• #31 Foonakie


    I'm going to be streaming in the next few minutes so come join me and have some fun.

    I've been playing since 09' and own many of the champs and love playing tanky/dps. Though I'm not limited to such.

    I've been a hiatus so I'm a bit rusty and would love help. I've got a nice set up so I'd also appreciate feed back on how you like it.

    Hope to see you there!

  • #26 Nakumine

    I love Dominion and I've always wanted to really learn how to play it at a higher level. I think this has helped me accomplish that. I also feel bad for yelling at former teammates that now I realize were just using the Pooters strategy all along haha. 

    Thanks for the great tips!

  • #28 Koravel

    That's great to hear man, I'm glad I could help!

  • #25 LeeoMessi

    What do you think about Rammus ?

  • #27 Koravel

    Rammus is a very strong pick with a lot of mobility and speed. This allows him to get around the map extremely fast, and his ganks, if his bot laner brings enough damage to the table, are almost always lethal if the target does not have a qss. As a tank, his weakness is that he has one good cc and its single target- but he is a lot stronger than most people think he is.

  • #23 BeastDante1

    Im confused whether or not the nunu and urgot picks are serious or not lol.

  • #24 Koravel

    Nunu and Urgot are without question two of the strongest bot laners in the game.

    Nunu works by building defensive and abusing his strong base damage. The mana aura also keeps him from running out of mana, and the level 3 start means he immediately has access to all of his spells. Urgot just shreds people down. In SR, Urgot is destroyed by mana costs. In Dominion, with the mana aura, Urgot can just spam q's, and very little can stand up to him. Bot lane in terms of a 1v1 matchup, they are both top-10 plays.

    I will say that I am working on my own bot lane tier list, as that is mostly what I play, and I do feel that Sauron overrates Nunu. He is very good, but I feel he is more t1 material rather than cheesecake. Urgot is solidly cheesecake and is probably the best overall bot laner in the game, at least in terms of blind pick.

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  • #22 Koravel

    How so?

  • #18 andrewdes
    Notes: Fake rp link
  • #15 VaregaDiablo

    I came here from the LoLpro Tourney. Great guide, time to play dominion.

  • #14 Jixit

    Heaps helpful, thank you Koravel :)

  • #12 yetttti

    Nice guide! Well formatted. :D

  • #13 Koravel

    Haha! It's almost like I had this awesome format to follow already!

  • #11 molokodude

    I'd strongly suggest switching to fancys new video at the end.

  • #9 MMKH

    Great guide, I just wish you had used the term "flowchart" in the "ganking bot" part. :p

  • #8 LoLGolly

    Nicely done, Koravel. Great guide.

    Hopefully plenty of people spot this before the tournament.

  • #6 Vsin

    One small step for leap for Dominionkind.

    Although I'd mildly accuse you of copypastaing more than just Sauron's tier list, putting this stuff in a place with more exposure is always a good thing.

  • #7 Koravel

    I copy-pasted Sauron's tier list with his permission, and some stuff from my own guide written on the LoL forums. (I gave myself permission to do that too :D).

    Other than that, the only thing that is shamelessly ripped off is the format from Yetti's guide, and I was assured that was just fine.

    Edit: Forgot the revive picture, but I was encouraged to use that.

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  • #5 Fancy_Wolf

    Should help out quite a few players who want to get into the Dominion scene. Great guide!

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