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    Question and feel free to criticize, most AP champions if not all are considered late game scaling champions. How come people do not go with scaling ap quints seeing as they are more beneficial at level 12+ than the pure ap? I feel like scaling ap quints would be really nice on Annie, unless people take pure for an earlier game burst.

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    Because getting to that late game is what matters, and for 12 levels out of the game(a huge chunk of time, especially since laning phase, generally speaking, can make or break the game for your team) that Flat AP Quint is better. Also, the 15 AP Straight out of the gate gives some added damage early, where as scaling AP glyphs give it to you later.

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    Annoying voice is another cons

  • #67 Willsaber

    Its not that bad.

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    recently i have started building a haunting guise after the boots and double dorans. that is because the magic penetration always helps - makes me deal almost true damage, the health is extremely importent on a low range squishy caster like annie, and it allows me to trade and burst much better during the laning phase. i sell it later on, since liandrys tourment isnt so good on annie, for she is a burster.
    what is your opnion on that? it also allows me to get the dfg before the void staff, since i already got tons of magic penetration (i think i reach like 40 magic penetration and 8% with that), which increases my midgame damage. the downside is that if the enemy stack tons of magic resist, it wont be as effective as void staff.

  • #61 Fortevn

    I think Syndra is a good counter to Annie as well. She can poke, and she throw your Tibbers and she can stun/push you back before you can W her. And she burst is insane.

    I usually rush Morello book tho, the cooldown reduction is good on me.

  • #60 Saadd888

    Incomming massive comment


    Great guide but I have a major problem with the item build,  and that is the double doran's rings. Here is the deal: with 2 doran's rings yes you get more health and some nice damage but it comes at a cost: 950 gold. Realistically this isn't that much,  but to me the alternative is the sorcerers shoes and a few wards.  Wards are important for obvious reasons,  but here is what separates the shoes from dorans: with your masteries and runes,  the shoes should be the final piece of the puzzle required to allow you to deal true damage through your spells (granted they don't have bonus magic resis) . Going for the double doran's gives them 15 magic resist,  effectively migrating 13 percent of your damage.  After quick calculations,  I found that the doran's pay off for spells at rank 1,  as the 21-22.5 bonus damage on your Q and W respectivly adds a punch,  even with 13 percent migration. At rank 2 the rings provide a less than 10 additional damage compared to the alternative of sorcerers shoes,  and thus true damage magic spells.  At rank 3 they fall apart,  reducing the overall damage to entirely below the initial damage to begin with. I can provide detailed calculations if needed. Now,  you would not get the rings until level 4-6 to begin with,  leaving the lanes before this phase can be disastrous because your opponent will be ahead of you in creeps and levels.  At that point your W should be at least at rank 2-3.  Going for double doran's is OK,  giving very minor bonuses,  however once you hit 6 its worthless. You have essentially wasted gold since now you have to go back again and pick up the shoes anyways,  where as on the other hand you had the shoes already,  you can take down the opposition and start assisting other lanes and so on. Also,  by saving the 900 gold you can easily pick up a blasting wand,  you will be significantly ahead for the death cap. 

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    But what about the harrassment potential? when going for sorcerers shoes your mana sustain decreases drasticly, making every time you harrass with QW in lane to take a huge portion of your mana, and it will take ages for it to be back. basically 3 rounds of harrassment and you are out of mana, forcing you to play passively or return to base, which is what you are trying to avoid in the first place.

    also, the extra 160 health can mean the diffrence between life and death when ganked or fighting in lane. annie is very squishy when her shield is down.

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    i do not like the quints, because annie is really slow :/. So i would prefer ms quints over ap quints. @ shakephobia there are 2 points of increasing her w first, first more burst and 2nd faster clearing wave.

  • #59 Zauni

    Annie ist a burst-champion, if you get your stun, you don't need movement speed. And with the extra AP you can make sure that they know where freaking tibbers has been seen last time ^^

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    the cooldown on annies Q is shorter than her W's cooldown, means you can use it twice during your burst if you start with it, and you cant use your w twice. dont you think it will be smarter to increase the damage on the skill im going to use twice? overall, its more damage.

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    more aoe damage and stun if you use w. Also w is instant compaired to the traveling q

  • #58 Ataraxia_

    In an engagement or burst combo, you likely won't need to or won't get off two Qs anyway, the higher raw damage from W is better, not to mention the massive wave clear and additional opponents you can catch in it. If an enemy is still standing after you've burned all your skills, you'll usually just finish them with auto attacks, due to their massive range.


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    At which point in time is it a good idea to grab a Kage's pick?

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    It might be a stupid queston but i want to ask :P. Why in most guides u prefer 2 glyphs of insight and 7 glyphs of forrce. How this +1.5~ magic penetration works?



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    With those runes and sorc shoes you have enough Mpen to break the MR of most carries giving you true damage.

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    I take W-Q-W-E I think it is extremely nice to stack up your incinerate 3 times before leaving base, then leashing blue with incinerate to get the stun up pushing lane for early level 2 stunning enemy with Q then bursting with W for early dominance, it doesn't cost much mana. I don't know if this is a good tactic to play so aggresive in low elo. any ideas so I can improve ? usually when I reach level 6 I one shot my lane with R-Ignite-Q-W-Q

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    Leveling W first and building up a charge is actually used for invading the enemy jungle, as you have the AOE stun and the possibility of catching their whole team. Laning with it might be a problem, as your opponent will see your stun is up and will be much more cautious. It will probably be much more reliable to get Q first, as it makes for easier farming and your stun will still be up for when the jungler comes.

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    I'd like to open a discussion on the choice to max W first over Q.  IMO this is the wrong choice.  Prioritizing Q improves your ability to last hit when you choose, whereas if you level W instead you have to take advantage of opportunity and subject yourself to increased risk to get last hits. In addition, the cooldown on Q is four seconds, half the 8 second cooldown of W.  This obviously means you can cast Q twice as often as W, providing greater damage over time and permitting a split between harass and last hitting.  Laning is less of a struggle if you choose to max Q first, which leads to a more successful mid and late game.

    I understand your reasoning for maxing W first, over Q, in order to increase your area of effect damage in team fights.  However, I don't think that the benefit of slightly better team fight damage (if you do successfully hit multiple targets) is worth gimping yourself to such an extent in the laning phase.  Keep in mind that Q can be cast twice in a four second block, so in a four second fight you'll likely be doing about the same damage anyway as well as having more control over your targets.

    In short, maxing Q first is likely to be more beneficial than maxing W.


    EDIT: In defense of W, I should point out that maxing it first lets you clear waves earlier, especially that back row. 

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