• #118 Skip3rd

    Read the entire guide. I think you're missing something. Note the point regarding playing in a good mood. if you lose a couple, move on, play some normals and come back to ranked when you are feeling hot again.

  • #113 cBizz

    How do you deal with someone who has fed a lane so hard during laning phase it is completely impossible to carry your team to victory because the fed player can dive 3 of you under a turret and still get 1 -2 kills???

  • #119 Skip3rd

    surrender. or carry harder. lol.

  • #121 popeyepoop1

    Unfortunately this does happen and you need to learn to communicate better with them, asking them to play more safe and especially you will need to help that lane before it's too late.

  • #112 anthonyy0

    1200 to 1550 , ty!

  • #111 bLACKLOTUS90

    Thanks. I learned a lot.

    I had 750 and now I've 1250. Two weeks only.

    Keep the good work. Peace

  • #108 spectralpoet

    I love this guide! I have a suggestion though. The thing that sticks out to me most about my time in ELO hell was always knowing what to do and never being able to get my team to listen. Over the course of a few thousand games I eventually learned how to talk to randos; how to tell when a polite comment would be helpful and when it would just make someone already beating themselves up over playing poorly even more upset. If you have any insight in to this area I think it would be an incredibly helpful thing to have a section on

  • #120 Skip3rd


  • #107 EvilJulik

    Thank you for your guide, but I really don't think that it can be applied to the EU NE...

    I, for example, climed up from 800+ till 1100 ELO, but it wasn't due to me carrying the team, but because I was really lucky, that those teams understood, that they mustn't risk and they must defend each other in team fights.

    What do I mean by that is, again, for example, Caytlin's ultimate. When I was climbing up, she was free, so ofc many times I faced her as an enemy AD carry. I was really lucky, because not only I saved teammates by taking the lethal shot, but they did the same for me. It was luck, that mt team was good, or atleast co-operative.

    At the end of the week I dropped down to 900 ELO, because my teammates not only played hyper aggressive, rushing everyone, not ss'ing, not puting wards, wandering off alone, but they also NEVER TOOK a lethal shot in order to save their teammate. Never. Caytlin was just spamming her ultimate every team fight on me or ad carry, or the wounded sion, who was kinda tanking. I tried to protected them. They never cared about others.

    I lost 200 elo, because my team was full of egoists, who didn't care about others, they were interested only in filling those roles they found "fun".


    Recently I played a ranked game as Ahri and we lost, when my score was 11/0/15. In one of the teamfights Singed had 200 HP left, Caytlin Ultied him. We had all team NEAR him. And only I fell back to protect him. Lost 50% of my hp, but continued fighting.

    You know what Caytlin said?

    "GJ! I've never seen my ultimates block in elo hell! I'm sorry for you to have such a bad team."

  • #133 STARVANE

    woopa de doo you have to be selfish you have to do everything on your own.if your jungler you need to farm up and not gank too much.And if your top you need to take teleport and create plays like splitpushing.if your midlaner you whole point is to help the other laners.And if your adc your whole job is to constantly and ignore the early teamfights.And if you play support play it properly.Trick0850 videos can help you taric more properly

  • #105 dellejoe

    Hey really nice guide i've been struggling with my team for quite a long time. This really improved my rating even though it is still very bad :D.

    I was wondering if you are hireable? If not can you recommend any pro who are please? :) We are willing to pay.

  • #104 anthonyy0

    I found this guide to be extremely helpful.

    I've been really getting down on myself lately in game as no matter how well I'm winning a lane, I just cannot seem to bring it into late game, either the other teams lanes are just beyond fed or I'm making bad decisions in the mid/late game, I'm not really sure. I've fallen from 1400 rating and am now floating just above 1200.

    Basically this guide reassured and reminded me that all I need to do is carry harder and make the right decisions, I let my mind get clouded sometimes when a bad decision is made by a team mate (or me) and it just continues to happen then and an easy win can turn into a loss.

    I'm not always entirely sure where I am going wrong however yet I know it's somewhere, going from 6/0 in a lane to 7/5 or something at the end makes me think I'm going wrong somewhere, if you're ever playing on EUW and have a charitable notion I'd love to play a regular game and you could see where I hiccup :P (ATT Poldara - EUW).

  • #103 Gardel

    I've been duo queueing with my brother, getting back to 1250 from low 1k, but every game is just luck based. By luck based I mean, you need to be lucky enough to have the trolls/afks/ragers on the other team. I try talking to everyone since champ select screen in order to create a good environment, but it's useless, specially when you get matched with another duo queue on your team.

    We usually get 3-4 kills bot and take their turret down by min 10, he then heads mid or top to help, and I stay farming bot unless I'm really really needed in a lane, keeping their ad and support busy. However, our teams manage to get killed and give a huge advantage to the other team. I'm beginning to think it isn't enough to destroy their ad carry and dominate bot, since the other 3 champs will always get incredibly fed.

    What should we try? Getting a solo lane and the jungler? Keeping one of us bot and the other one in another lane?

    Any help with this will be greatly appreciated!


    Last edited by Gardel: 4/6/2012 12:45:50 PM
  • #102 LtgamerNr1

    Dosen't work if there is a troll you can't win i dont play a lot of rankeds now because i am sick of them all -10 can't climb out off it and when i play with my friend we just dominate our lane and other feed,trolls,leaves i don't know how it calls a team play when half of team are selfish jerks. Im just saying my situation and ho dosent get such kind of team so good for your i really love to get a nice team. 

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  • #101 gladjonas2

    "Do not play Trist, are you stupid". xD

  • #100 DingoAteMyBaby

    I remember playing agaisnt you in the first round of the TSM 1v1 tourney.  You gave me some decent advice there and this guide is pretty good too.  Thanks for writing this.

  • #99 iLegionX

    This aught to be interesting, reading on....

  • #97 BSkumar

    Could you post the replays of your tristana games? I need a good AD carry to play that isn't mainstream. Been trying ezreal but not really a lot of luck :(

  • #98 Zignature

    Try Miss Fortune (she's quickly becoming main stream, though). I 100% believe that every AD carry is currently viable if you are a good enough player - so just find something you enjoy & play it. There's no need to play a champion that isn't "mainstream", as most AD carries aren't banned anyways.

    There is likely a Tristana guide available on this site somewhere. Good luck!

  • #106 briandot

    ezreal is pretty good but you need a support with cc and a brain.... and a team that doesnt feed

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