• #78 brither

    should make a guide - blitzcrank top hybrid . I usually play blitzcrank in hybrid style,very powerfull ,if you play full hybrid,every of your skill is full of damage q,e,w,r

  • #76 Dromadaiire

    Need a update the lantern isnt really viable now

  • #77 thechosenone124

    Yeah I refer spirit of the ancient golem, or whatever it's named in the new rift

  • #59 RickyTheELITE

    Where is the Support Blitzcrank guide?

  • #60 thechosenone124

    Basically, you mean WHO THE HELL DELETED THE ONLY VIABLE BLITZ GUIDE?!?! (I've never seen a successful blitz jungle)

  • #61 RickyTheELITE

    Crs Edward should be working on it soon I hope :)

  • #62 aragorn42

    i have seen blitz jungle successful several times and i have tried it myself ... its actually pretty powerful if you are good with blitz


  • #63 thechosenone124

    I'm pretty sure Blitz's base stats are low to balance out rocket grab

  • #74 Dragunity_PT
    Quote from thechosenone124 »

    Basically, you mean WHO THE HELL DELETED THE ONLY VIABLE BLITZ GUIDE?!?! (I've never seen a successful blitz jungle)

    i did 3 blitz jungle games. 3 victories in ranked by pulling the buffes over the walls xD

  • #75 thechosenone124

    Obviously, the enemy team didn't realize that maybe they should ward over their buff walls (oh look free wards!). Besides, it's a common practice to lure buffs away from areas where someone can smite or grab steal it. The ganks are pretty sick, but so are jungle Leona's

  • #52 aragorn42

    I am looking for comments on my blitz build (its for top lane) and i figured this would be the best place to go since there is no top guide. i build (not in this order) muramana, mercury treads, frozen heart, blade of the ruined king, frozen mallet, and wits end. I am only in silver but  i have found this to be very effective in solo/duo queue because no one knows how to play against blitzcrank top lane. I find it very easy to pick up kills early game as top laners underestimate his damage since he is typically played as a support and forget about his mana shield. playing him top lane also provides a easy gank for the jungler to come in comboing a grab with jungler initiation followed up by a knock up and silence at 6. I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback on this. Especially from any pro players out there who may see this. I can see this build being better at high level playing than I could ever imagine. the utility on blitz as well as the damage and tankiness this build provides work spectacularly in conjunction. I run 9/21/0 masteries and attack speed quints, armor pen marks, flat armor seals, and magic resist per level glyphs. I am especially looking for higher level players to comment on this even a pro if possible.

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  • #53 thechosenone124

    Possibly AP blitz? the scaling on his ult is pretty nice

  • #54 aragorn42

    I am looking for suggestions on items and viability of this build. I do not wish to change it completely. thank you though


  • #55 thechosenone124

    Okay, then maybe replace Blade of Ruined King with Hextech Gunblade? Any spell vamp on blitz procs every few seconds due to the ult passive, and activating your ult will give you a nice hp boost. 

  • #58 aragorn42

    I think that is not a bad idea but i think the attack speed and passive on BotRK as well as the active is more important to blitz than the spell vamp and ap which overall will not effect the course of a battle nearly as much. typically i initate a fight by picking off a carry with my pull or flash ulting onto the other team and in either case the spell vamp will not be a powerful addition as i should be around full health. The way i play blitz is as an auto-attacker and having the BotRK as well as muramana makes for very strong auto attacks. thanks for the input though i will look into the item to see how it stacks up against BotRK.

    edit: tested the gunblade ... i find it provides a visibly larger amount of sustain; however, it also has a visibly lesser amount of damage and chasing capabilities. So i guess if you are having troubles sustaining gunblade would be better but other wise I would stick with the BotRK


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  • #49 tachikoman

    Why Arpen quint + AD marks over AD Quints + mix of AD Arpen marks?

  • #50 thechosenone124

    Jungle monsters have less armor and more health, so this build is better

  • #51 tachikoman

    Explain how would it be better when 3 AD quints + 3 AD marks + 6 Arpen marks gives the same amount of Arpen and 1.05 extra AD compares to 3 Arpen Quints + 9 AD marks.

  • #47 thechosenone124

    What about building AP Blitzcrank? His R damage is incredible, and one of Blitzcrank's not ofter seen combos is RQ. QE puts them in bad position for a few seconds, EQ prevents flashing from a bad position, and RQ removes a minion wave before grabbing the champion who was hiding behind. When I build AD on Blitzcrank, I don't really see high damage output, but even when I build AD, his ultimate damage is always relevant. Only problem I can see with the AP build is a really bad character pre level 6

  • #48 KenEH

    I think your trying to say you would use RQ combo in the beginning of a fight? Only in very specific situations is blowing Static Field early viable. The passive gives good amounts of damage and you waste it with an early Static Field. Plus I'd much rather wait and use it when I need a disable as you would be wasting your interrupt. AP does work, but needs to be farmed properly, and in the jungle unless you get fed (even more unlikely, as you said, aince ap Blitzcrank is weaker early game) your dead weight.

    Quick aside, Murmana procs on Static Field's passive, it's a great way to increase dps. If not managed well eniugh it can make Mana Barrier weak.

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