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    So I have found out that he can in-fact counter Morgana if used correctly.
    Although Exhaust is crucial in this, at least for the lane phase of the game.
    During lane phase, you want to hit both champs with E, then fear Morgana while exhausting the ADC, and then your carry reigns Hellfire down on them. (Or JUNGLER too if he/she's just that awesome on the followup)
    Team-fight Phase, its the Ult (flash+ult for the badasses), Talisman of Ascension to stick with enemy, E silence, Fear on the prominent damage dealers/CC newbs (in this case, support Morg if she's lucky/smart with her Ulti) and then you just prance around like the awesome little scarecrow you are while your team gets an ACE in a matter of seconds.
    And there's the twin shadows, Zhonyas in there if you need to use them too. That twin shadows can be a double edged sword alerting the enemy team to your plan though. 
    I end up building Boots of Mobility (with either Captain or Alacrity) Ruby Sightstone, Talisman Of Ascension, Mikael's Crucible, Zhonya's Hourglass, and either Twin Shadows, Rabadoodoo's Deathcap, Void Staff, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, or even Randuins Omen. ( Depends on what is needed most)

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    Guide updated

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    "Required Reading:


    "Related Guides:

    "Fiddlesticks Build Guide - Jungle..."

    "Fiddlesticks Build Guide - Jungle...""

    But nothing about support

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    Quote from RobotEthanMars »

    "Required Reading:


    "Related Guides:

    "Fiddlesticks Build Guide - Jungle..."

    "Fiddlesticks Build Guide - Jungle...""

    But nothing about support

    Related guides are about the same champion, as there's no other fiddle support guides it only shows the jungle ones. As support you need to know how to help jungler ;) But fixed the tags. There's no support role guide made yet though.

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    As I was reading this guide I though this is what the author was thinking to himself

    "I"m just goina take this from this guide alittle from this one and a little form this one stick them all together and call it an new guide."

    I think I typed more typeing this comment than the author did the entire guide.

    I wish they took people opinions than just saying O ure not lvl 30 and not ranked you cant write a guide.  But now we have to stick to guides that suck because they wont take the time to actualy try and work on them.  But the people that actualy want to write a guide can't cause were not lvl 30 and rated.  They need to let people that know how to play a champion very good but not lvl 30 and ranked write guides just because there not ranked doesn't mean they can't play, it's just because there newer to the game.

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    Last page needs updating

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    Was excited to see this, then read the guide and it's only 1/4 done with lots of mistakens, omissions and contradictions.  I really hope that this guide is completed.

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    herp derp, all the skill descriptions and half the guide reference zhonya's and jungle fiddle.  Way to copy paste an old jungle guide and present it as a "pro support fiddle guide"

    That's a disappointing thing about pretty much all of these curse guides, none of the pros actually care enough about the guide to write a good one or update it for season 3.  I'd rather see lower ranked players who submit quality guides featured here than cheap pro player recycling jobs. 

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    Why not turn Kages Lucky Pick into Twin Shadow's. If you jump into the middle of everyone, you can use the ghosts to slow the enemies. You can peel with it aswell.

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    Support fiddle; your not really using your ultimate to initiate.  You use it to just clean up - you will be too squishy until late game.

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    I'm just gold level so take that into consideration, but I get Twin Shadows on support Fiddle every single game. I aim for a build of Ruby Sightstone, Shurelya's Reverie, Twin Shadows, Abyssal Scepter and Zhonya's Hourglass. I hardly ever get any of the two last items, but I don't feel that squishy equipped with stone+reverie. IMO shadows is a MASSIVE item for Fiddle. 

    True, you don't initiate with support Fiddle, but that's not where the utility on Shadows ends. I use it before a teamfight to let my team catch up and initiate, or after a teamfight so the team can catch up and do cleanup.

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    Tough skin is just good in the jungle, since it doesn't give less dmg from minions anymore. 

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    Like the guide, but why no artificer in the utility tree?  You build 3 items that have actives. All you would have to do is drop Improved Recall and Scout, and you could pick it up easily, is it really not worth it?

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    apparently there's lvl 6 dark wind and only lvl 4 drain?

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    It isn't done yet man. 
    I'm actually excited for this guide to be complete as I love Fiddlesticks. I'm mainly just waiting for who he is good with and against, the rest I can figure out myself over time. Tips are always helpful. 

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