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    I dislike the guide to be honest.

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     I don't like most builds, soooo. This is my main build for AD. With adjustments as needed under certain circumstances. (not trying to steal a thread or anything just throwing some tips out from experience)

      I made this real quick, its not a perfect description. But it is how i build my AD's so hopefully it can help you. Its Grape city for me XD. Experiment that's the only way you can find something better than what most people use. GL HF!










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    Runaans is a horrible horrible item. I am not going to discuss this issue, as this has been accepted by a major part of the Lol community. Blade of the Ruined king is situational. The appropriate build path is everything you suggested minus Runaan's and Botrk and plus boots. The sixth item slot is 100% situational. Mercurial Scimitar, Banshee's, Frozen Mallet and hell, maybe Randuin's Omen can go there, it's mainly an anti assassin item (in my opinion). I'm not too familiar with boot substitution (I never do it) but the thing that makes a good AD carry a good AD carry is positioning, which I assume is a lot harder if you replaced your boots with say, RUNAAN'S HURRICANE.

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    Hello, I wanted to ask someone with experience as Caitlyn this question. Provided one would sacrifice one or two quintessences for Life steal ones, would build BF Sword -> Stattik -> IE be good? My friend who plays Caitlyn lot was really frustrated, as clasical build BT -> PD -> LW did not work for him, making him feel like he does no damage to enemy tanks. So I thought that what he needs would be IE, but because how hard it is to get IE done, as until completion you would be behind anyone who goes for BT, I thought of making statik after buying BF sword, for better poke and to make it safer for you. As IE with Shiv has 15% more crit than BT + PD, and 50% bonus damage on crit(which applies to magic damage from shiv as well), i have seen this as viable option. Would going IE first be better?

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    Statikk Shiv is an inferior buy on her because the main drawis the waveclear but Caitlyn is in no need of more of that. IE will always be the first thing to rush. Stalling something in the middle especially something as large as a Statikk Shiv, will severely damage Caitlyn. Caitlyn's incredible power comes the moment she buys IE. I can understand why Bloodthirster's price akes it more attractive, but just because it hellps you faster doesn't mean its good (5 doran's blades also give a nice early boost). It's only 600 gold more expensive, and you're just gonna have to tough it out (if you want to weaken the severity of it's impact, buy some doran's blades)

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    JK shiv is awesome

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    "For your first core item, you should get The Bloodthirster or Infinity Edge for the damage output. Bloodthirster is recommended because it adds a lot of damage."

    Not to nag, but doesn't IE provide more damage than BT? I was under the impression that BT offered better sustain and IE offered more damage, assuming you don't get really unlucky with your crit procs. I usually go BT first, but for the sustain and getting the stacks early, not the damage.

    It just seemed off to me that you're recommending choosing BT over IE "because it adds a lot of damage."

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    a fully stacked BT gives 100 AD and extra lifesteal. IE gives 70 AD, 25% crti chance. and crits do more damage. but BT fully stacked does more reliable damage

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    With IE alone, you have a 25% chance of dealing 250% damage. Lets assume Caitlyn has no AD from anything but one item (no base stats). Bloodthirster's damage in 4 autoattacks will deal 280 to 400 damage depending on stacks. IE will deal 385 in 4 autoattacks (assuming one crit because its 25% and 4 atttacks). It will take 27 stacks on BT before it beats infinity edge in damage.

    I ignored the value of the lifesteal in this case, but at the same time I also ignored the fact that Caitlyn has AD from other sources, like base stats, runes masteries etc and remember crit chance scales with attack damage. Also, unreliability works both ways. The chance that you won't crit in 4 autoattacks is the same as the chance that you will crit twice in 4 autoattacks.

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    I would offer to take BF first than static shiv for fast cleaning lines.

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    Then you have less sustain and can't trade as much, BT is for early game harass with extra AD and life steal. Caitlyn already has wave clear with her Q, no reason to get a Shiv.

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    Also, Caitlyn spikes once she buys Infinity Edge, and therefore that should be her first major item

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    The thing is you need lifesteal on an ADC it's really important, and if you get IE you also need an early vamp scepter. That makes it so your IE takes AGES to complete unlike BT who gives both.

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    Try blade of the ruined king instead of bloodthirster. You might be going against tanks, and the attack speed is good for your passive. The only thing is the ad, but its still a better item to get against tanks. Also statik shiv is also very good sometimes the extra magic damage is good. Its a little bit worse then phantom dancer but i guess you would call it a situational item

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    BT still helps more than a BotRK on Caitlyn because you shouldn't be getting in range to use a BotRK active. BT adds more to Caitlyn's kit and gives you more sustain. Shiv is fine instead of PD, depends on what you prefer and how much you can afford early.

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    Isn't Runaan's Hurricane better than Phantom Dancer? I think runaan's is better to work with cait's passive... we don't need to wait 7 hits to get that power hit...

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    When you have infinity edge, critical strike always scales better than attack speed. The movement speed on PD also helps since caitlyn tends to build 0-1 defensive items due to her safety in her range and kit. The fact of the matter is, Runaan's just isn't worth it, pretty much ever on any champ.

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