• #11 TaffyClown

    Great guide.  Do you know what keybindings he uses for ward hoping?

  • #10 ID4220

    What is aboout Udyr?! Isn´t he with his phoenix stance + AS a fast wave clearer and can escape fast as well thorugh to boots of swiftness and his e + passive? I often try to get some pressure on the other lanes with him and the one or other time i backdoored and it worked out well :) 

  • #6 AeneasXI

    "If you are not the AD carry, focus on protecting the AD carry while they hit the tower.  Your main objective is to get as many safe tower hits as possible when the creep wave arrives. If you have ranged spells, focus on casting these around the tower (beside it or behind it).  This will force the enemy team to be at a safer distance, allowing your AP carry to do more damage to the tower. "


    I think you meant AD carry in the last sentence. allowing the AP carry to do more damage to the tower doesn't seem right ;)

    Nice guide btw. Very helpful! =]

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  • #5 CakeDoer

    You should add Nasus to the split pushing and back door sections - he's an enormous threat with Summoner Teleport if he's well farmed.

  • #7 LiQuiD112

    Getting him farmed is the hard part.. ganks just make nasus non-viable

  • #4 Icepop33

    Good guide, thanks for the info.  Sorry you didn't have the time to hire a professional editor.  You can't make everyone happy, it seems.

  • #8 LiQuiD112

    Yes, we need an editor :(

  • #3 KrimsonAer

    Sorry but can't help posting some more page 2 corrections - "AP carry" should be the fourth "Ad carry" instead right? Then in the second paragraph "deviating" should be "devastating" also? Deviating doesn't make much sense in the context. Then it should say "can buy time" instead of "by time"

    Feel free to delete this post once it's corrected, just trying to help! 

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  • #9 LiQuiD112

    thank you, fixed!   Let me know via pm if you would like to be an editor for lolpro (volenteer)

  • #2 Prooxie

    Can you make there an additional paragraph "How to push lane/ When you should push lane"?, because i usually have jungler who comes on gank and also if it fails, he stays and pushes my lane without actually hitting the tower, so i cant farm for 1-3 Mins, which could be really annoying. And i would really appreciate list of best pusher characters ingame aswell. :)


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  • #1 Chessyfan

    Spelling error, Group Push, its not Viegar, its Veigar.

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