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    Great guide! Really useful, I feel so stupid not knowing how to play as perfectly as other people, a lot of useful information to play better.  It's hard to get used to the terms when you can't play that much and people aren't really nice enough to explain.  Thanks for the information.

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    On the "mechanics page", last section "champions without heal or sustain"

    Health potions cost 35 gold and regenerate 200 healthover 20 seconds. Two common item builds for solo lane champions are:

    • 3 health pots and level one boots for mobility
    • 3 health pots and cloth armor (which they use to build into Wriggles Lantern).

    1)  Health pots were patched in V1.0.0.130 to restore 150 hp over 15 seconds.

    2) The second build is generally cloth armor and FIVE health potions, not cloth+3.

    3) Need period after 3 health pots and boots build.

    4) Need to indent the "common item builds" bullets so that they appear like they do in my post above ^.  As of now they are misformatted.


    Just some tips to clean up a few things ^^


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