• #65 shakephobia

    this annie build. what am i watching. what is this, i dont even...

  • #63 Damionwing

    Guys, this guide is out of date, it was made at the start of S3. I have no plans to update it until they fix her cone, (An option to make it toggle attach/detach) as I have since retired from her. Sorry, my regards. Damionwings~

  • #60 Beeeaaast

    armpen on annie? yep

  • #59 benski2011

    will you do an update for season 3? the guide looks really good, but im thinking the items might be a bit outdated? and what about the runes? should they be updated too?

  • #61 Crytal

    since when did lianndries exist in season 2? this guide is for season 3 but its not that good to be honest, who need armor pen with annie? its not nessesary even in early

  • #58 DatJockel

    Guardianangel on Annie

    Everysince i play Annie i never hat the feeling that a GA works good on her, i always prefer to go for more hp to withstand the dmg for some time

    The problem on GA is... Annie is the first target in TF (most of the time i carry more than the adc) the sec. you respawn the enemy see the animation and actually just waits for you to instakilll you... so to me it?s like wasted money.. idk  but i`d prolly go for Warmogs instead?!

  • #57 Gir4ffe

    Bloody great guide, really re-lit my passion for Annie as a champion.  Kudos :)


    How would you play against a morgana or malzahar?

  • #55 TheDoctorr

    Well I gave this a go, read your comments so I modified the runes to what you are running now (or close enough) and forgoe DFG and use distortion. Only to games in but so far 5/0 and 17/6 (against kassadin :p). Feels good so far mate :) 

    The Doctor RS

  • #56 Damionwing

    Thanks! :)  It's especially brutal vs melee, Cho/Kass/Gragas!

  • #53 krisgs

    What is the right link to ... but it's outdated, look up Damionwings on the client and use ...

  • #48 cowboybebop91

    annie is my main and i wanted to try your buid and i failed miserably.
    it would be nice if i could see how do you do it. 
    i managed to get a kill at lvl 2 as you said. but if not, things start to get bad. they win trades most of the time. and then even if i start playing passivly they start harrasing me  and they have health advantage no matter if because of dorian ring or potions. if i stay there i get killed or lose cs. if i recall they will have lvl advantage.
    also i dont "feel" like i have advantage after building haunting guise. it gives too little for price that is almoust like needlessly long rod.
    my thoughts on deathfire grasp and Liandry's Torment are that they need really long time to bouild. even if im kicking butt, ill build them when teamfight starts. deathfire grasp is one target item. i dont even need to use it since in most time ad and ap carry are mine priority. also i dont "feel" liandry's torments passive because i burst champions 100-0, and when i dont my team clean it up.

  • #49 Damionwing

    Hey man, I'm gonna update this soon, but it's outdated, look up Damionwings on the client and use my "Hybrid Annie" mastery page and "Hybrid Annie" rune page, check my recent match history and use that build, Don't buy liandry or dfg.

  • #50 cowboybebop91

    wow tnx. didn't think you will answer. i looked it up. and will try it out tomorow and tell you how it went. btw. only that confuses me is that you buy boots 4th-6th item. whats with that?

  • #51 Damionwing

    Boots t3, i buy rly late, because you only need distortion boots for team fights, u NEED Flash to be up ALL the time in mid/late game.

  • #52 krisgs

    Can you give the link

  • #47 Vileno

    I was just thinking in an hybrid masteries/runes build for Annie, then i found this :D I think she is pretty strong in my elo (1300-1400) cuz most players dont expect that long range AA and u can harass them easily in early game. The only masterie that i'll miss from classic 21/0/9 is Runic Affinity.

    Lets try this hybrid build in some ranked!

    PS: Counter section is not finished yet :(

  • #46 swarley_83

    i don't understand how you can harass with AA, the minions focus me each AA.. too much HP loose for just one AA.

    Last edited by swarley_83: 12/18/2012 6:53:49 AM
  • #45 FirePosition

    I personally find Abyssal Scepter and Zhonya's better for annie, as they give her durability and ap, since her range on spells is not the biggest. I also still prefer 21/0/9 or 21/9/0 against tougher laners, and just sit back and farm until level 6, and try to burst them down.

  • #40 Ataraxia_

    uhm... 29/0/1? Can someone explain this? Somehow 'spellblade.' just doesn't really cut it for me.

    Last edited by Ataraxia_: 11/30/2012 12:28:24 PM
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