would just ignore me and go on with the rest of my team in teamfights and then after all were dead ( or had run away ) they would focus on me . Don't you think I should go in for a Rylai's ? 

  • #64 Kjarun

    just tried this out with a few of my own items turned out pretty well, 3/2/19.

  • #58 SsAaBmEuRs

    Wouldn't building warmongs be better than banshees veil? Looking at Alistars base magic resist of 52.5 at 18 and knowing that every point of magic resistance requires a unit to take 1% more of its maximum health in magic damage to be killed we find that warmongs will give you an extra 525 health against magic and banshees will give you 483.75 health with the added 55 mag resist. Also, you're armor will benefit more from warmongs as well (extra 775 vs. 348.75). Warmongs passive doesn't stop healing after 10 seconds.

  • #59 thechosenone124

    Spirit Visage is better than both. It provides health AND magic resist, as well as a sweet passive

  • #60 Meltair

    Nope.Banshee can save your ass from a thresh hook by example.

  • #61 thechosenone124

    Alistar has an ultimate. The only thing Banshees will protect you from is the first single tspell they hit you with, and chances are Veigar won't be ulting into a Banshee's Veil (as an example)

  • #62 SsAaBmEuRs

    I must have ruled out sv because I already had max CDR with frozen heart and talisman. Maybe if you build sv would you go with spellsthief or relic shield as to not waste the CDR? I was thinking spellthief for the ap boost, mana regen, and slow. (Oooo the slow would be really nice right after his combo!)

  • #63 thechosenone124

    Early game, I prefer Relic Shield because it provides more gold and even more sustain that ancient coin. However, if you choose Ancient Coin, the build path is still fine. Frozen Heart is a 6th item, and 6th items are always situational. It's the place where ADC's get Warmogs and Randuins, as an example (usually not, but hey sometimes its a good idea)

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  • #51 thechosenone124

    With Season 4, I think Alistar will finally become a top tier support. In early game he has sustain and presence (which he shouldn't use often because he is very squishy) which allows the adc to have a comfortable danger free lane. Late game, with all the gold, he can actually build tank items which means instead of committing suicide for his initiate which means he might actually survive the teamfight!

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  • #43 Thunderboy1998

    Am I the only one who feels like Alistar should have a bigger mana pool? Or at least increase this with items? It happens to me quite a lot that I run out of mana due to using W->Q and Triumphant Roar a lot

  • #44 KenEH

    That should rarely be a problem if you got Chalice of Harmony. You would have to be spamming quite unnecessarily to have that issue after getting the item.

  • #45 Thunderboy1998

    Thank you. I only follow the guide and because that one isn't on there, I didn't get it

  • #49 PsyonicX

    I pretty much always get chalice when i support. that alone should be enough to keep you from going oom to fast

  • #50 thechosenone124

    I'd love Chalice, but in a late game build it won't work. Mikael's is a possbility if you're allies are getting CCed a lot, but Athene's is a terrible, terrible, item on Alistar. Chalice of Harmony is like a Doran's in that you are gonna sell it very soon and it's way more expensive.

  • #39 Meryador

    regarding the skill points.

    taking 4 points into q so it has the same cd as w seems quite a good ideea

    what do you think?

  • #40 Griffrez

    A problem with that, is that you'll make Q cost significantly more mana, which can be troublesome. I believe that's the main counter-argument with that idea.

  • #46 thechosenone124

    By the time you max E and have Q at that level, mana should n0 longer be a problem

  • #36 NiGGlDa0ne

    You can get 10% CDr with new masteries and alistar rly benefits from that!
    If i die with Alistar, its often because im on CD, i play him for 2 years.

    9 Points in Defense of course are superb,
    but you can also get a lot of sustain by taking BOTH HP/regen masteries,
    and because i often play 21 Armor Runes(red+yellow) and exhaust, my masteries are
    The main supporter of TSM often played 1/3/26 Alistar before S3.
    it is worth a thought.
    Edit: i totally agree with new items listened above, if your game is going bad, legion/runic bulkwark is a good idea.

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  • #41 KenEH

    Personally I find Alistar takes a lot of damage to initiate and protect the carry early on. I use 1/13/16 most times.

    I take something similar to what is listed above if I think the lane will be more passive.

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