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    it d be better if we sell the spirit of the ancient golem and buy another item late game ?

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    In the section on runes, masteries, and summoner spells, you say:

    "For Quintessences you can replace Ability Power with Hybrid Penetration, depending on your playstyle."

    Could you comment on the tradeoffs between AP quints & hybrid pen quints? I.e., what kind of playstyle would want to use AP quints, and what kind of playstyle would want hybrid pen?

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    This guide has been updated as of patch 3.15.

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    synergy with everyone, gets counterd by noone

    looks like someone was lazy while making this :D

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    I have a question and hope you can answer it to the best of your ability.  My question is, where do we fit spider in?  I notice the guide was updated about a month ago, but maybe something changed.  I also noticed that crs_saintvicious starts out with spider, if you see what I'm getting at here.  Thank you for your response.

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    Normally start in human form, land E, W, Q, R (switch to spider form), Q, W, chase, E to them if they flash, and land another Q to finish them at low health.

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    Why do you build Marks of Hybrid Penetration instead of only Magic Pen?

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    because it helps with the jungle clear since the jungle creeps do have armor and when going into team fights it lets you melt people and jungle faster.


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    Why you are bulding Elise with armor quints ? I think its not necessary, you have the spiders which can tank the camps and moreover enough sustaint with the jungle item..

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    if you would know anything about saintvicious, he like to have a tanky build. the build is to have sustain when ganking and once its time for team fights then you'll have a greater change of staying alive without getting blown up. Also the spiders dont have much health and can die very easy and once they die then there goes elise dps, without them then there goes your damage.


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    Actually you can take movement quintess instead of armor. It depends on your play style.

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    Actually this is Saintvicious elise jungle guide and its better to take armor. This is a guidance for players from PRO's

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    it honestly doesnt matter if its guidance from a pro or not cuz if it doesnt fit a persons playstyle then its useless and any real "PRO" you ask should tell you the same

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