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    And what starting items if i start with 825+75 gold (from the two mastery) and what abought the usage of clairvoyance? With 30+10% cooldown reduction (36s) from the mastery and from Eleisa's Miracle, it can be the best way to scout brushes with it's no range limit. The bot laner can go both this ways i recommend. The improved clairvoyance can work well on any heavy artillery as Kog'Maw or Xerath and your own altars also reveal the enemy.

    Play the other way and break the meta.

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    I disagree highly with this author. I feel that a good team for this map relies on an O.P. solo top/jungler. I main Trydamere and Kha Zix who are both late game champs using specific builds but their ability along with other champs (Riven, Mundo, Garen, Olaf) to fight solo in one lane while clearing their jungle makes a huge diffrence. For instance i have played two games that lasted over 40 minutes in which my team was down in both cases by over 20 kills yet because of these champs ability to crowd control we were able to hold off the minion waves while gaining massive amounts of gold and xp which allowed us to level and build faster than the opposing team. Thus when we reached late game the other team could no longer sustain.

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    good luck with that in higher ranks..

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    You Challenger too?

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    How do you feel about the reworked heimerdinger on 3v3?  He's one of my all time favorite champs, and I've found so far that he has potential on this map, probably more so as a strong counter pick / situational champ.  I haven't yet had a chance to play him competitively in 3's but here is what i have found so far:

    1) He suffers immensely early from champions who have relative ease pushing down his turrets because of the massive CD.

    2) Around lvl 3 he becomes fairly difficult to move for most common 3's champs.

    3) He has fairly limited mobility, meaning you want to try and force fights and objectives in / near his lane.  What he lacks in mobility I feel he makes up for in lane presence.

    4) Narrow lanes make it easier to clean up turrets with aoe, but also much easier to land grenade and rocket harass.

    5) High damage, poke and siege potential.

    6) Fairly easy to gank and burst down with the right champions.

    I was wondering if you had seen anyone try to play heimer, and how he fared? 

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    I play jungle currently at a silver rating with my team, every time we go against a heimerdinger the game doesn't ever go his way. We constantly focus him, force him to places so his turrets aren't of use and gank constantly because he is so squishy. I can however see how you might think it would work but their are other factors that would be in place like;
    Setting up before a teamfight with the turrets.
    Controlling areas with those turrets.
    It is up to you whether you want to use Heimerdinger, it could work out for you but so far I haven't seen it.

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    Hi Yetti.

    I've been trying out this new thing both on my plat II team, other teams and in normal and I think you should consider trying it and perhaps adding the posibility to your guide.. i present to you: Twisted MORDEKAISER JUNGLE!

    Just go for your normal build - but ofc with the ap jungle item. You'll make sure to have a bruiser top and an ap bot with some kind of cc - Zyra, Lissandra etc. Then you'll max up your W first. And when you reach lvl 3 (and get your W in lvl 2) you won't be losing hp in jungle. I had better farm than any other in every game I've done this. He is a fast, tanky jungler, huge dmg for ganks - but with no stuns ofc. And then the usual problems with kiting ofc but we can't blame the jungle on that ;)

    If you mix him up with a melee bruiser top - like Renekton, Jax, Riven or so, the W will give so huge dmg. Plus he is able to counterpush on his own, does a quick junglesteal.. try it and if you do, let me hear :) I btw start with Amplifying Tome, Hunters Machete and 2 health potions..

    And.. I've said it before - gr8 guide, rly. Good job, man :)

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    Hey yetti, i was curious about ravenous hydra's effectiveness for AD's and junglers and pretty much just your thoughts about the item. Also, with the new change to Hextech and the addition of its 10% movement speed to blackfire, would it make blackfire a good first built item for AP champions such as cass and karma? Also, if it isnt too much to ask, could we have some of your thoughts about Liandrys? 


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    Hi Yetti,

    You talk about an hybrid Fizz. I'm sure that could be viable and very fun to play, but I have trouble figuring out a good build. What would be a typical build ? Just one big AD item (BRK, frozen mallet ?) after the doran blade, and then full AP ?

    Great guide by the way, the only one 3v3 players need to read.

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    I only start out with hybrid runes and a Dorans Blade. From there I go full AP with my items.

    AD Marks (Hybrid pen work great too), AP Quints, AP Glyphs, Armor Seals. 21/9 taking as much AP masteries as you can, and the extra 3 AD from Brute Force. Gives you absolutely insane early game damage. From there I rush Wooglets and Lich.

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    Hey bud! Thanks for writing the guide! It was wonderful!

    I can a question! Me and my friends are getting together and want to make a team where we win all 5 qualifying games. So far we have had 2 teams where we make it to the 4th game, we loose it and then win the 5th one. So far we found that out team comp has been, Kayle top, Shen bot and Riven jungle. And I know you put Shen low on your tier list, but we liked him because it basically made are team impossible to kill because of the kayle and Shen ultiz however, who do you hink we could replace Shen as and continue to have great team fights? Or is Kayle abd riven just not good together at all

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    Kayle and Riven are strong picks. It's hard to recommend a specific champion, since a lot of who you chose is based on personal preference. You need a tanky initiator with this team, preferably with some CC to peel for Kayle. Try Malphite or Wukong.

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    Hello there, I just wanted to thank you for that very nice guide!

    I just recently started playing ranked 3vs3 with 2 of my friends.
    We thought to try a cc team including Zyra as ap bot, Amumu as jungle and Pantheon bruiser as top.
    We have jet just played 3 evaluation games, but won them all.

    The first game was against Garen, Kayle and Diana. We literally crushed them until they just surrendered on 21 min!

    The second game was against Xerath, Maokai and Jinx. Same thing with this team, we crushed them and they surrendered on 21 min.

    The third game was harder. That game was against Kassadin, Renekton and Sion, but we still had them on 34 min.

    With all our CC I thought this would be a good combo, Amumus bandage toss and ulti, Zyras grap and ulti and Pantheons stun and ulti if they manage to escape.

    I was wondering what you think of that comp? Keeping in mind that we are not challenger tier :) 

    And again thanks a lot for an awesome guide!



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    Zyra and Pantheon are both strong picks. Amumu lacks early game counter jungling and dueling potential, which at higher levels is one of the most important things to have as a jungler. At bronze-gold, it will probably work just fine though. I would suggest switching Amumu with Jarvan. Jarvan + Zyra is a great combo, and with Jarvan's cage + Zyra's root and knockup, it should make it really easy to land Pantheon's ult on top of the enemy.

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    Hello, awesome guide!

    Me and my two friends are starting 3v3 and we played around abit. But were having trouble deciding the comp. At the same time that we want to win 3v3 we also want to practice our main roles abit and thats why im asking you. Which champions fit into this kind of comp and do you consider it strong or should we change something:

    Adc (example vayne),

    fighter (example aatrox or shyvana),

    cc-tank (example nautilus)

    Thank you in before-hand :)

  • #295 yetttti

    Strong ADCs - Vayne, Ezreal, Quinn, Corki, Graves. Vayne and Ez being pretty much the only ones you see at higher levels of play. Personally I've been having a crazy amount of success with Twitch, just make sure to run him with a peel, cc heavy team.

    Fighers - Aatrox, Shyv, Jax, Darius, Wukong, Riven, Trundle. This class kind of overlaps with tanks. Generally you don't want to play straight tanks, but it works if you have a ranged damage source that the tanks main job is peeling for.

    Tanks - Udyr, Malphite, Volibear, Jarvan, Cho'Gath, Leona

    Remember, somewhere in your comp you need a solid source of AP damage. That's why most teams run a fighter top, AP carry bot, and a tanky fighter in jungle. Conversely, you could run an AD carry bot if you have magic damage in some form from top or jungle (for example Diana top, Vayne bot, and Volibear or Udyr jungle).

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    Hey Yetttti,

    Any chance that you will update the guide again soon?
    I really think Karma should be high up in the tier list and I would like to know your thoughts on a few of the champion specific changes (Singed, Kass, Lulu).

  • #291 yetttti

    Tier list has been updated. Still need to update items section at some point.

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    Hey I wanted to first of all say thank you for posting this.  It's helped my team tremendously!  I was curious what kind of teams could be built around nunu and was wondering if you had any advice. My girlfriend really enjoys playing him while my brother and I are a little more versatile. We just started running wukong nunu and cassio, but I was a little iffy oN whether or not that would be too much ap for 3v3 as far as forcing down objectives.

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