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    I rather go mid lane with Fizz instead of top.

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    Quote from BlackBucketBoy »

    I rather go mid lane with Fizz instead of top.

    Its better if you go AD(hybrid) fizz top, because he will get massacred by burst mages and the type in mid. Especially when you arent building AP, you lack the burst needed to cope with the bursting in mid. You do much more sustained dmg though(unless against a kayle or teemo). Also fizz W is going to kill the health regen bruisers of the current meta(mundo and the type).

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    ok i have a question for you all that go ad fizz what is your build and do you only ad situational or all the time and if you do ad fizz all the time what is your recommended build cause i like apc fizz but haven't tried ad fizz all i know is i love fizz with his ability to make plays and do fast, extreme nuke damage with apc like i went 16/0/6 on my first ranked match so please let me know your opinion and please leave your build in a reply thanks.

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    Even though i've only had Fizz for a short period of time, he is fastly becoming my favorite champ.

    I am a Top laner and a Solotop, and I can say that Fizz can go head to head with champs( in my opinion) are the most painful to go against, and come out on top( I haven't gone negitive yet, and every game I've played, I've gotten more than 15+ kills)

    I was strongly advised to stay away from an AD build, do I created an AP nuke/Attack Speed build(Fizz scales amazingly well with AP(his Ult scales 100% off of AP) and the AS just allows you to apply as many stacks of his W as possible)

    I litteraly had 809 AP and 1.5 AS at the end of my last game( a Linch bane, Bezerkers greaves, Nashadars Tooth, and three Rabadons) and a kill ratio of 24-12-8




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    W doesn't stack. It only refreshes.

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    Mordekaiser will overtake fizz in top lane. To be honest I think the main build for this guide should be ad. It has much more favorable matchups against a lot of difficult lanes such as yorick. I run lifesteal quints and 19/11/0 on ad fizz top to maximize trades. As a side note, if you abuse your lvl 1 and 2 by taking wraiths before going to lane (must start cloth 5 pot or use a potion) you can freeze a lane while taking no damage from creeps after you get a wriggles. This stops them from farming until they get a jungler to come up and break it, which can often result in you getting a double kill if they aren't careful.

    Also, rushing hexdrinker against ap champions as opposed to going wriggles makes it impossible for them to duel you at 6. Since they are likely double ap you usually end up getting phage then wits end at this point and finishing up maw later on. With this build i normally go randuins because you have a low health pool, it has a great active, and you need to get armor from something. If you already have a strong front line and don't need the extra health to assassinate their ad in teamfights then frozen heart and guardian angel present great alternative for armor.

    The last thing I would like to add is that you will likely want ninja tabi or merc treads when going ad because you are taking more of a tanky dps bruiser style of play.

    To sum things up, against ap I usually go boots 3 pots -> optional dorans blades (to compliment lifesteal quints/mastery) -> hexdrinker->phage-> wits end ->wardens mail (a very similar build to the one listed but defensive boots and randuins over ga, leaving out wriggles against double ap, leaving one slot open for another defensive item or an offensive item like bloodthirser)

    Against ad i usually go cloth 5 pots -> wriggles ->boots->HoG->phage->wits end->wardens mail (again, defensive boots, replacing ga for randuins, and leaving an open spot where you can build maw or whatever else you need to round out the build)

    Edit: I would add olaf to the counters. If olaf gets ahead in any way (such as wins 1 trade) he will completely zone a fizz just off using his true dmg on cooldown

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    Mordekaiser shouldn't overtake Fizz top, as long as Fizz plays carefull he can almost 100-0 Morde at level 6 as soon as his shield is down. If Morde wants his shield up, he will have to overextend and will die 100% if jungle just ganks as he is supposed to. Olaf is not a direct counter either, but his true damage sure hits like a truck....But it does it nomatter who Olaf faces. His only counters are basicly the ones already listed due to their ability to stun and do shitloads of damage so fizz can't trade without baiting a risk. Someone asks how he does against Vlad; he obliderates Vlad if played correctly, couse when Vlad is getting stronger by mid-game, Fizz is getting alot stronger and will own Vlad with his passive from W reducing Vlads sustain by ALOT. If Vlad is good he should never die, but he can't trade with Fizz either and should eventually just get zoned unless his jungle outperforms the other.

    As to Heal. I would never substitute heal for ignite on a burst champion like Fizz, but becouse Fizz already got an escape and a built in dodge/movement-blink-like-ability it is viable to trade in Heal for flash. This will basicly secure your lane 9/10 times on the expense of playing more careful when wards are down.

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    Are you doing 19/11 with AD masteries or AP masteries when doing AD Fizz top? I can't decide/figure out which would be best.

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    Is Heal a suitable substitue for ignite? I see alot of people run it on fizz seeing as he is slippery.

    Also is there situations in which you would build dps instead of ap?

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    Quote from Greenlikeblue2 »

    Is Heal a suitable substitue for ignite? I see alot of people run it on fizz seeing as he is slippery.

    Also is there situations in which you would build dps instead of ap?

    Yes. Heal ignite is very good on Fizz.

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    i love the build but i find going top some of the very popular pics right now counter him pretty hard olaf imo is impossible to deal with and tanky dps like renek lee and riven as you listed counter him pretty well. why go top? it makes for a hard lane which is really long. but good guide :)

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    The idea of top lane is that every single minion is fought for. I just find that since at mid, most of the meta champs can full clear their wave without getting into harm's way, there's not much to be done there besides the full combo (reliant on fish initiate). Olaf is sort of rough because of his damage, but you can reduce his healing and dodge his axes, force the fight in your direction (so he can't reset the cooldown on it); his true damage is, yeah, pretty rough, but tolerable.

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    I really like this guide but I have a few questions...

    1.  How does Fizz match up against other more common solo top champions like Kennen, Vlad, or Olaf?

    2.  Do you still suggest AP and MPen runes and masteries for Tanky Dps Fizz?

    3. Is on hit Fizz with Malady, Wits End, ect worth building?

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    Fizz eats Vlad because he his mobility is way too good and he has a healing reduc. Kennen can be taken down pretty easily after level 3 as long as you can dodge one of his primary skills (Q or W) during a trade.

    The way I play Fizz myself is stupidly aggressive, and I like the way he scales with AP, but ultimately, it may be more worth it to run something else on Tanky DPS (help with last hitting or tankiness, movespeed quints in certain matchups)

    Wit's End is a really solid item. You'll see a lot of people buying it because it makes you really tanky as well as adding damage, but I'd say it's the only on-hit worth buying (Voy rolls with it). Most of the other on-hit items aren't really cost effective at their respective stages of the game as pertaining to how much they'll benefit you overall.

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