• #92 doji0

    Have you considerate Iceborn Gauntlet? When I tried to buy it at first, I was meh, but after full combo, especially after R, it's very surprising how much it gives extra burst at early-mid game.

  • #94 Phelius

    Iceborn Gauntlet should really only be considered if the enemy team is pure AD and is winning hard. Diana is a burst caster rather than a spamming caster, so the slowing AoE that IBG provides would only be useful if she's fighting long, drawn out fights with pure ADs.

  • #85 xKryx

    i would say abyssal scepter is a total support item and would replace it with banshees since it gives her much more sustain and she doesnt lack in dmg at all

  • #82 xxx55555xxx

    She seems to be a fusion of Noc, Ahri and Kass. Noc and Diana have similar passives, Ahri and Diana have a similar skill that makes three orbs surround them and atk nearby enemies, Kass and Diana have a low cd uls that teleport.

  • #79 DJ_Anime

    diana cool champ

  • #77 dannyqiu1

    Would Nashar's tooth be a good item after the patch?

  • #78 HomerX221

    I don't think the patch affects it that much, at level 18, it is a 20 damage difference.Specially now that nash has the old malady passive.

  • #74 gwapocbaban

    zeph how do u ks using diana?

  • #72 Zeph

    Thanks, I went 40/13/11 and got my first Penta kill.

    If I feel like I already have enough damage I like to switch out the void staff for a GA.

  • #73 HomerX221

    You may have enough damage because their magic resist doesn't affect you as much...

  • #75 gwapocbaban

    how do u ks using diana?


  • #76 HomerX221

    lol..."ks" is a stupid thing, as long as you are giving gold to your team...of course, it is not a good idea for the support to attack the guy ignited with 1 hp...

  • #68 watido

    update cuz u cant use more than 5 health pots update update pls

  • #69 HomerX221

    You can get a flask or 5 health 4 mana...

  • #70 watido

    4 mana unesscary 3 is even lol

  • #71 HomerX221

    You can just spam your spells all day if you want to, this is why people get 4 mana.Also, i think you didn't see the word "flask"

  • #65 GlowingPanda

    Great Guide!

    What do you think about hybrid penetration marks on diana? Since diana auto attacks a lot in her combos, would it be more effective to get hybrid pen on her?


    Last edited by GlowingPanda: 4/11/2013 10:31:32 AM
  • #66 HomerX221

    I don't think she does, and even then, most of her damage still comes from her passive and abilities.

  • #67 Chu8

    thank you!

    duel pen on diana is a bit dependent on playstyle, but I definitely recommend it if you feel you do good with a nashor Diana build. Otherwise, just magic pen probably better overall

  • #63 Basinator

    Diana is an assassin, so speccing into what her damage is (AP) and maximizing it all in offense is what you should aim for here. In utility, take mana + mana regen to aid in lane a bit, taking 1 in Improved Recall because the other options you have are useless and 1 in Summoner's Insight for the reduced Flash cooldown.

    Why don't go 1 point in summoner spell CDR? That's 12 secs for Flash, means 3 secs less than with mastery upgrade, but also reduced ignite CD.

    Wonder if and how malady and maybe even rageblade could work for her. But yeah, LB seems to be a reasonable choice.


    Plus: Isnt full MPen build > AP? I read somewhere that a champs AP ratio had to be around 1.1 AP per spell to make AP better than MPen.

    Last edited by Basinator: 4/8/2013 6:35:44 PM
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