• #142 ollikar

    my start: Dorans Blade-Stealth Ward-1 Health potion

    Afterwards: Brutalizer-Ravenous Hydra-Guardian Angel-Bloodthirster-Nashors Tooth

  • #141 Putiti



  • #140 NumanAkman


  • #136 brither

    can we buy statikk shank?

  • #137 brither

    static shiv

  • #132 Kittyflare

    My items:

    Ravenous Hydra ---Berserker's Greaves---Infinity Edge---Statikk Shiv---Bloodthirstier---Guardian's Angel---Ward

     Is it okay as Fiora's build???

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  • #117 teomondialu

    Well let me tell you my build :D : 1. Bloodthirster (yes, two of them) 2)berserker greaves. 3)ravenous Hydra. 4)Trinity Force ( movement speed on hit and bonus damage from Sheen) , 5)Bloodthirster 6) Blade Of The ruined king. You cant die using this build,,, too much lofesteal.

  • #118 MrTakumi96

    nice....but i change bit here...not to big talk...but i never feed except fight pro shen/jax/pantheon..nasus slow att speed..easy win as boot is berserker..that all

    1)berserker boot..2)ravenous(faster farm)..3)youmuu...4)LW..5)BT...6)BT(change due to game = GA/mallet/trinity)..that depend..with this build, i already penta almost 10x ranked..normal for 30x penta...

    as starting..boot&3HPn1MP pot...

    early:vampiric scepter and avarice...then buy as recommended...not bad trying new build...

    i never die solo baron...even could win 3v1 gank at lvl 14++(got ulti)...  cheers...

    skill arrangement is 2Q,max W,max E, max Q

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  • #131 OnyxianSoul

    Well that build is useless, lifesteal doesnt stack above 40%

  • #135 JeffDesmond

    It does. CDR doesn't stack above 40%.

  • #138 LastLemon

    You can have more than 200% lifesteal(sion :D)

  • #116 amabosss

    outdated masteries...please update them!

  • #115 MrTakumi96

    from my opinion and also my build...fiora need to buy HPSteal term of ravenous hydra or blade ruined king... 1.berserker boot(FUROR/alacrity...homeguard useless)..2.ravenous hydra/blade ruined king...3.brutalizer for black cleaver or youmuu...4.frozen mallet...5.Mercurial scimitiar (can be replace with GA)...6.bloodthirsty..thiswill make about 420 AD for NON-CRIT.....for crit...1..same cleaver..6..last 320-350 AD base on rune..non-crit will make higher defensive with Mercurial scimitiar...critical will take higher steal and easy die when 3v1

  • #112 godofal

    You should always use it after you've taken a bit of damage as well, so that you have the potential to lifesteal back up

    i would like to point out that fiora's ultimate does *not* proc lifesteal

    all skills proc spellvamp, all autoattacks proc lifesteal

    the only skills that proc lifesteal are auto-attack modifiers like vayne's tumble

  • #114 AceNova04

    umm l2read it says on the ult procs on hit effect which would include Lifesteal :P 


  • #110 Soul_Taker1982

    Akali should be on the counters list, when fiora ults akali and akali uses her vanish ball thing fiora stops her ult cuz she doesnt see akali anymore

  • #111 JioDerako

    Stealth abilities counter Fiora's ult, but they don't necessarily counter Fiora. Kha'zix is another one who can cause Fiora's ult to "drop off", but he doesn't necessarily counter her just because of that either. As another little note, Fiora can punish Akali by using Riposte when Akali tries to trigger her Mark, and until Kha'zix evolves his Spikes she can punish him when he tries to apply his passive as well.

    Both Akali and Kha'zix are burst assassins, while Fiora is a carry; if Fiora builds glass-cannon carry, the assassins can probably shut her down (if she doesn't get them first), if she builds more bruiser it gets harder (but she deals less damage). In either case, it's not a total counter, unlike Gangplank (his early harass can't be dealt with by Fiora), Malphite (shuts down pretty much all of Fiora's strengths), and Yorick (just sustains too hard and bullies Fiora out of the lane early).

  • #109 GoliathGTX

    Any reason why Gangplank is a counter? Fiora can parry his parley and outtrade him.

  • #100 husgun

    can someone please explain me why she is not viable in jungle with a tanky build i try it in "normal" and it seems it can work with ad red armor yellow and quint per lvl magic resist and with an end game of mercs-wriggles-hydra-mallet-bulwark-randuquin if they have ap top&mid and tabi-spirit of golem-hydra-bulwark-mallet-warmog with addition of furor everytime to add speed to her "e"

    pls tell me if you think i am doing wrong and if there is a true way of playing her jungle

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  • #106 JioDerako

    She can clear the jungle just fine, she just can't do anything useful outside of that. Zero CC mean her ganks are unlikely to achieve much, if anything; your opponents might not even need to burn Flash to escape you. You're entirely reliant on red buff to slow your targets, or Frozen Mallet (which won't come for a while).

    She will work as a jungler, she does a fair bit of damage and can at least split-push a bit (though she lacks escapes). Ultimately though, nearly every other jungler has better ganking tools, and Fiora is just going to gimp her own build by taking the jungle, since there's less farm to be had (and you can't count on gold from ganks).
    Shyvana and Master Yi are two comparable junglers; they both rely on red buff to provide CC for ganking. If I'm not mistaken, though, both of them can clear the jungle slightly faster (Shyvana has some AoE in addition to her single-target damage, Yi can just Alpha Strike entire camps), and both of them have great escape tools for split-pushing (Fiora's only escape is her Burst of Speed, which only gives a movespeed boost if she hits the person who's chasing her).

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