• #70 Malphitetop

    I use that semi glass cannon build, but instead of the Void Staff I use an Abyssal Scepter. Is that a good option?  

  • #55 Nova

    How viable is building Twin Shadows on her?  I really like the item on thresh if I can get a kage's early. It makes positioning for a hook much smoother.  I'd imagine it's ok but not great for our chicken of the Frejord here?

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  • #56 HomerX221

    I don't think it would be a good idea, since other items are so much better.

  • #57 Nova

    Pretty much what I was thinking.  But certainly something to think about if your match up isn't going for magic pen, yes?

  • #58 penguin

    It's alright. Movespeed is a great stat on Anivia but generally post6 you shouldn't have issues sticking to people. I think the item is better on TF or champions with less consistent CC.


  • #59 HomerX221

    I think instead it is better to build mercury's.

  • #54 Soul_Taker1982

    LOL i can imagine getting hit with ashe's ult while recalling and dying yet still coming back to life cuz of anivia's passive xD 

  • #49 HomerX221

    I'm asking myself why don't people build tank anivia, she has tons of CC, misplacement, sustained AoE and has 2 lifes...

  • #50 penguin

    because you're a midlaner, your job isn't to be a tank. This build is pretty tanky in itself though - ROA and Seraph's gives you a ton of effective HP. Liandry's also gives you HP and Liandry's is really efficient in terms of damage for the cost on Anivia.



  • #51 HomerX221

    I'll do it anyway just for the lols, but if mid isn't to be tanky, then why people go crazy mode and build tankarina?I don't see the fun on spamming W all day with no CC...

  • #52 penguin

    katarina as an offtank is far more effective than Anivia due to her reset mechanic -- she gets off more DPS. 


    Tank anivia is pretty funny though, especially when you get egged and still take forever to kill. Wouldn't recommend for real games however.



  • #48 penguin

    I'm here to answer any questions or comments people have about the build -- feel free to ask!

  • #45 SarahGibbs22


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  • #42 LiQuiD112

    Guide updated

  • #40 Mikulito

    Why is Cho gath counter? 

  • #41 MisterFaith

    Simply because silence stops your ultimate, putting it on cooldown. Also he has a great deal of CC and burst and is naturally tanky

  • #39 alexko9

    I like to get CoH first as it gets rid of mana problems, then get Philosopher, and then go to athene, and then RoA. After that get Rabadon, and then if there is a lot of AD on the other team (Had a Yi and Twitch on the other team, ya), thornmail helps, but that's obvious.

  • #38 Roianzor

    It's pretty badass to go teleport on Anivia as well. Imagine, you get ganked by lee sin while in lane vs morgana. As you notice lee morgana predicts your escape and hits her snare, this allows lee to hit his Q, neither flash nor your wall can save you now as lee sin will be on your tail. TP on a safe location, and even when they bring you down (note this only works if rebirth is not on CD) your teleport will continue as you're rebirthing and should save you. This is really nice imo, I mainly jungle shyvana and lee sin, and this has denied me my first blood quite some times. 

  • #37 AniviaAce

    Hey guys, Have any of you considered playing Anivia with 9/0/21 masteries?

    Just asking cause I really think it's a viable option for Anivia, cause with the Awareness perk because if you can last hit well you can usually get catalyst going at level 4-5 ( For me anyways ) and really that solves her constant mana problem via fast leveling + Mana and HP gain. I also use Teleport and flash because with the 9/0/21 Tree you have your Flash and Teleport almost always ready to go so that kinda solves her mobility problem in a way. For Runes I go MPen marks,  flat Armor Seals, flat Magic Resistance and Cooldown Reduction glyphs, the Glyphs because then I almost always have my stun and wall up during important teamfights fights that drag out.

    Usual item build is: Sorcerer's Shoes - Mejais Soulstealer - Rod of Ages - Rabadon's Deathcap -  Zohnya's Hourglass or Abyssal Scepter ( Depending on enemy team  composition ) and I usually finnish it with a nice Frozen heart ( Mostly for CDR but the added Mana and Armor are nice too :P )

    Just putting this up here to see what people think of how I build Anivia. Be nice :)

    #Something I forgot to put up there and I can't be bothered changing stuff, I don't go straight up AP on Anivia because she's op without AP. A level 5 Frostbite can do about 500 damage if the target is frosted. ^_^

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  • #43 salexpie

    Problem with that though is, You can do much more then 500 damage to a chilled target with frostbite. You effectively have a 1.0 Ratio on her frostbite, plus base damages being 350, which is huge. Buying a frozen heart is generally not a good idea, as someone else on your team will likely buy it and use it more effectively.

    Your build could be improved, but its not terrible. Its just more focused around being a tank instead of a squishy damage dealer, which Anivia does very well.

    Try GA instead of frozen heart. It will improve your build. That would be my suggestion. Also mejai's is iffy. It's alright if you find yourself getting massively fed. Then you can effectively buy it. Anivia doesn't really need much more CDR then 20% from blue buff and what masteries give. Anything else is not needed. Especially if you get far enough late game to get full build.

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