• #119 Darkenz

    Why max w first instead of Q?. I have personally found that the utility from the extra slow is bigger, letting my team get first blood with an early gank,

  • #117 Dominik0301

    Put your spoiler here.

     siema kolegi


  • #101 PepeGonzalez

    Hi. Could anyone comment on Ruined King in this build pls? I guess it would replace the BT here!? When will I get which item (certain nb of tanks, min HP of tanks, ...)?         Thx!

  • #104 Hazabot

    I think she needs the damage, plus nowadays most tanks go randuins sunfire, so you won't be that effective, also, BOTRK is quite short range, and ashe is quite a long ranged champion, so unlike twitch or vayne, she cannot use it at her AA range, meaning that she needs to get unnecessarily close in order to activate it, although, against a shyvana or like, you may want it for peel.

  • #108 Cop

    BotRK is really bad on Ashe because her range is higher than the active on the item + Ashe needs high damage since her kit doesn't really provide huge DPS, and as an ADC, you should be working your item build to get maximum DPS. BT or IE will get you optimal DPS compared to BotRK.

  • #100 Volkihar

    Ashe is a great champion for starters and I use her since I started this game :P Im level 21 now but now I use Jinx.

  • #99 jembrain

    tnk you 

  • #98 chip1994

    im considering dorans blade (early), boots of speed (early), hexdrinker (early), berserkers greaves, phantom dancer, bloodthirster, maw of malmortuois, last whisper build, with cleanse and flash spells. i mean i just think maw is way better than mercurial if you get cleanse too. what do you guys think?

  • #103 Hazabot

    Well the koreans are taking Cleanse and Qss almost every game now, and they seem to know what's up so I would follow suit

  • #109 Cop

    You're lacking on early game DPS, sustain, and AD. With a Hexdrinker and PD you'll be doing no damage, the only time this may even be necessary is if the enemy bot lane is double AP, and if they were, I'd get a Shiv or IE afterwards. Maw isn't really that great for ADCs unless they have like a Syndra.

  • #94 AxelVolos

    I think ashe is one of the best late game adc....

  • #95 thechosenone124

    A bit of an exaggeration. Vayne, Kogmaw and various others have a superior late game

  • #88 unreamelo

    why not Runaan's Hurricane?

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  • #89 thechosenone124

    Good thing about Hurricane: every bolt procs Ashe's slow. Bad thing bout it: every bolt also costs mana.


  • #90 unreamelo

    +70 attack speed  like a machine-gun ashe :P and easy to earn money to buy another items 

  • #91 thechosenone124

    So you're buying a 2750 gold item to get more gold, it will never compensate enough? As for attack speed, buy Blade of the Ruined King


  • #96 grolich

    If you want to use hurricane, go right ahead... But the reasons you pretty much never see a diamond I or pro player with hurricane on ashe (or on pretty much any adc) are as follows:

    1) you attack really fast but do no damage with your attacks (overall, spending the same amount of gold on ad items would help more and give you better passives)
    2) The passive of hitting extra targets shouldn't matter in team fights - as if your opponents are any good - you would never get within range of 3 of them at once without getting destroyed instantly.
    3) you don't get more money at all with it, since you can get the same minions by just last hitting...and minions come at the same speed always (wave every 30 seconds). The only thing hurricane helps with is lane pushing, which is bad most of the time early on on bot lane.

    It's harder to fight under their tower anyway, and you can never zone them out of cs there, and you're in more risk of a jungler coming.
    So if you only push the lane when you need to - that is - when they're dead or gone for a bit, you don't really need hurricane for that.

    Against bad players, you may be the god of the rift with it because they let you get in range of multiple targets without punishing you, but it stops being effective after a certain level.

  • #110 Cop

    The item doesn't give you optimal DPS and is just awful compared to PD, Shiv, or Zephyr.

  • #85 444bandit

    manamune/muramana good on ashe? would it make her q do damage if i got it

  • #92 Skyb1ade

    I don't think so


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