• #126 Matisyahu77

    Any updates for this build after patch. 4.11?

  • #125 caarve

    You ever thought about using the hextech gunblade on her? Gives her so more damage and a lot more sustain.

  • #122 Nabeshima

    what do you think about feral flare, is this thought worth considering due to her sweet clearing speed?

  • #123 Airseas

    I just built feral flare on her and it works wonderfully :_) I went Feral, then soc shoes, into wits end for some MR and then started building a zhonya's

  • #124 Nabeshima

    yep, i thought about that too. it worked pretty well with the extra magic dmg and insane attack speed(flare+wits)+her passive it's a high and unexpected burst :)

  • #121 WraithStarFish

    I got my first penta kill at 2:07 a.m. this morning using this guide. My adrenaline was/is orbiting Pluto. Many thanks for this build! <33333

    Last edited by WraithStarFish: 4/21/2014 1:19:19 AM
  • #120 rlhambrick

    thanks for this guide much appreciated been looking for a new guide for diana jungle 

  • #119 bogovbog

    indeed ..nashor's tooth is a very good item for diana bcs of her passive...well,I would build crystall scepter instead of deathcap cuz diana doesn't need that much ap...i would do that in my opinion :)

  • #115 Rodrake

    This Guide has been updated as of patch 4.5 with LoLPro heavenTime as its new author.

  • #104 BlazeAxtrius

    I think Abyssal Scepter is a bit useless. Lich Bane will add so much more damage then the Abyssal Scepter but then again if they have a fed APC you will need some magic resist but i will always buy Lich Bane i find it a lot better then Abyssal Scepter.

  • #105 foxdroplol

    You don't really see LichBane too much on Diana, but in the instances that I've seen it it has been quite powerful. I personally don't like it though. Abyssal gives you resists, which is quite important for jungle Diana as she is more of an 'in your face' character and preferably needs to soak up a lot of punishment. It also reduces the MR of everyone around her, which benefits your team's DPS as well as your own.

  • #118 RivaLDeusEx

    In my experience, Diana plays a the role of a strong initiator. So, she plays kind of like a jungle Jax would where he still needs damage, but due to being the teams initiator, he has to build resists and health, too. As you said, she is pretty in your face, so she should be optimized for that. An in your face damage dealer needs to advantage of as many free stats as they can so that they can afford to build defensive items. When I play Diana, I rush Spectral Wraith and the next item I get is Nashor's Tooth. Everyone knows why this is a good item on her, but to keep things simply, this fully abuses her passive giving her on hit magic damage and increased attack speed. Since AP itemization gives Diana access to both Magic Resist and Armour, the clear choices are Abyssal Sceptre and Zhonya's. As an initiator, having all of these resists and a ton of effective health from her shield (which she is guaranteed to get since she's starting a majority of the fights) make her extremely durable, despite not building any health or sustain. This leaves us with one more item slot. If the enemy team has a lot of armor iceborn gauntlet is a really strong item as it gives Diana mana (which she desperately needs), armor, and max cdr (assuming you have spectral wraith and nashor's). Since it is a sheen item, it increases Diana's burst dramatically, while also providing a lot of utility. If you need magic resist, wit's end is a good damage item while spirit visage is a good defensive item, giving you max cdr and more effective health. Assuming you need to sell your spectral wraith since it is really late into the game, GA or Warmog's are both really good options. With GA, you can rush the carry since you have an obnoxious amount of effective health. Combine that with Zhonya's and you are going to be extremely hard to kill. With Warmog's you are still much more durable, but you are playing more of a tank role by staying in the middle of the fight. Having 3k health and a ton of resist makes you are force to reckon with since you can't really be focused, but you are still doing absurd amounts of damage. So, final build would be:

    Spectral Wraith, Sorcerer's Shoes, Nashor's Tooth, Abyssal and Zhonya's (get whichever one is more relevant first), and Iceborn. Selling Spectral Wraith for GA late game if diving, or swap it for Warmog's if tanking. 

    As a final note, one alternative build that I found interesting was Feral Flare, Wit's End, Merc Treads, Sunfire Cape, Spirit Visage, and Iceborn Gauntlet. This build has an obnoxious amount of sustain but has severe mana problems. Regardless, it's a lot of fun, so check it out if you want.

  • #103 Nevran

    I really don't understand why you won't take leachbane on Diana since this item isn't really hard to make (Blasting Wand can be made into Abyssal Scepter, Leachbane or Rabandon depending of the opponent team or you snowballing) and it had so much burst to her. You will be able to make at least two proc, or three if you did well. This item give her so much burst and DPS, making the need for an early rabadon useless. It goes really well with the jungle low gold environnement.

  • #102 dzertus

    Update for Jungle routes after the patch? :3

  • #101 ivanbss

    The video is for diana MID not jungle.

  • #100 SpartanAK

    With the new item cost what do you think about starting(600 less gold cost):

    Kage Pick > Spirit of the Spectral Wrath > Athene's Holy Grail

    Putting you at 29% CDR early, allowing a much higher likelihood of getting off your combo twice in a gank. Also, is the Orb dmg single-target?  Regardless, the 20% spell vamp makes you more deceptively tanky than you were already even if it's not Diana's greatest stat.

  • #99 Hypage

    Iceborn Gauntlet feels like a really good item on diana, what you think about it ?

  • #98 CAllOverUrTs

    I usually mid diana over jungle. Just curious but why no Lich Bane with Diana, and maybe a revolver for sustain? LMK what you think

  • #97 Alphascrub

    Might get completely told to stfu here but, twin shadow has help me out with Diana for mid game ap/mr with a great slowing effect. It pretty much guarantees you land your w + q + r + r combo.  

  • #95 crazed

    Riot killed Diana in the junlge... She's just so overnerfed god dammit.

    She may clear fast, but then what? She's crazy mana hungry, constantly needs blue and since the nerfs needs the gold more than ever. There's just no point in playing her, as much as I like her.

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