• #105 poopoopoobob

    now another one


  • #104 poopoopoobob

    omg thank you so much dont no how i did it but i got my frist penta cause of u

  • #103 N1NJABE4N

    i wouldn't go with that skill choice i always chose E first due to a poke on the enemy laner and also helps his passive alot more early game but apart from skill sets i like this  ^_^


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  • #102 azeroth

     no skil order q-e-q-e-q or w-r-......

  • #101 thestoebz

    Cho is a very under-utilized pick that I often find myself going to. He's very strong in team comps now (well always) and people don't expect his damage output since he's so damn tanky.

  • #94 wbh321

    Yeah, I normally go a different route ability-wise; as I tend to level up vorpal spikes til about level 3/4 for good last hitting/push ability without having to spam the high mana cost q and e that would run an early cho dry.

  • #93 Maik6666


  • #92 goodqq

    Noooo first level rupture and vorpal spikes and ulti last is feral scream

  • #96 Jaksevan

    feral scream is for casters which most champions are.  Vorpal spikes are for Csing.

  • #91 JohnIsNotKuhl

    Would Frozen Fist work? I just like the bonus slow against the heavy melee team comps, and wanted to know how it would do.

  • #89 lolneophyte

    Noob question: If max CDR is 40%, why add 3% from Masteries when building Athene's Unholy Grail + Frozen Heart? Am I missing something?

  • #90 jordan7943

    maybe the 3% CDR is there for when you don't have a Athene Unholy Grail or frozen heart.

  • #87 DFSGAS

    lol cho is amazing 

  • #86 Tenh

    I love playing Cho xD. Only played him twice since picking him up but like, last game, I laned against a Malphite. I harassed him every once in a while, and at one point I was able to Q/flash/W/R him for the kill. From that point on, I was so far ahead that I could just take down his tower while he was next to me, unable to even touch me :P. Late game you deal a lot of damage with your Q's and W's and you're an amazing disruptor in fights. Nothing more annoying than getting knocked up for 1 second, then silenced for 3 while you're slowed by massive amounts for what feels like forever... Aaand then you just om nom someone for crazy damage.

    Cho is very strong. Tanky, damage, CC, he has it all.

  • #85 Griogre

    On the Items tab for midgame items you have Randuin's Omen twice.  I suspect the first one is suppose to be a Rod of Ages.

  • #81 LiQuiD112

    This guide has been updated to reflect the new 3.01 patch.  The reduced grail works well on him. 

  • #80 Snailed

    Chogath video about jungle not top lane

  • #82 LiQuiD112



  • #79 imanoobyesiam

    how do you face against kayle? i think she is the biggest counter to cho, she has incredible early game damage and her ultimate counters your feast. how do you beat her and what should you built against her? roa mr resist armor or pure health?

  • #76 monstrslayrx

    The Defense tree is missing a point. You can't get honor guard with 19 points in the Defense tree, I recommend putting a point in safe guard.

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