• #57 phoenix2889

    might be a silly question but why blade or the ruined king over hextech gunblade?

  • #58 thechosenone124

    In terms of sticking to a target Botrk provides better power because there's a haste with the slow. Also, it's cheaper and more effective on people who stack health (that's basically the only defensive stat that works against Eve due to her mixed damage set and only 1 health percent ability)

  • #59 ismaelmires

    get a life always when i go to a build ur coment is in there :3


  • #60 thechosenone124

    I am everywhere

  • #61 ismaelmires

    you have commented in every guide i have seen so yea soz

  • #62 thechosenone124

    I skipped Malphite I think

  • #51 kezako

    what should i get now on eve? fillar flare or the lizard? as patch 4.6

  • #52 thechosenone124

    Feral Flare, because this is AD Eve who loves autoattacks

  • #53 Nissa

    Eve can virtually build any spirit item and be good with it. Feral Flame is a really good item but on Evelynn I wouldn't grab but it depends on your play style. I like grabbing a spectral wraith on her since the early AP really helps my ravage nuke much more at early levels. Elder Lizard is still good but not as good as it was before, but still a viable item on Eve. I personally like running Spectral Wraith, Trinity, Botrk, randuins, banshees, mobility boots and sell spectral for GA in the end. The reason why I personally prefer Spectral is because of the early damage and the CDR that really feels nice on Eve (paired with blue buff, you have 20% CDR which helps your ult be up more frequent)

    On Evelynn you SHOULD be ganking every single time because of your stealth mechanic. Evelynn has one of the easiest ganks early game and you should abuse of that power as much as you can. Sitting in jungle farming FF stacks on Evelynn rather than ganking is just plain stupid, you are not Warwick, Master Yi, Shyvana, you are Eve. With the new changes on FF where you gain stacks per kill/assist it may be better but you should be ganking and out performing the enemy jungler at any given point. Evelynn is a greedy snowball champion and AD Evelynn is not really that scary when she doesnt snowball into late game :/ But again it all depends on your play style.

  • #54 thechosenone124

    I heard Frozen Heart is really strong on her because it gives CDR and mana with the tankiness. Could it be a viable replacement of Randuins?

  • #55 Nissa

    Ive seen Eve with FH and its pretty good since it boosts your passive, more mana, more armor and that CDR Evelynn loves. But Randuins is like a must on her if you go AD bruiser since you can run in ult everyone and proc the active on randuins. Evelynn is just one of those champions that universally works with almost any build, but it all depends on your play style. Ive seen Tank Eve, which works wonders (this is the build where I see Evelynn build FH) Ad Bruiser Eve, and tanky AP eve. It all comes down to how you like playing Evelynn, but Frozen heart is really good, im only plat so other higher people may have different opinions.


  • #50 HalfBreed3

    Why health seals instead of armor?

  • #56 Nissa

    With the armor seal nerf, health seals work a little better on certain champions

  • #49 Drumo

    Good :-)






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  • #38 acheetah41

    Isn't spirit of the elder lizard better on eve? Since the no CC con, she adds a little soft cc without her ult

  • #39 dna94

    In season 3 was better, now the changes on the Elder Lizard makes the burn not proc to magic damage, so neither the Evelynn Q. Not worth anymore.

  • #36 thechosenone124

    Best Eve guide I've seen in a while

  • #33 gunsanbob

    Just wondering. Why not get gunblade instead of deathfire. I tried this build didnt have the sustain

  • #34 Gaxxxe

    Deathfire grasp gives CDR, more damage, and gives any AP champions more damage on a single target, which, usually when you play Eve you will have at least 1 other AP Champion and sometimes 2 since some of the 'new' supports tend to do a lot of AP damage currently. Also, for his jungle sustain, he is using Spirit of the Spectral Wraith for his sustain, and any further sustain would diminish Eve's capabilities outside of farming the jungle.

  • #35 crs_saintvicious

    Quote from gunsanbob »

    Just wondering. Why not get gunblade instead of deathfire. I tried this build didnt have the sustain

    Eve is not about sustain, the jungle item gives you enough health in the jungle also.

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