• #140 EsportsMoodle

    You have discussed a really interesting points. I also want to contribute by listing few tips such as:

    1. Firstly Find the champ you can perfectly play.

    2. Communicate with your team

    3. Try to learn 1 or 2 champs for each role.

    4. Learn how to solo lane/dual lane/jungle

    5. Proper use of wards

    6. Last. Never give up

  • #135 jexta

    Actually there is no escape from ELO HELL. Allow me to explain: smurf trolls. GG'd.

    Elo hell is pretty much bronze and where do people who TRY to lose end up? Exactly.  Every 2-3 queues you will end up with a guy who boldly states he is on his smurf account and he is in the queue to throw the game... that is why he made the account and that is what he finds fun, not helping you win. What happens when you see these trolls? you sad thinking about the next 20-50 minutes of your life wasted and the inevitable loss. What happens if you dodge it? you get punished as if you lost anyway. Riot has developed a system to promote their behavior and make it more fun for them without actually doing anything to combat it.

    So in the end it doesn't matter how friendly or helpful or positive you are becausee the guy spamming "YOLO" and throwing like its his job does not care what you think... the only thing you're accomplishing at that point is taking away a small portion of his satisfaction because they do enjoy when people rage at them.

    and so pointless guide is good but pointless due to the reality of league of legends.


  • #137 RycoonDawg

    I have had games where there would be instalock teemo with revive teleport who would go 0/10 in the first 15 minutes and we still came back from the game its not always over. Admittedly they did throw really hard though

  • #134 jexta

    It was a good read, full of reminders... every now and again you just get on those losing spree's .. anger, rage smash.. all you can think about is how incredibly limp and retarded most other players are in your elo are and that is exactly why you will continue losing.. they rage and you rage.. so much rage... you go into new matches PO'd and it makes it easier to get angry at people for making simple mistakes... DOWNWARD SPIRAL. I enjoyed reading this, thanks :)

  • #131 Epicion

    I honestly didn't see the point in this guide, practicing and perfecting your skills is a no-brainer.

    I was only interested in reading words regarding games where all your lanes except you go 0/4 in ten minutes.

    if you have no answer to this, then there is nothing I can learn from this guide.

  • #132 STARVANE

    Sure you may have games  like that but you cant do anything about it.You play  soloque to get yourself better not your team.Theres no point of answering your question in the first piace because you shouldnt be thinking about about you.

  • #136 JHoff23

    There is an answer to it and it was stated early on. Mobile Mid laners and Junglers can influence the other lanes pretty easily. If you really want to help your other lanes play one of these roles.

  • #130 Basinator
    Original author still around? I started doing this in normals and took this over to the few rankeds I play, during champ selection I try to get my team to VoIPs - this can easily give you the value of a multiple premade in terms of communication.
  • #129 Zaz00

    I tried Ranked and didn't do too well. I had not played in a long time and was rusty.

    But I have been playing a lot of Normal Drafts and when solo Im finding playing the jungler or pantheon top. Pantheon is my best champion by far and with the manleap and teleport can influence the game heavily by being where he is needed. Also a jungler can curb snowballing champions and carry from the jungle.

    Maybe its just me but since I started doing that, my win rate has steadly increased to about 60-70%. Sure its normal draft but my question is, do you think this will work in ranked?

  • #127 XxUnDeNtIfIeDxX

    bag of cheetos and 3 red bull...sounds like elemenz xD

  • #128 LiQuiD112



  • #125 kasperboy35

    Thanks a lot man, this was fun to read :)

  • #124 Phantom337

    I found this really interesting to read.

  • #123 julioabel90

    THe thing is  there are a lot of stupid kids and trolls and if you upset them for example u as ap carry take their 2nb lue golem by yourself there is a 80% chance they will start raging and a 50% they will actually quit the game cause you the AP carry took their 2nd blue..Believe me it happened 3 times at least for me :|. Therefore you must comunicate them and make them feel you are sorry and they are also smart ..Don't humiliate them you will have the chance at the end of the game :)

  • #126 DemonCrusher36

    No shit, everyones going to get pissy if you take there blue when the jungler needs it, or the mid needs it.. Trist doesn't even need blue, unless your being a baffoon and spamming all your abilities. 

  • #122 Nekoei

    Ty Zig, i'll try it, we'll see how it works.

    Ty again.

  • #115 Klune

    Only part I disagree with is this, "No matter what your teammates do – no matter who’s fault it is – take the blame, apologize profusely, and suck it up." I don't believe taking the blame for other peoples mistakes will help anyone, especially not the person who made the mistake. If you take the blame they will think they didn't make a mistake and will not be able to improve themselves, which leads to a misinformed player who was told it wasn't his fault when it was, then future players get to deal with him making the same mistake(s). I'm not saying to get mad at him, but I totally disagree with taking the blame for someone elses mistake.

    I appreciate the ideas for how to get better at solo lanes. One of the roles I've always avoided is solo top because I feel like its the lane you have to know the counters for the most. I can usually play solo mid with my very limited choices of AP carries and do okay/win with.

    Last edited by Klune: 6/4/2012 12:13:22 AM
  • #116 thiagodaldegan

    The idea here is avoid any discussion in game and don't let your team morale go down. I do not agree too, but it happens and it works.

  • #117 Skip3rd

    You are trying to perform better on average, not to help others perform. Forcing the blame on others (even when deserved) will make them play worse (on tilt) in the short term (until they realize AND FIX their mistake) and make your results decline. If you deal with taking blame for the mistake, the game continues without emotional turmoil and your chance of winning goes up. The focus here is to use your teammates to their fullest potential in game, and (if you feel like it) telling them their error after the game to help them improve.

  • #114 Nectapear

    After reading this i just lost 10 rankeds in a row goin with 3x more kills then deaths and always more then 10 assists. Btw i improved my farm and its really cool, i raped my enemy in every single game. But ... i lost a whole game at the end. So? How does my skill matter on ranked?

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