• #38 acheetah41

    Isn't spirit of the elder lizard better on eve? Since the no CC con, she adds a little soft cc without her ult

  • #39 dna94

    In season 3 was better, now the changes on the Elder Lizard makes the burn not proc to magic damage, so neither the Evelynn Q. Not worth anymore.

  • #36 thechosenone124

    Best Eve guide I've seen in a while

  • #33 gunsanbob

    Just wondering. Why not get gunblade instead of deathfire. I tried this build didnt have the sustain

  • #34 Gaxxxe

    Deathfire grasp gives CDR, more damage, and gives any AP champions more damage on a single target, which, usually when you play Eve you will have at least 1 other AP Champion and sometimes 2 since some of the 'new' supports tend to do a lot of AP damage currently. Also, for his jungle sustain, he is using Spirit of the Spectral Wraith for his sustain, and any further sustain would diminish Eve's capabilities outside of farming the jungle.

  • #35 crs_saintvicious

    Quote from gunsanbob »

    Just wondering. Why not get gunblade instead of deathfire. I tried this build didnt have the sustain

    Eve is not about sustain, the jungle item gives you enough health in the jungle also.

  • #32 Rodrake

    This guide has been updated with Saintvicious as its new author, and all the season 4 changes.

  • #31 LiQuiD112

    This guide was completely re-worked by a pro Eve Jungle player to accomodate the new meta.

  • #29 larsi94

    Shushei ! where are your mid guide ? Need for ranked :)

  • #26 Doomtawn
    i like to start evelynn with a cloth armor and 5 pots, so after that i get the red claws, then i get the defense boots so i can last longer alive, and after that i start getting hextech gunblade, it makes it easier to jungle at lower levels, makes evelynn a bit harder to kill and it's still very easy to gank with it, about the red claws i've been thinking abot making it into bloodrazor later in game, but i havent had the chance to play games that long because by mid game one of the teams usually surrender, anyway, even if the team is losing evelynn still does pretty well with this build, or atleast that's my experience, other than those starting items that i changed, the build is really good, it helped me a lot
  • #25 4hps

    Nobody plays her as an ap char ? i use to build her with boots lvl 5 ( movement speed for ganking everywhere )+ dfg ( burst use + ap + cd reduction )+ hextech gunblade ( for hybrid sustain on Q and E+ a slow on a fleeing target )+ lich bane ( ap + awesome proc + movement speed )+ rabadon ( boost ap )+ ( situational ) abyssal ( mr + mr reduction on ennemy )or zonya ( armor + great use can save you life if ennemy focus you as you appear ); and it works very well.Her ult does massive dammage in team fights added to dfg on your mains targets you can decimate really fast a whole team.

    With a full rotation of cooldown you can easily take down every champ ; even a tank

  • #28 CarrierhasLeft

    The problem is that AP builds are very, very expensive for a jungler. Diana has enough built in stats to get away with triple-GP10 so she can afford deathcap, but Evelynn's base stats, are, well, terrible.

    Mid Evelynn has become popular recently, though it requires that your opponent is absolute trash at skillshots.

  • #21 WingedLycan

    After testing this guide in ranked a bit, I have to say it's one of the better guides out there. I may not agree with EVERYTHING, but I do admit this build works better than expected. Thumbs up from me, cus I've seen a lot or HORRIBLE Eve guides. Even if this isn't the best, it's still good.


    Your counters are wrong though. Warwick counters her VERY hard. Can easily counter jungler her and stay at full HP while doing so. Udyr is a better counter as well.

    Last edited by WingedLycan: 7/30/2012 9:38:26 PM
  • #24 K0stra

    Almos everyone with half a brain can counter jungle her, she is terrible jungler

    WW is slow, has no escape  and  probably is one of a worst champions to couner with, yes it can be done, hell i countere ppl with Blitz. Udyr and Shyvana has similar playstyle, difference is, that you can acually see poeple playing Shyvana (and Shyvana can put more single target dmg then Birdyr, especially early on + she´ll have probably exhaust).

  • #37 thechosenone124

    She is an awesome jungler her clear times are sweet. She is susceptible to counter jungling, especially by hard CC users, but she can easily return the favor due to her clear times. 

  • #19 ciphyr

    Its something kinda small, but makes a big difference, you might wanna mention how hate spike prioritizes the last thing you auto attacked. This comes in really handy when farming camps, because you can use it to aim where the skill hits.

  • #20 Lexvink

    That is in the skill description already.

  • #17 Kantuti

    Oh come on. This build is just bad. No Wriggles? IIf there's good build  that utilises Wriggles, go Wriggles, always. The only exception is champions who  don't  really utilise it, like Amummu, Rammus, Maokai, champions that clear with specific skill rather then regular hits. 

     i've also got no idea why would you rush hate spike? Ravage is just as good if not better for jungling , a lot better for dueling and ganks, and once you get Wriggles, dragon and buff control. Yes you can ult baron/dragon for faster kill. But again, if you can get more pressure on objectives without really sacrificing anything, go for it, always. 

      I don't get the point of Gunblade either. How's that core? Furthermore its not very cost effective and rushing it just slows you down. Trinity is her core, it always was even pre patch. She benefits greatly from every stat. After that its the other offensive item of your choice, Wit's is fine, Rageblade is fine too. After that  GA, and its endgame time. 

    The mastery trees are weird s well, go 21/9/0 with AD carry offense tree  , just because some abilities are hybrid doesn't mean you need magic penetration. With how powerful Ravage is now, not utilising power of normal hits is just wasting her potential

    Anything else then 21/9  slows you down in the jungle, in effect slowing down your entire game. AD centered masteries allow you to plow through the jungle and go do your job. 

    Last edited by Kantuti: 7/29/2012 11:43:06 PM
  • #18 Lexvink

    Have you even read the guide past the quick guide or tried this out? I explained almost every one of those things thoroughly in the guide.

    The only thing worth commentating is that I meant you can use her ultimate in order to steal the objective from a safe place such as over Baron pit since the damage is higher than Smite, which I now explained to the guide since I did not communite that properly. In addition, you try those masteries with Boots 3, and see how low you get and how insignificantly it affects your jungle speed versus the health you get from putting points in the defense tree. Just since it is "weird" does not make it worse than a traditional 21 and 9 combination.

    Your arguement for Wriggles is because you choose to max Ravage. The increased attack speed will make Wriggles a good pick up.... Or you can max Hate Spike and get away with not getting Wriggles and getting a stronger item such as Cutlass that has a targetted slow and builds into items you can use while jungling equally if not faster. And you won't need to do Dragon extremely quickly with Ravage + Wriggles since you have such high success rate with your ganks with a Cutlass that you will either kill or force bottom low enough such that they are unable to contest Dragon

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  • #11 Nanophreak

    Two things to maybe add to this guide:

    1. Guinsoo's has great potential on Eve for how fast she can get the stacks up. With max stacks, the cost of the item is very small compared to the benefit it gives you. I get it every game, after my sheen and hextech revolver.

    2. Her ultimate is a beautiful dragon and baron stealer. It does have a cap, but that cap is considerably higher than other percentage-based health abilities, limited to 1000 damage, which is more than you'll need most of the time. You can steal far before the enemy jungler can secure with a smite with a smite + ult, or even just an ult, and the usefulness of this is enough that I think it should be mentioned.

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