• #81 snooty

    Isnt the spirit of the ancient golem a viable upgrade? since it gives tenacity+cdr and that means that you can pick legendary armor instead of the tenacity thingy in the masteries?

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  • #82 MisterFaith

    Legendary armor dosen't do much,  if you look at the math around it. 5% of 100 armor and mgr = 5 bonus. the tenacity from mastery stacks with tenacity items, besides if you have let's say a tenacity, most likely zephyr as the guide reccomends. The masteries bonus and your W activated you will have at the very least 60% CC reduction and at your peak have 80% 

    Long story short

    Legendary armor won't outshine hardiness / resistance at three point until you have 100 armor / mgr

    Tenacious however will have the same effect the whole game and is more useful in terms of ganking and team fights and just fights against champions with cc in general

  • #77 Basinator

    Update for wits end? Viable now?

  • #79 VirusKid

    I'll answer to you asap.

  • #76 wddsa

    If you are in the process of buying hybrid pen marks, should I go for a full set of AS, or to slowly replace with hybrid pen?

  • #74 Quackas

    So all the mundo guides have mundo speccing into armor pen masteries which I don't understand... I've been playing Mundo jungle a lot and doing fairly well but my end game dmg on minions or champs is always like 75% magic 25% physical so if he is does more magic dmg why spec for physical pen?

  • #75 Strideratemus

    It's simply for the faster clear times. Can't say if it's worth it or not.

  • #78 VirusKid

    It's for better ganks/fights. As you will be hitting an enemy with your basic attacks while your E skill is on, which makes you deal more damage as you penetrate their armor.

  • #83 Quackas

    This doesn't make sense, you say you get armor pen mastery so you do more dmg in ganks/fights with your aa boosted by your e which is true but if he does so much more dmg as ap with q+w wouldn't mr pen raise his dmg more in ganks/fights? I've used both sets of masteries and it seems I do more dmg specced into arcane knowledge but I could understand getting his damage higher with Deadliness to get early clear done faster being a possible off-set to the reduced dmg.

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  • #73 acheetah41

    For option 2 in the first items, what the heck is a phoenix bun? or is it just a health potion?

  • #69 AliveAsJoke

    just wanna ask why Saintvicous does not take Wanderer masterie in utility tree.I play jungle and think that junglers need additionaly movespeed when they got no boots cuz of faster moving through the jungle and with higher ms there is bigger chance to do countergank,same for counter jungling.If u are fast enough u can catch counter jungler in your jungle and protect your camps and buffs.Sorry for english :D

  • #70 Shakarezz

    If the movement speed buff was applicable always, I'm sure it would be more viable. A 2% increase in between camps and when going into lanes isn't too much, plus you lose this buff whenever you enter combat


  • #68 Foldemort

    Why not Machete as a starting item? And then build into Ancient Golem? The item gives you health, hp regen, increased damage to minions and monster AND Tenacity. Perfectly Viable for Mundo In my opinion.

  • #67 coolshanth

    I'm surprised this build doesn't have a locket in it. The #1 jungling item for tank stats at the moment, and mundo doesn't get one?

  • #71 Strideratemus

    Runic is honestly just a bit better for tanking. In my personal opinion, I would get locket only if it's not present in your team, and someone else has a runic bulwark already.

  • #66 WorrEU

    I think you should update item section.


    Current core items:   Spirit's Visage > Aegis of the Legion > Warmog's Armor

    What text below actually suggests:   Ninja Tabi > Kindle Gem > Aegis of the Legion (+ Warmog's Armor) > Spirit's Visage


    Thing is that people in general look at pictures more than they read texts. I think you should make text shorter and instead show every step of the core build with pictures instead.

  • #65 tavenitas

    Sunfire cape is a great item for mundo, but it doesn't in the item build guide?

  • #72 Strideratemus

    Mundo has a built in Sunfire Cape with his W. While it does give an extra bit of damage, at the end of the day the Zephyr will net your more damage. And honestly that is the only item you could possibly replace without hurting his overall build.

  • #64 bentsen06

    Hi I believe there is an error in the Rune, Masteries, and Summoner Spells section.  In the defensive tree the masteries have been updated to allocate points from the previous Hardiness, and Legendary Armor for Unyielding, and Block.  But it is missing the explanation for Unyielding, and Block and still has the previous Legendary Armor explanation. 

    Thank you for your time and keep up the good guides.

  • #63 WorrEU

    Masteries in quick guide are not working. Also, seems like you haven't updated descriptions in main masteries. And the movie you linked to is a 50 minute game without any sounds (copyright infringement) so that should be change too, doubt anyone would have the patience to watch that without sound.

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