• #149 KNCKn

    janna is also a counter becuase of her slow


  • #142 Skyb1ade

    Curse or DIe.

  • #147 Phelius

    Spare us Lord Skyb1ade!

  • #138 R04Ch1

    Seems like GA is not outdated anymore.

  • #135 Alciphron

    Hey guys, I like your build, but after BT I'd like to take Phantom Dancer for his new passive that allow you to move through units ! Phantom Dancer get better stats than Statikk Shiv and u can catch your Axes more easily in lane or team fight with nearby minions, what did you think about that ?

  • #137 Foxtrail

    That's honestly not a bad idea at all in my opinion.

  • #129 Rodrake

    This guide has been updated as of Patch 4.1

  • #117 R04Ch1

    Why should i takedouble-edged sword as a ranged adc? makes no sense to me. can someone explain this?

  • #118 ShadowDragon1212

    Draven out damages pretty much all other ADC's. So it's logical to deal even more damage to the opposing team. It's not like your charging in first, your in the back trying to deal as much damage as possible.

  • #120 Rodrake

    The main objective of an AD carry in League of Legends is bypassing all defenses to become a pure damage dealer. That's why AD carries take aggressive masteries, rush damage items, etc etc. This is the reason why that mastery point is perfect for the role.

  • #121 R04Ch1

    Its been changed, so I think it might not be that good.

  • #124 Cop

    Extra damage is always useful plus you're a squishy ADC, so the extra damage you take won't really affect you that much. It's better for trades because Draven dishes out the most DPS.

  • #116 Aposter

    I thought this was updated for s4 according to tags?  Literally just added the trinket bit in... not even noted that you can now afford a health pot with a DB.  

    And the text about buying ie refers to his old passive, which has been gone for some time......

    Nevermind xD

  • #115 darking213

    Eu gosto muito do draven ele é o meu champ. favorito mas a uma coisa que eu gostaria de fazer com ele que e ter a build completa e outra coisa eu nao percebo mas eu acho que e melhor comecar com botas e 4 pots com o draven porque da speed e pode regenerar vida e com a doran´s blade ele  so consegue recuperar 5 de vida por cada it 

  • #114 Benjyy

    Im always play draven with this build and omg it is overpower , it can be very dangerous in bot lane and powerfull , one of the best ADcarrys on LoL

  • #125 Cop

    Yep, just depends on if the support can CC you and allow their AD to kill you. Play safe and abuse Stand Aside and you'll win. :D

  • #113 PewLaz0r

    Isn't a red elixir 3 health a viable start on him?

    Draven is one of the biggest bullies in lane in bot. Getting a red elixir is going to make your damage skyrocket early game.

    I like to start red pot with an agressive support, like Taric or Blitzcrank.

    Last edited by PewLaz0r: 9/1/2013 7:31:26 AM
  • #126 Cop

    Not as effective. If you can get kills out of it, it's not bad, but a smart player won't fight you.

  • #111 InfinityBlade392

    Cant you just get attack speed boots, 2 BloodThrister, 2 PhantomDancer, and a InfinityEdge.

    I tryed this build and i could solo baron :D

  • #112 KjarRokulaine

    You need to work on your spelling. It's "Bloodthirster" not "Bloodthrister," nor is it "tryed." It's "tried."

    I would say that once you can consistently do that, it'd work well. Assuming you're not trolling us. Also, you may want more lifesteal.

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