• #9 martyfisher

    Agree with most of the comments. Good for the basics, I guess, but it'd be great if Curse would come around to update this guide. Synergies, counters, and just more in depth in general. The do's and the don'ts, and then some tips, such as taking golems if one blue team. Also there are a few new Season 3 items to be added to the list, as with item choosing, such as when to choose Statikk Shiv over Phantom Dancer.

  • #7 flajeen

    Wriggle's Lantern is hardly a common AD carry item...

  • #8 greenlikeblue

    Yeah, I see Trinity Force more ofen than Wriggle's

  • #11 AmulNorris

    Yea Trinity Force is really viable for some ADC's like Corki and Sivir. With Sivir in a game I had Beserker Greaves, Statikk Shiv, The Bloodthirster, Trinity Force and Cloak of Agility and I killed this Nocturne half HP with 1 AA, as i used my W (ricochet) and the sheen proc and Statick Shiv Crit as well as the AA and the W. :). And after got my first Quadra that game :) And also with Corki u need it for Sheen, Slow, Movement speed, mana, HP, Critical chance, Attack speed, Attack damage, Ability power and kills!

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  • #5 3tech

    I didn't learned anything from that. Pls update this guide and insert more information like common runes  / masteries or synergies with supporters.

    If there would be a like / dislike button i would vote :         D

    edit : the "D" is a hand pointing a the bottom in Wingdings BUT it isnt working ...

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  • #3 moebiuzz

    I feel like this guide is a little lackluster.

    How many cs should one attemp to get at a given minute mark?

    When is it worth it waitng for a BT instead of wriggles? 

    Why is stacking AS bad? 

    etc etc etc

  • #4 Capn_Evan

    What moebluzz said, this guide is rather for those that have no idea what an AD carry is at all, I came here looking for pro guides. I thought.

  • #1 Triglalucerna

    You should probably add Caitlyn as an AD Carry.

  • #2 jsnrulz

    well its not just caitlyn, there is ezreal,graves and a lot others, guess he was showing a few examples.

  • #6 Triglalucerna

    that's true but when i see AD carry i always think cait/ashe, corki usually just pass me by. . .

    maybe i should try out corki and change that. . .


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