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  • #70 Waaargh

    Explain please, why utility masteries are rated so high at the cost of defense masteries? What are the key picks in the utility tree?

  • #69 xKasai

    Yes, please update masteries, and also, Shurelya's Reverie doesn't exist anymore. It's the Talisman of Ascension, tho it's still a very good item on Blitzcrank.

  • #68 amumukings

    Masteries pls update 

  • #67 noiazord

    Outdated masteries

  • #64 LoLMegash

    great guide eddy. I like that you go more items on him ,_,

  • #61 thechosenone124

    I prefer to start with 2 sight wards, one vision ward, 2 health pots, and one faerie charm. I ward my side's bush with the sight ward and the enemy bush with the vision ward. Then I ward the river for ganks. Because there's a vision ward in an enemy bush, I can play aggressively knowing whether an enemy is there or not, and denying vision of the same bush. The Faerie charm is because you run out of mana after 2 grabs, and besides the Philosopher's Stone is extremely important.

  • #58 thechosenone124

    Interesting thing to note: Blitzcrank's grab will bring your opponent to the position you were in when the grab hit the enemy. For example, FlashGrab works if you flash while the projectile is in motion, but will not work if you flash after the enemy has already been grabbed. It is possible for a grabbed enemy to go to a position that is not your own. I just played a game where me and an enemy Blitzcrank grabbed each other at the same time, and we switched places.

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  • #63 salexpie

    Except you are temporarily stunned when when you are casting rocket grab, so yes it would work if there was no cast time.

  • #65 thechosenone124

    Wrong. There is no temporary stun or cast time. I believe what you are experienced is the standard occurrence that occurs with 90% of targeted abilities, in that when you shoot, your character stops all actions until you click again. When you are fleeing and shoot rocket grab, Blitz stops running until you move your mouse and rightclick again that's it

  • #57 thechosenone124

    "Oracle's for complete map control around baron" That's a very interesting theory you have about having Blitz hunt wards near the Baron

  • #55 nickstratos

    Change anything if i change Greater Glyph of Magic Resist for the Scaling one? (2.7 on lvl 18) i mean, early, mid game survival?

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  • #54 Gloweye

    By Champion Synergies, I miss Vayne. I've alwaysfound her to be a good combo, as it's very easy to land a good condemn after a succesfull pull from the brush. At level 2, that 3 seconds of standing still, while Vayne has 2 to line up for her condemn. 

  • #49 Veshsare

    Why max w?

  • #50 blower49

    I believe this is to get back to your lane faster


  • #52 KenEH

    I personally max it first for the mobility i need to get into fight properly, ward the map and such. One thing the guide doesn't touch is the boot choice. You don't need Boots of Mobility. With some cooldown reduction and maxed Overdrive, the spell will almost always be up, meaning you can grab Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi and not worry about mobility.

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  • #56 DisRuptive1

    It's to get in range for Power Fist (E).  Instead of trying to land skill shots in lane, run up to the enemy adc with maxed W and use your E.  If they are able to flash or run away, THAT'S when you use your Rocket Grab (Q).  It's easier to land when the enemy is running straight away from you.

  • #59 thechosenone124

    Having a Blitzcrnk with low mobility is pretty dumb. That's why W is first

  • #45 KenEH

    Grabbing boots and wards only allows for two, not four, sight wards.

  • #46 LiQuiD112



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