• #4 Ataraxia_

    What rating is this designed for? In low elo, trying to always have an oracles up is both pointless and stupidly dangerous.

  • #3 Kingscore1

    Elise is WAY better in the top lane. Has huge burst, a stun, and when tower dived, she can just repel up into the air while the enemy is getting hit by the tower (unless its shen, who i hate versing since the get a sunfire cape at 15 minutes and split pushes when we all go mid)


  • #5 IBorbarad

    One would think after years people would stop saying "Champ X is better in position Y".

    It is about to set  up a good champion for your lane, so unless anyone else wants to play Elise in your team, its pointless to claim where she would be better.

  • #2 xKryx

    What about Banner of Command isnt it a good choice since it give you ap / armor / cdr and 15% dmg for spiderlings?

  • #1 Pikohchu

    Yay a support Elise guide. Lol support Elise is so fun (: 

    Oh, and FIRST.

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