• #115 Rodrake

    This Guide has been updated as of patch 4.5 with LoLPro heavenTime as its new author.

  • #104 BlazeAxtrius

    I think Abyssal Scepter is a bit useless. Lich Bane will add so much more damage then the Abyssal Scepter but then again if they have a fed APC you will need some magic resist but i will always buy Lich Bane i find it a lot better then Abyssal Scepter.

  • #105 foxdroplol

    You don't really see LichBane too much on Diana, but in the instances that I've seen it it has been quite powerful. I personally don't like it though. Abyssal gives you resists, which is quite important for jungle Diana as she is more of an 'in your face' character and preferably needs to soak up a lot of punishment. It also reduces the MR of everyone around her, which benefits your team's DPS as well as your own.

  • #103 Nevran

    I really don't understand why you won't take leachbane on Diana since this item isn't really hard to make (Blasting Wand can be made into Abyssal Scepter, Leachbane or Rabandon depending of the opponent team or you snowballing) and it had so much burst to her. You will be able to make at least two proc, or three if you did well. This item give her so much burst and DPS, making the need for an early rabadon useless. It goes really well with the jungle low gold environnement.

  • #102 dzertus

    Update for Jungle routes after the patch? :3

  • #101 ivanbss

    The video is for diana MID not jungle.

  • #100 SpartanAK

    With the new item cost what do you think about starting(600 less gold cost):

    Kage Pick > Spirit of the Spectral Wrath > Athene's Holy Grail

    Putting you at 29% CDR early, allowing a much higher likelihood of getting off your combo twice in a gank. Also, is the Orb dmg single-target?  Regardless, the 20% spell vamp makes you more deceptively tanky than you were already even if it's not Diana's greatest stat.

  • #99 Hypage

    Iceborn Gauntlet feels like a really good item on diana, what you think about it ?

  • #98 CAllOverUrTs

    I usually mid diana over jungle. Just curious but why no Lich Bane with Diana, and maybe a revolver for sustain? LMK what you think

  • #97 Alphascrub

    Might get completely told to stfu here but, twin shadow has help me out with Diana for mid game ap/mr with a great slowing effect. It pretty much guarantees you land your w + q + r + r combo.  

  • #95 crazed

    Riot killed Diana in the junlge... She's just so overnerfed god dammit.

    She may clear fast, but then what? She's crazy mana hungry, constantly needs blue and since the nerfs needs the gold more than ever. There's just no point in playing her, as much as I like her.

  • #92 gayvulture

    Yes please get someone to properly fix this guide especially with her new nerf update that just happened today, make the build have more sustain and proper use of items. I am starting to lose hope in LoLPro now :/ Solomid seems like the only viable options to get confident guides.

  • #93 Aldrahill

    Have to agree with that, there's barely any site maintenance...

    And what was with, when the Season 3 patch began, all the masteries being messed up? That's so stupid, just make it so they have to ACTUALLY update the damn guide for it to deserve the updated status. 

  • #91 Davids448
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  • #90 Aldrahill

    No one bringing to light the fact that this guide has you build 2 GP10 items, then don't build them into anything.

    Why the philo stone? Why not upgrade it to the Ancient Golem spirit stone? Just... what's the point, man?

  • #89 DarkKnyght

    Quote from RealFateS »

    This guide is probably the least professional I've ever seen. 


    1. Don't release the guide until it's finished, hold it in the archives and don't release it to the public

    2. Use correct grammar when writing guides

    3. I've also seen and heard that many guides on here aren't personally written by the people it says they are written by.  Please have integrity when writing these guides.  I don't wanna read 1400 ELO bullshit just because that 1400 ELO kid is friends with someone on Curse.

    So your saying the curse team captain shouldn't be writing the guide for his team? The very team that is training constantly and live streaming matches as they train and therefore are too busy to take time out of their days to write a guide? Yeah you sure are right there! Shame on him for releasing the rune page, masteries spell order and items to buy FOR SHAME! Idiot.

  • #87 Rigorad

    How is Liandry's Torment on Diana? It adds a bit of survivability and a lot of magic pen, especially with Sorcerer's Shoes and Abyssal Scepter, and the DoT would be good for killing tanks/finishing people who run off during fights.

  • #96 heartmonger

    I have found Liandry's Torment to be amazing on Diana. It needs to be secondary to abyssal scepter or Zhonya's Hourglass though. But 9 times out of 10 I pick it up. 

    Last edited by heartmonger: 1/13/2013 11:15:54 AM
  • #85 flajeen

    Well, Diana synergizes well with Ahri I guess.

  • #84 bakergolden

    This guide has been wonderfully built, and with the new revisions is spectacular. Thank you for all the time and effort you, and your team, puts into this game. I am glad people who are at the top of  LoL can make time to help me :).

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