• #82 monsterpyro

    i usually take my e before my q simply because you can clear minion waves in no time and i find its good for spreading the blaze so that you can delete your targets with your w burst its just a better AoE spell then sear.

  • #80 lundefugl97

    hey gr8 guide, really helped me out since I try to learn how to play Brand and I tried the build in my previous mach and it worked damn good

  • #79 Hunter0421

    Hey great build thanks for the help


  • #76 rbrownusmc

    The wording in the abilities section doesnt make any sense anywhere. Needs to be fixed. Out-dated info Ide think... Curse has really let these guides go.

  • #64 Dacchei

    Brand guide updated~~ Any comments before this one are outdated

  • #59 curseirk

    Brand is not countered by Cassiopeia if he plays passive.

    W+Q+E+R combo is deadly for Cassiopeia + can be executed out of her range.

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  • #60 curseirk

    Also dinger - he can counter brand only through farm and deny. Brand can start killing spree if dinger makes first mistake.

  • #58 Trolerto

    muy buena guia me gusta

  • #57 NiCkKutRuDuB

    I consider that the best build for Brand is this:

    Starting Items:

    1.Doran Ring 
    2.Health and Mana Potion

    After pushing the mid lane and have 1-2 kills you should start building Catalyst the Protector,as Brand is laking on mana and by level up he is restoring some mana and increase your cooldown reduction you buy Ionian Boots of Lucidity-Homeguard and then you buy Rod of Ages,so you basically reach almost 80+ AP and enough health and mana...

    After that you should start building the Lich Bane,which gives you both AP and mana...first you buy Sheen,which provides you with ability power and the unique you buy Stinger so you can really push as hard as you can all the lanes in case of emergency cause of the increased attacking speed and cooldown reduction...then you buy both Lich Bane and Nashor's Tooth which makes you really OP at the mid of the game time...

    So you have those items:

    1.Doran Ring
    2.Ionian Boots of Lucidity-Homeguard
    3.Rod of Ages
    4.Lich Bane
    5.Nashor's Tooth

    For the full build I suggest those items:

    5.Rabandon's Deathcap

    6.Liandry's Torment (which replaces Doran Ring)

    So if you reach this build you can really push every lane you want and easily kill an enemy or even two the same time (cause of Brand's Ulti)...your AP will be 500+ and if you have enough gold you can replace Rod of Ages with another Rabandon's Deathcap,which gives you 700 that case you should attack only from range,cause you haven't enough health for 1v1...(except if you stun the enemy)...also the cooldown reduction is terrible -35% on all abilities...that means you can defend your mid lane and use your ulti in 30 seconds..

    Brand is only mid lane at the beginning,but he can really help the other lanes cause of his ability to stun the enemy...just be careful to make a good start and farm a lot

    By this build you can reach 15-25 kills or even more per game...(24 is my high score and im still level 21,so I have no full runes and masteries)

    Also,if Teemo,Katarina or Heimerdinger is mid lane you got to defend not push...

    If you have any suggestions feel free to reply :)

    Good luck!

  • #54 Erenussocrates

    This guide is wrong for the best build of Brand. The true base build for Brand should be:

    1. Ionian Boots Of Lucidity

    2. Tear Of The Goddess

    3. Deathfire Grasp

    4. Rabadon's Deathcap


    He should stack at least %29 cooldown reduction, because his W and ultimate are crucial for harassing the enemy and the teamfights.

    He should build Tear Of The Goddess instead of Doran's Ring or Athene's Unholy Grail, because he needs maximum mana more than the needless mana regeneration, the mana regeneration which will not help him when he starts to cast skills repeatedly. But the maximum mana, which will help you continue on harrassing and killing, does help. And Doran's Ring s will ultimately not help him, because it's useless in the endgame. He won't be farming while taking a part in the teamfights, hence won't be getting almost any mana back.

    He should build Deathfire Grasp instead of Athene's Unholy Grail, again. Because Deathfire Grasp is one of the few items that suit fine for almost every AP damage champion. It gives 120 AP which is better than the %10 extra cooldown reduction the grail gives. Also you have an OP active application, which amplifies all AP damage taken by the target enemy by %20, which also beats Sorcerer's Shoes. That's right, Deathfire Grasp alone beats two of other items that this guide offers.

    And ofcourse, the most crucial thing, he needs Rabadon's Deathcap. I guess this is being the only point that match with this guide, except Rabadon needs to be built sooner, instead of setting the priority to other useless items for Brand, which are Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Athene's Unholy Grail, you build Rabadon's Deathcap and do your actual job as an AP damage.

    Yes, ultimately AP burst damage is way better than the tanky build. He already has not much base hp to begin with, and he has a good range to stay out of harrassment.


    If the game still didn't end after building the 4 core items that I present to you, you have 4 more choices for the last two items of Brand:

    - Liandry's Torment (which is awesome for Brand's passive. Except it needs to be built last. Liandry starts functioning right after Brand's passive ends, longering the time of damage per second. Also it's a good item against champions who built a lot of hp. And it gives +15 magic penetration which is cool, and poor amount of AP and hp.)

    - Void Staff (is your ticket to further destruction, if some of them built magic resist for the good of their team, after being terrorized by your damage output. Also gives +70 AP, which should not be ignored. Your AP damage ignores 35% of the target's magic resist, and this is applied before magic penetration. Simply brings the end of game.)


    - Lich Bane (this is up to your preferation. After stacking all that AP on your build, the damage of the Spellblade passive will be huge. Doing one basic attack after every spellcast will increase your damage output greatly, helping you kill single targets more quickly. Well, ofcourse it needs to be built last, because it wouldn't help you greatly in the beginning of the game, until you finish your core AP build. It also gives +80 AP, which should not be ignored again. And it helps if you STILL need mana after building and stacking Tear Of The Goddess, it gives +250 mana.)


    - Zhonya's Hourglass (Do you truly want to feel OP? Then this is your ticket to have some more fun. It gives +120 AP, thence you are having possession of all 3 AP items which give you maximum AP -not counting Majoi's obviously- . It also gives +50 armor, which will not really help you that much. Also you know it's awesome active application, a good way to take enemy focus off from your shoulders while in teamfights.



    There are my last few advices. After you've finished your Tear Of The Goddess, priority of building Rabadon's Deathcap or Deathfire Grasp is up to you. Go for Deathfire Grasp first if you are still in laning phase, it will help more if you are focused on wiping out your opponent on the mid lane.

    If either yours or your enemy's turret is destroyed on mid lane before building Deathfire, then go for Rabadon. You are officially in mid game phase, you will move between lanes, joining the teamfights, and you will need extra AP.

    Always stay behind the row. Brand is not a tank and is not supposed to be -contrary to this guide- . Your job is to deal your huge AP damage on enemy team.

    Don't hesitate to use your ulti if you are engaged in a teamfight on river. It's the BEST place for your ulti, the BEST means it won't bounce to any wrong targets like jungle monsters or minions.

    Don't ever focus on completing Archangel's Staff / Seraph's Embrace first, while playing Brand. Ever. It won't help you that much, it pretty much only provides an active application which will give you a mana shield. Build it last. Save Seraph's Embrace for the LAST.


    Try out this build and you will see how it is way better than this guide offers. I played Brand many times and lost few, and I have been playing LoL for a long time.

  • #63 MrTakumi96

    i like this

  • #50 Gurenisk

    I can say I don't like this build. I haven't used it but I was a brand vs a brand who did and lets just say... He kinda got destroyed. I usually get dorans ring for the magic returned from each kill. get kills till level 2 and that's when it gets fun with your Q and W but I digress. I usually get Rabadon's death cap and then the abyssal scepter or Zhonya's hourglass depending on how much gold I am pulling in. With this I already alone and pretty much OP so I get the 2nd tier boots and then I go for the Athene's holy grail for the mana regen and return on kills which you will be getting. Basically you will have 500 AP or so making all your spells do atleast 200-300 damage and your ultimate doing 500-600. And if you dont know what that means it means if they are all pushing mid you can use your W then E to do some base damage to them and them your ultimate to finish 1-2 off. And dont forget about your fireball ability that not only stuns but will do a lot of damage.

  • #51 Yaamahri

    and then when they are smart enough not to walk into your W you deal almost no damage. This build is good because of the sustained damage and tankiness he gets, whereas yours is full on burst reliant and squishy.

  • #53 Erenussocrates

    All wrong. Gurenisk is right about this build being wrong. Brand doesn't have to be tanky, he already has squishy base hp and he has a good range to stay out of trouble. If you are playing Brand, you HAVE TO do the damage, doesn't matter if one of them dodges it. The real strong point of Brand is his damage output in teamfights. One cannot dodge any W or ultimate when the both teams engage. So the best choice for Brand to carry a game is putting all max AP build to his backbone. Which is being:

    Beginning Phase:

    1. Faerie Charm

    2. pots and wards

    Next Teleport To Nexus:

    1. Tear Of The Goddess

    2. Boots Of Speed



    1. Fiendish Codex

    2. Ionian Boots of Lucidity




    1. Rabadon's Deathcap or Deathfire Grasp, doesn't matter which one you'll build first, you will build them both in the end.




    1. This is pretty much endgame so this last one should be your choice depending on the progress of the game. The best 4 choices are;

    Liandry's Torment

    Void Staff

    Lich Bane

    Zhonya's Hourglass


    You should build either one or two of them if there's any given time for the last items. I have played over hundreds of games with Brand, lost few. This is the best build for Brand and it maximizes his AP damage output, which would be way more helpful than being tanky. This guide is broken.





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  • #49 Shalinar12

    Regarding Brand's Q: "You can pick this ability up first or second, but you should definitely have it by level two, and then ignore it until you have to take it." Except, both of his skill order maxings dont take it until level 4. Lol.

    Last edited by Shalinar12: 2/26/2013 2:06:16 PM
  • #46 MasterPyre

    Why isnt Kassadin one of his counters lol, his Q alone silences brand for 2.6 seconds at 5, not letting brand do a single thing

  • #47 BestSoloOnly

    Well, first of all, kassadin is a meele attack champion, and he is pretty weak and no escape before lvl 6, which allows brand to normal attack poke hard, such as when kassadin trying to last hit minions, brand could just basic attack kassadin or use his E. And you mentioned kassadin's q could do silence at LVL 5, yes, LVL 5, that means lvl 9 for champion!!!!!!! When brand reach lvl 3 , he has a combo, which could really just kill kassadin if every his spells hit kassadin (ignite too) probably with 2-3 normal attacks. All in one, kassadin is not able to fight a good brand before lvl 6 or with jungler's help.

  • #56 MrTakumi96

    u think that kassadin just stone that do nothing while being att?..

  • #45 HomerX221

    nobody even tries to go to that site, stop losing time creating new accounts because they get banned by spam...Also, why would you do it so everybody knows?

  • #41 eatyoo

    I dont get why all the mages end up with berserkers greaves in most builds on here? Is it for faster attacks on towers ? Or something else?

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