• #155 XsMITH

    With amumu i like to gank lvl 2, lvl up E at lvl 1 and Q at lvl 2.

    Blue and gank.

    The reason fot this, is that you gain the advantage in one lane (normally top or bot). And if you do, you will most likely don't require to do another gank for up to lvl 6 (to which your ganks are pretty much a death sentence). Of course, do the gank if you see it clearly and know the enemy team will not be able to escape. 

    My build with amumu goes like this (In order)

      *Spirit of the ancient golem
      *Mercury treds
      *Sunfire cape

    If the enemy team does not have a true mage (say, a mid laner zed or yasuo) you could forfeit the banshee in exchange for a frozen heart or warmog. This guide is simple: Stay near the enemy the whole time. if you can land an ulti that grabs all 5 members of the enemy team, you'll probably want to do so. I don't really like taking damage to amumu, as this takes away is survavlity ( A dead amumu Won't hurt). 

  • #154 EPHX2

    According to me i rly love this build :

    Spirit of the Spectral

    Sunfire Cap

    Merc Treds

    Liandry's Torment


    Abyssal Scepter

  • #153 HealTheTank

    Whats your opnion of this build?


    Crystal Scepter

    Sunfire Cape

    Tabi/Merc Treds


    Spirt Visage

  • #152 v0lumex

    Magic Penetration is good but he is better with +0,9armor penetration +0,62magic penetration and 4,5%movemment speed

  • #151 Serene_Mind

    Amumu is my new favourite champ now!

  • #150 ultimatemerc

    awesome guide helped alot

  • #148 TechnicalRex

    Good job on the guide! Ammumu is one of my favorite junglers for ranked! :)

  • #146 GoldFuture

    this guide is very good 

  • #145 zorm05

    Cool ton guide. Vive les pros québécois! ^^

  • #133 r2ondar

    Hi, can we have some explanations about runes and masteries in this new guide ? ty :)

  • #129 iamlarph

    I usually max Despair first then Bandage Toss for better ganks. Max-ing Bandage Toss 2nd gives it lower cooldown which allows Amumu to use it 2 to 4 times in mid game per gank.

  • #125 Brimstone22

    At various points throughout this guide, both Spirit of the Ancient Golem, and Spirit of the Spectral Wraith, are mentioned as being 'Situational Items'. I have been building Spirit of the Ancient Golem, but I have been told that Spirit of the Spectral Wraith is very strong right now. How do you decide when it is more beneficial to build one and not the other?

  • #124 lordmasta

    will this be updated for season 4? I love amumu and i hate to see him left out of the fun

  • #122 voncruxz

    I'm pretty new to the game and was wondering if it really is worth buying the Kindlegem, as it doesn't really build into anything you want other than the situational items such as Spirit of the Ancient Golem?

  • #123 euwSunday

    You are very right indeed! Earlier, Kindlegem used to build into Locket. Now, Aegis builds into Locket instead (they used to be two completely different items). I simply haven't updated the guide since then.

    Also, now that the new jungle item gives cdr aswell (and builds from kindlegem), building it is really good on Amumu. I simply haven't updated the guide yet - my bad. I'll get around to it soon! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. You are very right indeed!

    Last edited by euwSunday: 10/7/2013 6:11:27 PM
  • #117 lordmasta

    i'm curious to you opinion on the deathfire grasp and your opinion of it on amumu

  • #120 euwSunday

    I have never tried that item on him, but in general, I'd say it is too specific on single target damage (and amumu is mainly dealing AoE), while not providing the defensive stats you need.

  • #121 KjarRokulaine

    Deathfire's good on some champs, but Amumu isn't one of them. He doesn't benefit much from the active, so all it is really is an ap booster and deathcap's better for that.

    Last edited by KjarRokulaine: 7/1/2013 2:00:28 PM
  • #116 r2ondar

    Hi :) What do you (you 2 readers ^^) think about AP tank Amumu ?

    Rog + Abyssal + Zhonya + Liandry + Rylai + pen boots    (400 AP + 85 Rpen)

    = A > Z > R > E > Zhonya = All team 3/4 life, 1/2 for carries... ggwp

  • #119 euwSunday

    If the opponents are good, they will stun lock you and kill you instantly before you get a chance to use your ultimate. In adition, there will be no one to defend your carries from the opponents tanks, unless you have another tank (in which case you'll probably lack a bruiser).

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