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    This guide should be updated


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    Jungling is the hardest role in the game.Here are few tips to learn jungle.

    1. First way is to learn how to clear your jungle
    2.  How to gank effectively.
    3. How to steal buffs when there is oppotunities.
    4. Learn about ward placement.
    5. Learn objective timers
    6. Communicate with your team

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    another tactic is to start red buff and then figure out what buff you enemy jungler is starting then quickly run to their second buff and wait intil they are low to go in to burst themm down quickly and you get a full double buff and a kill though you waste time


    P.S. be careful if you see a teemo missing for a while and no one has seen him he may be hiding at one of your buffs or camps this has happened to me twice and that set me back very far and gave him a annoyingly good start with double buffs and gold

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    "So without runes; go armour. Without runes; go Hunter's Machete." So i don't have runes i go for armour or machete?

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    Small miss-type here "So without runes; go armour. Without runes; go Hunter's Machete.". I think you mean, without runes go armor, with runes go Machete.

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    I'm in the group that disagrees with the reccomended new jungle champs. I started with Udyr and found him exceedingly easy to pick up. Tiger drops blue and red faster than anyone, and since those are the most dangerous spots for new junglers (Those who have lower grade armor runes will end up VERY low health at the end) I'd reccomend him as a standard first time jungle. Fiddlesticks I agree with, since his ganks are strong, hes very safe, and easy to play.

    I suspect you put Maokai on there because of his easy ganks, but the fact remains that in the actual jungle he's harder to use, and late game no new player will know what to do with a tank.

    Other than that, great guide. Champions that can carry out of the jungle might be a nice thing to mention, like Diana or Jayce.

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    I would love to see some discussion on how leashing (or not leashing) affects jungling routes and gank timing, in the context of both ranked (where you need your team to protect your blue buff from being stolen), and normal games (where you might not even have an enemy jungler on the enemy team).

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    You will want to list the 5 starting items for junglers here.  Boots, cloth armor, dorans blade, regrowth pendant and vampiric scepter.  The second tier there is ninja tabi, madreds, philosopher stone

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    imo trundle is an easier jungler than any of those you listed. Ammumu requires landing a skillshot bandage toss to get close (and he's very blue buff reliant). Fiddle can be counter jungled pretty hardcore by somebody with an interrupt, Nunu is pretty easy but falls off hard, thus making it important to get ganks, and Maokai just isn't an easy champ to play imo.


    Trundle is a god tier jungler with a pretty easy skillset. He falls off as well, but not as drastically as nunu. His ganks are VERY simple, put wall behind somebody (the placement will be determined by your skill, but even a rather bad pillar will give you a good chance for a gank). He has great sustain in the jungle, and he holds his own against most jungling champs. He's literally one of the only counters to shyvana counter jungling, which should tell you something. 

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    You might also want to mention how some champions who are less blue reliant like Lee Sin, Shen, Tryndamere can go wraiths -> Red for an early level two gank.

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    How is that Socially Awkward?

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    Great general jungling guide. I appreciate this site more and more everytime I come back. To beginning or low elo players, I think the most important thing about jungling, is that it will teach you a lot about the aspects of the game that you lose sitting in lane, pounding on creeps and trading with the other team:

    Objective timers (baron/dragon/blue/red) used to cripple the other teams ap and ad vs. your own, the overall importance of objectives as it pertains to the flow of the game, when to and to not push lanes, learning how to time ganks/towerdives, helping to control the game through the oppositions fear/your own pressure, keeping cs up (even though you are generally lower in CS, if you are attentive, you learn to appreciate CS more), etc...

    No matter what ELO or skill, learning to jungle (and not letting the role/power go to your head) is an integral part of LoL that most people miss mainly because they don't want to be harrassed by other players for being new at it, and secondarily for the time it takes to learn new early-mid games builds/runes/masteries and paths. This latter burden has been eased a bit since the jungle was revamped. 

    Thanks again, and I look forward to reading more jungle guides for champs and staying engaged in the site in general. 

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    That's not exactly standard jungle routes... 

    Wolves -> Blue -> Wraith -> Red -> Golems -> Wraiths is so much faster then those you mentioned. 

    Or Wolves -> Blue -> Wraith -> Wolves -> Red -> Wraiths.

    Red route: Wraiths -> Red -> Golem -> Wraiths -> Wolves -> Blue.

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    can i ask why warwick isnt mentioned in this guide? For new junglers anyway, cause he is really easy to jungle.. considering you can do it from a level 1 account..

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    Jungeling warwick is super easy.  But doing so doesn't teach you much about how to gank.  Stonewall008 recommended Jarvan for newish junglers, b/c he teaches positioning via his E + Q knockup combo.

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    In addition, due to his near inability to pre-6 gank, he doesn't provide any sort of pressure that is a big part of jungling.

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    Probably worth mentioning the respawn timers in a beginner jungle guide:

    Red/Blue buff: 5 minutes

    Dragon: 6 minutes

    Baron: 7 minutes

    Wolves, wraiths, small golems: 1 minute

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    Aweosme point, included now :)

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