• #30 Jolle122002

    Why no CSC??

  • #29 drarsenaldmd

    this guide is awful; runes, materies, skill order and items are all inappropriate for GP.

    gankplank has extremely strong ganks during his entire laning phase because of his passive on-hit slow. once you have your ultimate you can get a kill in bot lane any time they pass the half-way point. He can't be peeled off you because of W and his movespeed is much much higher than any laner because of E. If you don't see him coming and don't have some sort of dash, you're dead.

    the number of games, between bronze and gold II, where I had 3+ kills at the 5 minute mark... countless.

    GP can build tank, on-hit off-tank or straight DPS depending on the teamcomps on the map. He is versatile and a very under-rated champion right now. hint: if you want to go dps dont upgrade your spirit stone, just use it for its sustain.

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  • #18 LoLMegash

    I rather go ie on gp than triforce, and i rather go iceborn on GP than mallet also. Perhaps more of a troll build but it works on high el00000 ,_,

  • #19 Tadamasa

    its no troll build. This guide is outadet as u can see on the jungle creeps...

  • #17 swellmaps

    frozen mallet? what about his passive?

  • #16 Natividade

    I like to build the Iceborn Gauntlet on him, its a very efficient item and sinergyzes well with his Q. And you get some of the benefits of Frozen Heart and Trinity Force, and a awesome AoE slow with very low CD. Wit's End is another good item for this bruiser style GP.Critplank is not that good anymore. Still viable against some comps, but most of the times is better to build tanky and abuse his poke and utility for the team.

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  • #11 Erenussocrates

    Trinity? Pfffftttt totally hilarious. I didn't know that this site was not providing so good builds for all and every champs.

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  • #12 VirusKid

    This website is providing different guides on how to play champions and they may not suit everyone. If you don't like the guide, feel free to use your own. Guides are made by a professional gamers and shows the way they like to play the specific champion.

    If you wan't to provide a feedback, please do it in a common sense.

  • #13 Silver_Crown

    Adds crit chance, which is core on GP. Proc works with his Q, which effectively gives it 2.5x AD scaling instead of 1.0. That's more than double the damage output on every single Q. The movespeed makes it easier for him to kite, which is something he has trouble with. Even once you take all this into account, he uses literally EVERY stat, including the little bit of AP on his heal. 

    I'm starting to think you're just a really bad troll, because nothing you post makes even the least bit of sense.

  • #15 zeron808

    He's probably referring to the fact that Trinity Force is an incredibly expensive item for a jungler, who usually has the second lowest gold income after the support. While GP is able to make use of every stat of the Triforce and it is a good item to buy on him in theory, the fact that it is a guide for jungle GP and not lane GP means that it is not just an impractical buy but an improbable one.

  • #10 FireLordDodo

    ganplank is one of my favorite champs to play. But I don't understand why there isn't a critplank build. He can do amazing damage and I don't feel this takes advantage of that. Am I missing something? I am fairly new to the game. (5 months).

  • #14 Silver_Crown

    I don't know either, but I see crit GP builds in-game all the time, even when I spectate in ranked. The most popular and practical GP builds seem to be off-tank builds with crit chance. IMO, the best way to go is something like three offensives + two defensives, or the opposite if you need to build tankier (or if the enemy team is squishy enough that you can afford to let up on the damage anyway). I think triforce + BT + IE + warmog's + randuin's is good on him. If you really need the MR, you can sub BT for maw, or just get bulwark instead of randuin's. I don't really play GP though, so I'm not an expert by any means.

  • #9 ian12

    is this guide by saint or  Lexvink? It says Saint but then says "This Gankplank guide is for Jungle and is written by Lexvink, a 2500 ELO Player."

  • #8 Masterkad

    Can you update it please, especially the Item build. 

  • #7 tadzikas

    u should try hydra on gp, its rly op :)


    my gp build is: iceborn gauntlet, ravenous hydra, black cleaver, frozen mallet, maw of malmortius, lonia boots

    nice sustain, great dmg and op cdr :) big wave of minions u kill with 1 shot parley

  • #4 Voxelbuffer

    On the 'Rune, Masteries and Summoner Spells' page, there are no mastery points in the boxes

    Anyway fantastic guide. I've only recently picked up GP, but find him hard in the top lane. He is an excellent jungler, able to go 1v1 with some of the squishier junglers, and he also has quite a big lane presence in the early game.

    I myself go a 0/21/9 setup, but that's just me. If you are snowballing out of control I find it very good to pick up the latter of the 2 phage builds after you have build the first. The perma-slow is always good and you deal so much damage with a t-forced Q crit :3

    (I need to tone down my posts)

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  • #1 doublerapist

    I've tried this set of masteries and it's worked pretty well for me, but I still prefer  0/21/9 or 9/21/9 personally. When I'm jungling, I typically find myself not being able to farm well enough to become an actual carrying bruiser, so I do this utility bruiser thing with HoG, Phage and Aegis which is actually kind of weird for GP who scales so very well with damage, but it works out.

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  • #6 LiQuiD112

    You go for the 9/21/0 instead of 0/21/9 because gives you option to go exhuast and you 100% need the armor pen.

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