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    fuck you


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    I'm not exactly a high ELO player here, but I do see a lot of the same complaint: "WHERE'S ALL THE DEFENSE RAWR DON'T BUILD AP IT'S PERCENT DAMAGE RAWRAWR"

    Let's take a moment to appreciate the percent SCALING here. The more AP, the more PERCENT HEALTH damage you do. So STAHP bitchin about that.

    Also, look at all the stuff past 9 in the defense tree. He doesn't put points there because of the build path he chose. It's not tanky, so why put points in things like Legendary Armor and Juggernaut (OK, Juggernaut maybe) when there are options like Havoc, Spellsword, and Executioner past 9 in the offense tree?

    This guide was written as a MID LANE GUIDE. Look at it like one and stop thinking about it like it's for top lane.

    Elise may not be Mundo, but she can still go where she pleases. Anyone remember the time when Elise Support was a thing? Be open minded like back then.

    Even if the guide isn't really for you, let the Zak man here have his fun. I'm sure he put it up here just to be a good guy and share his secret to success with the rest of the world. Kudos to you for doing something new, man!

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    lol :)

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    Quote from charlottielol »

    lol :)

    this is to everyboady out there :(

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    I like this build it helped me alot with my Elise top days.. :P
    But can someone please start a Elise Jungle guide? :)

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    Elise Mid - With my own masteries/runes and Itembuild.

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    Also, when will there be a jungle guide for Elise? :) Looking forward too it.

  • #25 Zakkkkerrrs

    I apologize for my laziness.

    The guide should be finished now, and i'll edit it more as I play her more.

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    We're all still thankful for the guide nevertheless, it's a good guide so far I think. I'm no high elo so I can't really offer much valid criticism, though I do dare say that maxing W might be better if you're up against an assassin or long range mage since W can provide some sustain and long range poke. Ah well, guides should be just that, guides and no set rules anyway, gotta be able to adapt to the game aye?

    Also, is that the best pokemon as your avatar?

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    this item bulid makes her really squishy she will die w/ this build and she will die fast--dislike. if you do decide to finish this guide, sometime in the future can u please add full matches video w/ this build. i'm just a little skeptical of its effectiveness. ty

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    I suppose the  rest of the guide will come along soon?

    What I don't understand is that her AP ratios suck, yet tend to take AP over other stats.  I realize that AP improves ALL aspects of her, spider and human form, so it is needed to some degree.  But why 21 offense instead of 9 offense/21 defense.   Past the 9 in offense for Mpen all she gets is AP pretty much.   Whereas 21 defense adds movespeed for chasing in spiderform, CDR, lots of extra health bonus/tenacity past the 9pt mark.

    Why get Deathcap?  Abyssal and Rylais make sense...they have AP but also survivability and mpen.  Guise makes sense too.  But theres no armor in this build at all, not even runes.  Wheres the Frozen Heart?  Even a sunfire cape would be something. Both of those seem way better than expensive Hourglass gotten as a last item.  

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    nice guide, just play it toplane instead of midlane .)

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    I'm more interested in jungle Elise...

    But perhaps that will be added in due time

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    Good guide of her , i think many people can play her now , and be good at midlane :)

  • #14 Baebunni

    Seems like opening up a hole can of worms making her mid. Yea diana is a good mid but that is because she has such crazy burst power.  Elise is a great top lane and great jungle.

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    May I ask why do you create a guide for Elise as a mid laner, considering that her farm-ability against other common mages (e.g. Zyra, Ahri, Anivia, Karthus, Orianna, Morgana) is close to non-existent and she brings nothing to team-fights as a mid since she hasn't got any good, reliable, low CD AoE and/or AoE CC + instant burst ultimate?

    Her scalings are medicore, not to mention that it is a % based scale, meaning that she does not need maximum AP to be effective. She is much closer to Malphite and Cho'Gath in that regard that she can be and should be build as a tanky, semi-AP top laner, with defensive stats as well as extra CDR with some speed with cheap Spell Penetration (Haunting Guise + Malady + Abyssal Scepter + Frozen Heart).

    On the top lane she bring more utility to the team since:

    a) She harasses the crap out of any melee champion without innate sustain.

    b) She has 3 tools to check the river bush from a safe distance.

    c) She has a skill shot blocker via microing her positioning to use spiderlings as a shield.

    d) She can dodge a lot of stuns/slows (Jax, Riven, Malphite, Mundo and others) as well as use Rappel to wait for Exhaust's end of duration while not taking damage.

    e) She forces the enemy top laner to go with a build highly beneficial to your team if he wants to have any chance on the top lane; he builds only MR to counter your harass and damage without adding HP to negate Elise's  burst - oh well, then he is vulnerable to your AD and AP carry since he has 0 additional armor and HP; he build some MR and some HP, ends up with slightly boosting your burst, not to mention that he is still an easy target for AD carry; he still goes mostly HP and armor with only minimum number of cheapest MR  - well, then you will ensure that he is going to have "fun" times with you on the top lane since your Q is going to hit like a truck. 

    f) Has 2 constant relatively high DPS sources: Magical (Basic Attacks (Spider Form, scales from AP) + Spells) and Physical (Spiderlings (bonus physical damage from Elise's AP))

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    I totally agree with you!

    AP Bruiser Top is just better with her and i prefer her Top or Jungle (she is also a quite good pusher with both her human and spider w and she can take down turrets quite fast)

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    I have played Elise Both top nd mid and i acually diagree w/ you. I acually dislike Elise top but i love her Mid. Runes: Marks of Magic Pen (9x) Seals of Armor (9x) Glyphs Scaling AP (9x) Quints of AP (3x) Masteries: 21/9/0 Build: Sorcerers Shoes, Rush Rylais, Hunting Guise, Blasting Wand (2x), First one into Deathcap, Next one into Lich Bane, And Lastly an HourGlass I start w/ 1 in W Then i get 1 in E Then 1 in Q Then 2 More in my W Lvl 6, Lvl 11, Lvl 16 = Ult I Max my W first, than Max Q But i think W does more dmg than the Q
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    idk about the fizz shutdown part, i mean i have never had a fizz shut me down, its always the other way around.

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    Have you ever played against a fizz in high elo?

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