• #95 MongrelCarpet93

    I've been replacing Deathfire with Hextech Gunblade... 
    Makes her actually useful when pushing turrets and makes her E ability hit a little bit harder. 

  • #98 4hps

    This item gives Eve a cool cc , and a biig sustain , especially if you combine it with spirit of wraiths ( jungle item )

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  • #100 thechosenone124

    Eve is an assassin transitioning to tank (with ult). Gunblade reduces her burst and is expensive, whereas Deathfire increases her burst and gives more efficient stats than AD.

  • #89 devioustrickster

    someone should make a jungle evelynn guide.

  • #90 thechosenone124

    Why don't you? :D 

  • #93 DarkKnyght

    ( ¬‿¬) gimme a week or two and I might be able to make a working jungle eve build.

  • #94 thechosenone124


  • #83 daksa20

    I prefer instead DFG rylia´s crystal scepter early because in early game she isnt very OP so i can kill them thanks to slow.


  • #84 thechosenone124

    I just found out that Rylai's isnt that effective on Eve. I can see the logic on it holding them down with you Q, but you Q is AOE and has reduced slow on Rylai's. The only big Rylai slow you inflict is in your E, which is more on killing than for slowing. A good DFG shot can greatly enhance your burst and remove the need for Rylai's because they will either die or flash over a wall. Plus, Evelyn's ultimate scales off current hp instead of maximum so in combat you use it at the start of an assassination or you don't use it at all, so failing to kill after casting your ultimate is risky but the DFG lowers the risk that you will fail to kill.

  • #87 CloudT1

    DFG is a main item on Eve, because of % of max healt her ult does + DFG you can melt just about any carry on the other team.

  • #78 daksa20

    i don´t like AD Tryndamere when i play Evelynn because eve is assasin so when i drop himm low with HP, he activates ult and ha can kill me easly.


  • #79 thechosenone124

    Tryndamere counters everyone without CC dude.

  • #80 KenEH

    Just like every other melee dps carry. Sad thing is most champions has cc. Even then, if you don't have it, it can be built.

  • #81 thechosenone124

    Yeah, but Eve's only CC is that pathetic slow. Its not gonna save you from Immortal Mode Tryndamere anytime soon, cuz the distance you gain can be spun

  • #82 KenEH

    She still can build CC/Movement Speed items, but I agree that until that point she is screwed.

  • #91 4hps

    Eve is screwed ? Not at all , Tryn is one of the easiest champs to juke.

    Tryn low life is gonna activate his ult to rape you ? no problem , act like you're gonna kill him , if he goes for a spin , go for a dodge by the side , activate your W if he pop his chiken , run in circles while he tries to catch your nice blue ass and just ravage his face when he waisted his precious seconds while he can be a man.

    You can't catch a busty woman runing in heels XD !


  • #92 thechosenone124

    Who tries to catch an Eve? They must be pretty stupid if they try to chase Eve of all people. Your burst is just nullified if you attack simple as that. 

  • #75 thechosenone124

    I bet you would look really dumb if you bought a Sunfire Cape on Eve lol.

  • #70 thechosenone124

    Can we also get a guide on AD Eve? When I checked, I noticed Hate Spike scales slightly better off AD than AP, and while Agony's Embrace scales only off AP, the damage doesn't scale very well ( besides I'm pretty sure the ult is most for the shield and slow). In exchange for the loss of ult damage, hate spike and autoattack damage goes up, improving her DPS somewhat and her E still does plenty burst damage. In fact, the effectiveness of Ravage's attack speed buff goes up due to increased autoattack power

  • #71 4hps

    I made some tests , this is viable , but relies on getting fed - like all time with such a char.

    Here's the build i made and why : - Berserker boots - > atk speed for more dps through ravage ( adapt to enemy team comp , works good with tabi or mercs if needed )

                                                    - Bloodthirster -> sustain and boost ad

                                                    - Iceborn gauntlet -> armor , mana , CDR and a nice proc to stick on ennemies asses

                                                    - Phantom dancer -> more atk speed for ravage time + movement speed and crit chance

                                                    - Yomuu ghostblade -> armor pen , crit and cdr + active to reach near 2.5 atack speed to ravage even more quickly

                                                   - Infinity edge -> reach 70% crit + boost ad damage

    With this build i was able to go engage fights , sponge some damage and go for adc to rape him quickly , barely no one can escape this once you have the gauntlet.You can even solo nashor easy whithout falling under 95% hp


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