• #37 niannianzhang

    Excuse me, how to register last hit VIP?

  • #32 DirtyMouth

    Here's my Last Hitting Drill along with my second lessons for ADC.

  • #30 Pikohchu

    what do you mean by "a call for help" in the minion aggro section? does that mean ping? so you could just ping and enemy champion and the minions would attack them? that doesnt sound right..

  • #31 JudgeCaster

    He means they literally, call for help. Whenever an enemy takes damage, they send off a cry for help that can't be viewed in game. It's part of the programming. So, if you attack a minion or champion, they give off a cry for help in the area around them. If minions are in this area, they will attack you based on the order in this guide.

  • #29 Zero_Soulreaver

    Thank you for this guide.  I am new to LoL and still learning how to last hit properly.  I play Elise at times and her human form has an extremely slow animation when attacking, also it just looks awkward and hard to tell when she actually attacks.  She is fine in spider form where farming is just so easy, but that crappy animation in human form can be such a pain. 

    This guide is really helpful and seems to be a basic key element to gameplay most people overlook.  I have seen so many games where people over-push their lane and pay for it in the end.


  • #28 TrebelRebel

    Great Guide, I really love all the information here, and the spreadsheet was really well done. I love it when people can break down elements in the game into familiar variables so I can come up with my own equations and strategies on how to do things. It really puts everything into a different perspective for me.

    Really well done mate!

  • #27 Rumolo

    I'll try to farm this way and see what happens...

    I didn't see Mordekaiser in the "Easy to Farm With" column, is it because he is in the "Farming Monster" category? Really, i'm not a so good farmer and all games I play with this champion i finish it over 300 CS

    Thanks for the guide!

  • #20 zaregor

    So... how i'm supposed to actually farm better thanks to this guide? I've learned minion hp, armor per each wave, so if i'm bored enough to play with maths i can actually count how much damage i deal to be effectively killing minions and so on. But during a game i'm rather busy with different stuff...

     There's nice theoretical knowledge, but no clue how to actually use it. That's how i felt after reading this. 

  • #22 kittopper

    This is a two-part guide. First part is numbers, second part is mechanics and useful information. You need to click the tab at the top labeled Last Hitting Mechanics. 

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    Hit the second tab at the top :")

  • #17 EuwBluprint

    Wow this isn't true, Karthus is extremely easy to farm with. With his massive amount of AoE Spells hes one of the biggest farmer in the entire game. Pretty smilar is Cassiopeia and Veigar. Ryze can farm with his ult and Renekton just needs to "Q" with 50% Fury and followed up by 2 "E" to clear one minion Wave, so I would also call Renekton a farming Monster.

    Shen however has not even one AoE Spell to kill minions.

    I agree with pretty much the rest of the list.

  • #19 DamnYank

    Karthus missed tons of last hits when he just spams hit aoe. So does cass, and veigar has exactly one aoe spell on long cooldown.

    shen just has to auto-attack and throw vorpal blades to last hit, and he can get almost all, if not 100% of them

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  • #14 wherearethestars

    Soraka rework made her much easier to farm with.

  • #13 iLegionX

    Great to learn from :) Now Avg about 10 minis or more a minute :)

  • #24 LiQuiD112


  • #12 Dampfluftpresse

    Great guide!

    but when i want to do this i only get zoned or get damage from them

    so i just have 50 farm after arround 20 minutes


  • #10 Kelaedin

    Great guide, thanks for writing it!

  • #23 LiQuiD112

    You're welcome :)

  • #9 DarkGmainer

    Hi which Champion has the slowest Animation/ i the hardest to lasthit just with attacks ?

    and can it be that you made a mistake in your sheet. In the sheet a circle lats 1:30 min but in your guide says they last 3:00 min. Btw this guid is awsome :)


    Edit: I made my own Excel table based on yours and converted it into a PDF you can do whatever you want with them:



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  • #11 ravenguard10

    Thanks for the spreadsheet! And no, you migth be mistaking cannon minions for cycles. There are two cannon minions per cycle, check the "Per Melee Gold" column to see cycles.

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