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    no you big noob this is a shit build

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  • #121 winson0152

    it's op to kill aatrox with tank elise :D <3

  • #115 xdaviesx

    I would start with Q then W not E I would only get E 2nd level if I was going to gank or needed to escape otherwise I get W 2nd level to farm. :) anyone else do this?

  • #116 HomerX221

    W's mana cost is way too high to farm...

  • #119 stricken11
    I start W then go into Q usually because in my build, I build Armor first for seekers arm guard since top is usually an AD champ allowing me to gain a use of the ward. Also if going against someone like Xin or Renekton who could eat Elise alive at an early rank you just stay in spider form and use W to allow your spiderlings to run out and attack minons for you. It is a much slower way of farming but it allows you to get farm from a save distance and you can majorly farm when lane gets pushed back to turret. After waiting a few level or jungle shows up, go back to human form and use full combo. E,Q,W,R,W,Q. In some cases due to the range reduction in Q, you can use the W in human form before the q if you wish. Also adding onto to this persons build, Lich Bane works nicely on Elise as well. Increases her burst damage and if you get hi AP items lie the hourglass it increases the burst even further.
  • #108 iMcMotionless

    I always start with W because i prefer to poke when i farm at the early game, is this a bad idea?

  • #109 GreenPikachu

    For this example I'm assuming the enemy has 500 hp and 42 mr (30%).

    You have 30 ap and no magic penetration.

    The rank 1 dmg on your Q with a full life enemy would be around 60 (human form) and 42 (spider form).

    Rank 2 increases it to 88 (human form) and 77 (spider form).

    Rank 1 on W: 70

    Rank 2 on W: 105

    If you think of the cooldowns (Q=6sec), (W=12sec) you should deal more dps if you start with Q > E > Q > W.

    Starting with W will give you more sustain in the very first levels because of the spider form passive and it allows you to check bushes, but it is not a guaranteed harass like Q.

    Hope I could help you :)

  • #110 iMcMotionless

    I've tried to start with W and with Q, Q is much better to poke only for the shortly cd! Cuz Elise need to farm and the W is a better farm skill in my opinion so i always go Q > W > Q > E if i just want to farm.
    I think Q > E > Q > W is better when u will need a early gank and then with the spider form E u will follow the enemy and have more possibility to make the kill, right?c:

  • #111 GreenPikachu

    If you want to farm fast and push the enemy under his turret, W will be the better choice.

    I prefer not using W to do AoE dmg to creeps since i like getting pushed to my turret and be safe from early ganks.

    Somehow enemy junglers hate me and camp me in the first few levels ^^

    Levelling E as your second spell is really important, since it helps you escaping from thoose early enemy ganks and can set up kills with your jungler.

    On which server are you playing?

  • #112 iMcMotionless

    I'm playing in the Eu West server! 

    Oh yes, E is a great escape but is more usefull to kill low enemy when they run ahaha

  • #113 GreenPikachu

    I also play on EUW.

    Add me if you want to play some games ;)

    IGN: GreenPikachu

  • #114 iMcMotionless

    I will done it almost soon i will log in the game!

  • #103 NiceBucky

    Can Talon counter Elise?

    He can't burst her down instantly, she can stun him after his silence or she can rappel if things get to dangerous for her, i think she could, but i have never been in Elise vs Talon top.

    Thank you for your answers!

  • #104 JioDerako

    Mm, it's iffy; Talon does well against most AP mages in mid-lane, so Elise can't necessarily abuse her range against him (he does well because he can trade hard with Rake and the rest of his harass combo has that silence component built-in). Elise does have sustain though, which is why she's so strong top rather than in mid. (plus the escape, and the CC.)

    I've never done the matchup, but it seems like it could go either way; Talon isn't looking to 100-0 burst, he's going to land Rake every so often until he can do his instant-burst (which should come out extremely quickly, there won't be much room for Rappel after the silence wears off). Rake will also do a number on her spiderlings when she goes to spider-form. Talon isn't really set-up for drawn-out duels, so she'll probably win a head-on engage in spider form early, but not a good idea when he finishes BC/BT, I don't think.
    When she's in human form though, her stun is going to be an issue for Talon; he can't exactly rely on Rake for last-hitting without running out of mana in a hurry (presumably blue buffs will be going to mid, not to him on top), so things can get risky when he goes to last-hit. Elise has also got two ranged harassing abilities to Talon's one, though she's going to risk going OOM as well if she goes too hard. The fact that she's got sustain and Talon doesn't seems to push things in her favor though, assuming she's not letting him land too many Rakes (those things hurt).

    I'm a little biased, Talon is one of my mains so I feel like he's got a bit of an advantage here in a 1v1, as his goal right out of the gates is to assassinate without giving the opponent much opportunity to counter. That being said, I always play him in mid, I'm not a big fan of playing a glass-cannon assassin so far away from ganking opportunities.
    On top, if Elise has trouble with him, she can simply let him push in a bit and then set up ganks with her stun and rappel. Pre-6, he doesn't have much of a way to deal with it, so I'd give the advantage to Elise. (Talon can't really let Elise push in, since she can escape ganks a lot easier and she can poke him while he's trying to farm under the tower.) Both Elise and Talon have a slightly higher skillcap though (Elise is probably higher, but easier to mess up too), so I think ultimately it becomes a matter of player skill.

  • #105 NiceBucky

    Yea, i was thinking about that, Talon can poke her until he can just finish her up and she won't be able to rappel because of the silence, but at early levels Elise has more ways to harrass, my guess is that if Talon can hold his ground until lvl 4-5 he could be able to burst her down, but it should depend on the skills of the player.

    I need to run that match up soon, i personaly play Talon, not that much anymore, but i asked cause i have a lot of trouble playing agaisnt ranged ap tops, and i thought that maybe talon could be useful for that.

    Thank your for you answer.

  • #106 JioDerako

    I usually turn the pressure on (as Talon) at level 3, before that you just try to last-hit and land W when they get too close. Once you've got E and Q though, you have a nice one-two punch for chunking their health down, and you can use W either to deter chases or land a bit more damage if they retreat. You're probably not going to have a kill set-up until level 4 or so though, like you said, the second point in W makes a pretty good difference. I'd just try to avoid letting her go untouched until level 4, she's going to have a decent amount of burst at level 4-5 herself, so it's important not to let her get harass on you or she'll just beat you to the punch. (where Talon can E and burst during the silence, Elise can land a stun and switch to spider-form for her own burst as well; it's just a matter of who took more harass earlier, and who decides to engage first.)

    edit: keeping in mind of course that Talon doesn't get the final piece of his combo until level-6, and Elise has her full kit as soon as level 3; Talon's got more of a burst IMO, but Elise still has more options early.

    I'd love to see how the damage numbers actually stack up between the two, I'm sure one of them has a bit of an advantage in stats or damage early; I'd need to play a few games against an Elise to know for sure, though.

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  • #107 NiceBucky

    She has more range to harass you, but at rake lvl 2-3 you do a nice damage to fight back, so i guess you do have to be hitting her and draining her Hp and at lvl 4-6 you burst her down if possible.

    I think Elise has the advantage in the first few minutes, but i do have to play agaisnt an Elise in order to see who would win.


  • #117 mits0s

    i know that i am low  elo but i had this match on top at at level 3 he can easilly kill u but if u hide in grass in spider form use your e q r eqw then plus ingte if u have i think u win i try this out and really works and elise win always i have try in many matches (rankedgames )

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