• #174 Aribeth

    I have a question, if his W and E are doing only magical dmg, why not go for AP build???

  • #173 ShroudedDeacon

    I got a penta with Ezreal on ARAM with this build (With bt being replaced with sanguine blade)! Thx man. :D

  • #165 suncaster_

    Hey guys ezreal player here just wondering whats the diffrence in the glyph runes from the normal majic runes to the scaling runes.

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  • #163 xxXXxxxyYYYYYYYYYYYy

    Why are Frozen Fist, spirit of the elder lizard and blade of the ruined king items removen from this guide? Could someone please tell me what kind of changes made to those items in detail, so it is considered better to give up on blue build?

  • #164 Manitar

    The Triforce got buffed, so now most players prefer building the Triforce build.

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  • #153 PepeGonzalez

    Hi, when watching LCS or similar they changed this build a bit (no Elder Lizard after its nerf). Therefore they seem to go for a quick manamune +  cd-boots most of the time. But changing from game to game. Lately I see a lot of Trinity's + BF on him and mostly no Iceborn Gauntlet. Could you comment on these points or maybe updated? Thx!

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  • #154 BeaverFresh

    Guide is going to be updated very shortly :)! Probably over the next 1-3 days.

  • #156 PepeGonzalez

    Thx! :)

  • #143 CGisTic

    im a noob with ez just bought him , but for me it seems like ez is a mage type and for me the way i look at it i should focus AB im prob wrong, or should i aim for the items that are shown ? plz help many thanks

  • #150 joecaz

    He can be played as AP and I find him quite fun, but he has a much higher skill ceiling then ad ezreal

  • #140 Erenussocrates

    I have improved an alternate version of Blue build, and I do believe that it is superior to this guide.

    1. Berserker's Greaves (Alacrity Enchantment)

    2. The Bloodthirster 

    3. Frozen Fist

    4. Athene's Unholy Grail

    5. Last Whisper 

    6. Guardian Angel

    (in order) 


    Spirit of the Elder Lizard might have good stats for Hp and Mana regen, but it has poor attack damage and it's passive is only viable against jungle monsters, not lane minions, so it will not make it easier to farm. 

    Build the grail instead. It gives a huge %20 CDR and a way better Mana regen along with the unique passive, so you won't feel that lack of mana anytime in game. It also gives a good amount of AP, which is adding on to Frozen Fist's AP, making you feel that your W and E are no longer useless in terms of harrassing the enemy. Along with CDR of Frozen Fist, you'll have at least %35 CDR in total which is more than enough for Ezreal. So you can build attack speed boots instead of Ionian's as well, which is total sweet. Also you will now have plus Magic Resist built in, along with Frozen Fist's armor bonus. And on top of that, you will be able to tolerate any kind of damage apart from True damage, when you finish Guardian Angel as well.

    Building Muramana is totally useless for Ezreal inmho. No matter how high you set his Mana cap, you will end up depleting all manaEzreal needs regeneration instead. Don't build it. Apart from Tear of the Goddess item, you only have Frozen Fist which will add 500 to your mana pool. So you won't end up with a huge mana pool and won't end up with a good AD bonus in the end, which is proving that TotG build totally useless.

    Build Bloodthirster instead of Blade of the Ruined King, it will provide you more damage and more life steal. You don't need the puny attack speed it provides, you have your champion's passive and +20% attack speed from boots too. You would do enough damage with Bloodthirster + Last Whisper combo, more than BotRK + Last Whisper combo. Another problem this guide had was, that Ezreal didn't have enough damage. This build will help you both enough with clearing the small fries and destroying the tanks. So don't worry about Blade of the Ruined King and the tanks.

    Full Build Stats: 

    +60 Movement Speed
    +20% Attack Speed
    +140 Attack Damage (Full stacked Bloodthirster stat)
    +18% Life Steal (Full stacked Bloodthirster stat)
    +100 Ability Power
    +500 Mana
    +15 Mana Regen per 5 seconds
    +35% Cooldown Reduction
    +35% Armor Penetration
    +110 Armor
    +80 Magic Resist


    Total Cost Of The Build:

    15320 Gold


    That's fair enough. I highly recommend you to try this build, at least for once. You won't regret it. It will erase all doubts from your minds. You will see that this is the ultimate form of the Season 3 Blue Ezreal. You will see.

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  • #142 Dartyyx

    But ins't the whole point of going blue ezreal to go AD, as in Attack Damage, carry? What's the point of building so much ap? I mean, you're not an adc at that point anymore? Besides, the only real reason the frozen gaunt is in this blue ez build is because of the mana, cdr and slow passive.

  • #144 Silver_Crown

    You know, every single time I see you post, it's nothing but you trying to tell high ELO players they're wrong and just generally making it sound like you know better than these players. Please just stop posting this type of garbage.

    Notes: Edited for language.
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  • #146 Erenussocrates

    Geez.If you think your comments either make much sense or are legit, you are totally mistaken. With that post count and that highly disrespectful manner, I can tell that account above is only a multi of someone who already has an account here. Proving that you are afraid to get your cover blown, afraid to make everyone else see what kind of person you really was. So, I tell you man up, and post those words with your REAL account, like a man, if you have a problem with someone. 

    Edit: Edited the comment due to inappropriate language. Please read the rules.

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  • #147 Erenussocrates

    Quote from Dartyyx »

    But ins't the whole point of going blue ezreal to go AD, as in Attack Damage, carry? What's the point of building so much ap? I mean, you're not an adc at that point anymore? Besides, the only real reason the frozen gaunt is in this blue ez build is because of the mana, cdr and slow passive.


    Well, actually that is not way too much AP in my point of view. That's less than average AP, way more less than an AP damage champion should build. Actually I aimed to get AD points higher by replacing Blade of the Ruined King with The Bloodthirster, and that's the way to do it. Only items that provide AP to Ezreal in my build are Frozen Fist and Athene's Unholy Grail. The AP they provide is just an extra for me, and ulti deals more damage AP biased. And that's not the most important part. Frozen Fist is a must for any blue build, it makes easier to kite and gives a cdr boost. Again, Grail gives huge CDR boost as well (%20) and it's unique passive is really important for mana replenishment. It's the only way to deal with mana, other than the blue buff. Ezreal already has enough AD damage with the way this is (more than that regular build, I remind you). I don't know what you mean/request for more AD.

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  • #148 SlushieGuy

    While this does ensure you have enough mana and mana regen for spamming abilities, you also have to consider how strong you actually are when you get all 6 items. You have +140 attack damage, which is pitiful for a 6 item build. Out of your 6 items, only 2 items give attack damage. Your Q will be hitting for very little. Also, about manamune, you totally forgot about the passive you get when it turns into muramana. Thats what makes blue ezreal so strong. In one single Q, it will burn them with elder lizard, slow them with gauntlet, deal extra on hit damage with muramana active PLUS botrk, while lifestealing for you. So many effects in one ability landed is what makes blue ezreal strong. Your build isn't bad, but it really lacks the damage that an AD carry really needs.

  • #149 Pornflakes01

    Quite frankly, the unholy grail is a waste of money... Not to mention, the Guardian Angel isn't effective on Ezreal. You should be kiting and dealing damage over time, not going heads up. If you're going heads up with people and need a GA, you're playing Ezreal wrong.

    The Elder Lizard is probably the most important item. It's a constant Red Buff, that deals TRUE Damage over time. That matched with the Frozen Gauntlet is OP as heck. Not to mention, the CDR and the Regen is just as important. Going unholy grail is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen in my life.

  • #151 Jewcetra

    ezreal is different for like every adc...  e is very ability based and needs to spam his q.  the items make it so that mana is converted into ad as well.  this is the best way to build ezreal. undoubtedly  


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