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    ui4erth gdgndsrg


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    "smells like fish" HAHAHHAHAHAH  Awesome there voyboy it does really smell like one!  XD

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  • #82 XxPr0wNxX

    Nice guide, wanna try this build when I come home :D

  • #80 HappySteps

    just started playing this guy, sadly i cant have the runes boost yet

  • #70 BlackBucketBoy

    Why is Ahri a counter to Fizz?


  • #84 thechosenone124

    Not at all. Fizz's main power is his ability to negate and counter skillshots with Playful Trickster, so pre level 6 Ahri cannot poke you. After level 6, she won't land a charm EVER because Fizz can either Urchin Strike of Playful out, but on the other hand, landing your ult will be difficult due to Ahri's mobility. However, on the lucky circumstance you DO manage to use your ult on her, Ahri has to be very careful, because it's very possible for her to bring your shark into her entire team by accident.

    Basically, against a good Ahri, you have a superior early game and an equal late game.

  • #69 ihavemojo2

    this build makes hem so op !!!


  • #68 Maik6666

    nice (:

  • #64 grolich

    Interesting guide. Quite different opinions about skill maxing than several other diamond I + players have given, but interesting.

    The one question I have is about Ahri being in the "counters" list alongside Ryze...
    While Ryze is definitely considered dangerous to fizz by many top players, I've always found ahri to be a very easy match up for him.

    Rummaging through the season 3 world championship videos, it has been mentioned several times by both the analysts and the pro players that it's the other way around - that is - that Fizz is actually considered a counter to Ahri.

    Care to elaborate on why you wrote her as a counter to Fizz

  • #66 thechosenone124

    I agree that Fizz counters Ahri. Ahri's burst hinges mainly on Charm, and Fizz has 2 ways to dodge charm. This advantage Fizz has has been amplified by the latest patch which increases Ahri's charm dependence

  • #63 shakephobia

    in the cons you say "very weak laning pre-level 6 if against a hard counter such as Ryze etc.". can you explain that? it often times feels like ryze cannot handle with fizz's damage in the early stages. everytime i play this match up from both sides fizz goes all in at lv 3~4 and erases ryze before he can react. at lv 6 its even worse if both didnt back yet.

  • #65 JioDerako

    Assuming the Ryze has good awareness and reflexes, it's easy to land his binding either before or during Fizz's combo, stepping out of range before unloading his own spell rotations. He can also play more aggressively than normal early, harassing with Q from range, while Fizz has more difficulty harassing until he has his Q and E together (which is very expensive to spam). Fizz can certainly still burst a Ryze, but the fact that he does rely a lot on mobility and needs to be in melee range for a good portion of his damage means that Ryze's binding is doing a lot of work here; a binding+flash or binding+ult (speed boost) gets Ryze out of range in a hurry and minimizes Fizz's DPS. Ryze's biggest weakness is his own shorter range, which makes it difficult for him to harass without taking more damage in return; this weakness is pretty much voided against a melee like Fizz.
    Of course, this generally involves a change in playstyle for the Ryze, since he needs to abuse his own harass potential as early as possible before Fizz gets his full kit. Not as many Ryze players necessarily have practice doing this, and I'm also guilty of binding opposing Fizz players and not walking quite far enough away before I return fire, which kinda defeats the advantage of the binding. Skill is always going to trump counters, even when it is a "hard" counter like this.

    Basically, in optimal play, Fizz needs his ult to keep Ryze from simply binding and walking away, and that puts engages on the Ryze's terms until then; and if Fizz isn't geared-up for 100-0 combos post-6, Ryze can disrupt his combo and turn things into a DPS fight, which Ryze generally wins with his fast spell rotation and built-in spell vamp. Heading into late-game, the Fizz has likely been denied the early kills he wants to start snowballing, and Ryze is slowly and surely rolling into his hyper-carry status.

  • #61 eslil09

    in my opinion its better if your build banshees veil for lich bane


  • #88 AntiPotato77

    I disagree, I usually rush a lich bane quickly, and it lets me be a boss

  • #89 thechosenone124

    That depends. If the enemy team has a Veigar (instant stun) or something dangerous I would suggest Banshee's because you can't proc a Lich Bane while dead.

  • #60 Crytal

    urchin strike is bad to skill up first, better e


  • #54 FmG_killler

    abbyssal and death fire is wrong for my own opinion, you nees mejais !!

  • #58 MisterFaith

    A way too unstable item you need atleast eleven stacks before it gives more damage then a deathfires (not counting the passive). Deatfire grasp is the most amazing item for high burst which is something fizz is reliant on being able to do

    abyssal scepter is your go to item for when you're able to one shot carries, yet still want some extra damage and surviveability from magic resist

  • #52 joshjosh04

    how do you feel about void staff instead of Abyssal Scepter because it gives you 35% magic penetration.

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