• #125 shellenic

    Cass never failed me. My KDA is really amazing when I use her. She can push any lane with ease, really useful during teamfights. To maximize her potential I use Rylai's + Liandry's + Rabadon + Morello/Athene (for mana and cdr). Never failed to impress me! Not to mention her amazing skins (Mythic Cassiopea being her best skin). 

    She can be hard to play at first but once you get to know her mechanics it will be easier to play. 

  • #121 Itanik

    Be very careful of hecarim when playing as cassiopeia after the laning phrase

    Dat ulti QQ no kiting for you

  • #122 thechosenone124

    His ulti is easy to manage because if you're not taken by surprise you can return the favor with your own ulti. Hecarim will be looking straight at you and will not look away. Besides, you should have Zhonyas at any rate. One click of Zhonyas and Hecarim's ulti goes away

  • #124 Losmos

    Hecarem is immune to any cc while using his ultimate so you wont be able to stun him if he ults onto you or in your direction.

  • #117 bu_dany78

    hello, so today I played Cassiopeia and I liked she helps a lot in team fights and strong if played correctly, I am not saying i am very good, and I was having some questions in general, regarding spells and build,

    So the first question is about the spells, why havoc it says it grows attack damage but what ad or ap, and when it says attack damage I assume its ad and same goes for executioner,
    In build I saw attack speed shoes, WTF ? :P
    And about the the twin fang, does she have to be poisoned with q or w and then I can spam e ?
    thanks in advance
    P.S started lol 1-2 months ago looking for friendly community

  • #118 thechosenone124

    Those are Sorcerer shoes. The enchantment is just a default image, because they don't want to make 4 enchantment images for every boot type. Havoc does not boost AD or AP, it boosts damage from all your damage output, magic and physical (maybe not true damage) they must be poisoned for you to spam E, but the poison can be from anywhere, not just your Q and W. 

  • #120 bu_dany78

    thanks you so much, i wanted clarify those with havoc and the other questions
    thumbs up :)

  • #113 thechosenone124

    I have noticed something extremely strange about this guide, in that it isn't explicitly stated you need golem buff. I find run out of mana a lot (I like spamming spells on minions :D). Is Cassiopeia a good holder of a blue buff? 

  • #114 SY23

    Ofc she is, but if you're spamming her spells vigorously, she can run out of mana even with the buff. I guess it's pretty obvious that casters should carry blue, that's why it wasn't explicitly stated in the guide.

    I've got a different problem with Cassiopeia as a character... she feels too squishy to me early on. Unless I set up a trap, I get blown up before I can use my ult in a teamfight. If someone more experienced comes around, could you recommend some sort of intermediate item build order to alleviate that??

  • #115 thechosenone124

    I don't think her ultimate is any use unless your chasing an opponent , fleeing, or interrupting a channeled ultimate. A skilled enough opponent can recognize a Cassiopeia ultimate as well as a normal opponent reacts to Chogath stomping his foot. They have around a half second to turn away, which renders your ult completely worthless in a teamfight. Unless you and your team have perfect coordination (they stun and you time you ult perfectly so they don't have time to turn away), her ult is basically an AOE slow. Anyway, almost every mid laner is squishy early on, but unlike most mid laners, you have high sustained damage and heavy zoning. Your best bet in lane is to use W to discourage aggression.

  • #116 SY23

    After a couple more games I think you're right. Her ulti is great for traps, desperate disengages (sometimes actually turning a fight around, it deals good damage) and disruption, but it's not something one wants to use in every teamfight (unlike Rumble or Brand and many other champs in fact, who want to throw their ult whenever it's up and shit's about to go down). Its weird aoe shape and an enormous tell before the cast make it sort of a risky and unreliable.  I have also started buying Rylai's faster - right after Chalice and Tear. This has advantages and disadvantages, but I like to get in the middle fight and so far this has felt like a good choice for my playstyle. 

  • #109 InCr3D4Bl3

    Can i use RoA, Rylai and Lisandry at same time? =) 

  • #110 thechosenone124

    I would think she need's Athene's with that mana problem and all

  • #108 suljokodajs

    cas is hard to play i think


  • #111 thechosenone124

    She has massive mana issues, and the best way to overcome it is to keep stacks of Deadly Cadence up by spamming spells. Her stun can be undone by turning around, and her signature Q has more than a half second delay between cast and activation. Her entire skillset greatly encourages aggression, but she has no reliable escape (ult is high cooldown and w slow isn't really that effective without Rylai's). High skillcap champion all right :D

  • #112 thechosenone124

    Don't misunderstand me. Cass is an incredible champion. Her RW combo can leave an enemy wallowing in poison while you hurl E at their face. Her damage (sustain and Dot) is incredible, her push is incredible, her gank is incredible, her damage is incredible. Just don't run out of mana 

  • #107 Jeremyls

    I have played Cass  a lot  and in s3 i find  your  best best is honestly a  more defensive build wit ha liandry, for example my full build will normally contain a  wota, GA, and Zhonya's   wit hthe Liandry. Loads of defence, still great dmg  with  rabadons and your dots, on top of it all,  when you are  zhonya'd or  ressing  from GA spell vamp continues to tick from your dots. 

    Last edited by Jeremyls: 3/12/2013 11:55:35 PM
  • #101 Saalomon

    What is the perfect team composition for cass?

  • #104 thechosenone124

    Teemo, Singed, Gangplank, and Twitch :D Teemo support, Singed top, Twitch AD Carry, Gangplank Jungle

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  • #100 maseratigts

    What about Spellvamp ?

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