• #49 theoke

    why no rod of ages and rylai

  • #36 TheHappyEmo866

    I think that instead of getting a shurelya's revelry, which is only useful because of the active ability, you should just get the captain enchantment on your boots and go for another item.  I think a Rylai's would be a good replacement item because it gives damage, tankiness, and a slow effect to both your feast and feral scream abilities. 

  • #37 Phelius

    The philo stone provides gp5, hp5 and mp5, all of which are amazing stats on a mana-based jungler. However, this doesn't mean you have to build the item that builds out of it: you can just sell it for another more relevant item. Shurelya's provides a team-utility ability, where as a Rylai's provides utility on your other abilities. Both have their perks!

  • #35 zedworx

    Is it worth noting Spirit of the Ancient Golem as situational? the tenacity from it is good if you aren't getting mercs.

  • #32 tah0isthebeast

    I would like you to add nocturne to his counters because of his W and he can kill you in you own jungle spots almost every time you spawn unless your mid has a good team play.

  • #33 denniswang44

    I don't think personal experience warrants an addition to the counter list.

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  • #30 EpicManZ

    For the 6th item would a Guardian angel be good???

  • #31 The_Gintarinis

    If you get to the 6th item, you will allready be unkillable. It is a bad idea to build GA on tank anyways :)

  • #26 Icelime22

    vid and guide completely different????? the masteries, runes :3..... im new so.....

  • #27 LiQuiD112

    Guide completely updated by Saint

  • #28 Mur

    I think he got and wandered off because there is no boots in the guide though he says later to sell the mobility boots. Later in the items section he says start with ninja tabi but then at the bottom "Sell Mobility Boots late game and replace with Tabi depending..."

    Might want to adjust the guide a bit.

  • #22 Jamial

    If you're not gonna start machete, why build the jungling item at all? Why not replace it with Wit's End?

  • #23 DrakeWurrum



  • #29 Mur

    yes, but he doesn't upgrade it

  • #20 dumbitdownjr

    Won't u have to much armor with this build?

  • #21 LiQuiD112



  • #24 DrakeWurrum

    Quote from dumbitdownjr »

    Won't u have to much armor with this build?

    Too much? No such thing. Though I find it odd that this build lacks an Abyssal Scepter, when Cho'gath tends to be in the middle of the action.

    Last edited by DrakeWurrum: 12/14/2012 4:50:54 PM
  • #34 OhTyphlosion

    Probably because that's something AP Cho does, and both the top and jungle guides don't really encourage AP Cho. He's viable enough mid, I'm honestly surprised there isn't an AP mid Cho guide...

  • #19 shadogi

    I definitely feel starting Hunter's Machete is the way to go.  It will give you more damage in the jungle and builds into useful sustain items later.  I especially disagree with buying a philosopher's stone and then selling it to get the spirit stone later given that the former is only 100g more.  

    One a side note, now that armor and magic pen have been made way better, is it better to now concentrate on stacking health, getting other stats as secondary concern, than actually buying items like Frozen Heart early?  My current thinking was to get something like Spirit of the Ancient Golem or Warmog's Armor fairly early to tank damage and build specific defenses later on.

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  • #15 CapnPie

    Is it risky to get mobility boots and oracles before your gp5s? Won't you be behind the other jungle, if you die with oracles?

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