• #4 Ayukura

    Ashe isn't a safe laner..? I mean, I can understand she doesn't have an Ezreal 'Arcane Shift' or a Graves 'Quickdraw', but she does have her Volley and Frost Shot. If she decides to level up her Frost Shot first, she can easily slow them down 25% at level 5, and if you buy Furor boots early as a first or second item, you have a big kiting advantage. Additionally, she does have her 'Hawk Shot', so you can check for tri-bush or lane ganks if you have an iffy feel. 

  • #5 Kitsunero

    still she isnt as safe as other laners.

    She has nearly no escapes and is pretty slow, even if her attack speed got buffed a bit now.And i dunno if it is really that clever to max frost shot at first. then, also it takes a lot of mana, imagine you don't have a soraka now, you will run easily out of mana.
    And to get tier 2 boots in early or mid game is a bit wasted, since you will need all the gold for your build.

    Ashe is cool, though. I'm not a pretty good Ashe player but if you can play her this way, everythings alright, no?

  • #3 Cadaverilla

    No love for Lulu? Lulu is an amazing support that offers significant power in crowd control and utility, given that her skills do double duty and can easily turn the tide of a bottom lane fight. That, plus her Glitterlance has massive poking power and awesome utility when combined with Help, Pix!

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  • #1 Kirimane

    I think Ezreal doesn't fit in the list of Ranged AD's with pushing power.

    Yeah, he can clear an entire wave with his ult but it's only one wave and when you're pushing bot lane you probably want to get an advantage for dragon or somewhat so this ultimate is missing in an upcoming fight even though the cooldown is short if you include Q-procs. And especially in early to mid game this ultimate really matters.

  • #2 LixOnly1

    ezreal gains AS whenever he lands a spell. he also increases the AS of his allies with W.

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