• #79 Esburr

    Could you not get BotRK instead of G.A.?

  • #64 Critalysm

    Why take Summoner's Wrath when your not using any of the Summoners skill, i assume puttin 1 point extra in Attack Speed makes more sense?

  • #65 Shakarezz

    That was a mistake, fixed now

  • #56 dumbitdownjr

    Pro's have been building sorcerer's boots on him recently. Thoughts on this?

  • #57 Ezgera

    HIs Q and R are doing magic damage; when he is played with focus on poke and/or Sheenprocs you won't need Berserkers, because you wouldn´t be able to use the higher AS then. Most time your AS is limited by R>Auto>R>Auto>R>Auto. To do this the AS of trinity is high enough.

    While taking magic penetration boots, what is with the masteries? If you take only one point in Havoc and no points on Lethality and Frenzy you could get Blast and Arcane knowledge, giving you more magic penetration. The Attackspeed of Frenzy is nothing you would use on Corki, while the crits aren´t that big until you get IE, which you get quite in the end when going with this build. The question is: What deals OVERALL more damage

  • #58 ElementalMaster7

    I have to admit, critical chance isn't really needed on Corki. Anyways, Sorceror's Shoes on Corki isn't your average ADC Corki. I believe the pros have been playing Corki mid, as a caster. In my opinion, Corki should have more armor shred and lifesteal. The point of Berserker's Greaves is that when you shred their armor with E, it'll give you that attack speed that causes more damage from true damage and armor penetration. Also, since his R is mostly his damage source at level 6, you don't really needs to use your other skills for harass. It will save you tons of mana because his ult costs 20 mana, while your other skills cost at least 60-80.

  • #59 TheYangsterX

    Actually I've observed that Corki is more of a AD caster so it makes sense to replace berserker's with sorc shoes

  • #60 ElementalMaster7

    Doesn't that mean you'd have to land your W too if you're AP? 

  • #61 Ezgera

    You dont go AP, but since a lot of your damage is magic you still get Sorcerers. Also when watching worlds you could see that they actually were building Sorcs on him. Personally I also use CDR boots some times, for example if there are a lot of tower sieges going on. The cdr helps then to have always some rockets up, not running out of them.

  • #50 444bandit

    is trinity forces worth getting on him. ive seen alot of builds without it that have alot of likes

  • #51 Ezgera

    Given the fact that you can proc it all the time because of the spammable ult it is a great steroid for Corki, something he otherwise lacks. It allows him to quickly burst someone down, means that you are able to win a lot of 1 vs 1, for example against the enemy adc. Also it gives you some mana (nice to have), HP, MS, just everything. In the case of Corki i am pretty sure that it gives you overall more damage then a PD would give you.

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  • #54 Lukas3100

    Trinity force is a must for him


  • #55 TheYangsterX

    if you watched the world's, whenever someone uses corki they always use trinity force because it synergizes better with him thanks to the new update, where they changed the phage

  • #46 CrazyMiner51

    I play Corki as my main champion and I always have been forced to buy early mana items, is there a way that I can avoid this and follow the main build or should I continue with the mana items? Also as a side note to this I play a very aggressive style of play.

    Last edited by CrazyMiner51: 4/15/2013 9:57:27 PM
  • #49 444bandit

    you can just buy a tear of the goddess


  • #52 ElementalMaster7

    I suggest you don't use your skills as continuous harass. If you can, Q when one or both enemy champions are in range. Consider auto-attacking as your main harass. Corki can pack quite a punch with just 3 or 4 of his auto-attacks, since his passive deals extra true damage. At level 6, you can store your missiles, and later on, blast them to death. If you want to shred their armor, grab a Black Cleaver and/or Last Whisper. Not only will you penetrate their armor, you'll shred it even more with your E.

  • #43 WorrEU

    Are you sure about switching Black Cleaver for Last Whisper for penetration. If you do the maths, Black Cleaver is only more efficient than Last Whisper if the targets have very low values of armor. Last Whisper provides you with 35% penetration and Black Cleaver gives maximum 25% penetration + 10 flat penetration. This means that even if you have a fast way to apply full stacks, Last Whisper will still give more penetration if 10% of the targets armor equals more than 10 armor. Corki can apply stacks with Black Cleaver in two ways, basic attacks and his E. Everything else is magic damage.

    I think if you only get one item for penetration, Last Whisper is always a better choice for every ADC. There are of course armor shread builds such as Miss Fortune with Bloodthirster, Black Cleaver and Last Whisper. Combined with an AD assassin/caster like Kha'Zix who builds Last Whisper early you can really shred armor and assassinate people.

  • #44 Feranoxx

    As long as Gatling Gun is up, (which obviously applies the stacks) their armor is reduced by another flat 20 and since armor pen is applied after armor reduction and flat reduction is applied before % reduction which reduces armor by (flatred 20)+25%+(flat pen10) they need more than ~165 armor for last whisper to break even - not accounting for the additional health and +10 AD black cleaver provides also the cdr is pretty nice to have those rockets up more often

    at least that's what i think ^^

    Last edited by Feranoxx: 3/23/2013 4:54:25 AM
  • #42 Foldemort

    If I get Cleave after Scepter, will I be a threat mid game with all that armor shred? And why not max your Gatling first? I'm sure the armor shred would help you out more in lane than the Bomb.

  • #45 Feranoxx

    Usually you max damaging magic dmg dealing skills early in bot lane because of the extra burst they provide and how well they scale with levels - AD skills usually scale better into late game - also your enemy probably has flat armor yellows and/or masteries and either manareg oder scaling mres blues meaning that your magic dmg will hurt pretty hard in the laning phase

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