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    Hey why do not you buy Gangplank Infinity eages?

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    the worst item build on gp.

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    This is quite nice.

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    Hey, got a quick question, hopefully someone can answer for me. Armor pen is obviously very good, but I've also heard stories of the Koreans building Magic Pen on Gp, so how do you guys think he would do with Hybrid Pen runes? They would synergize with his passive and his ult does magic damage as well. On top of that, you're not losing all that much armor pen, and gaining a ton of magic pen. His base damage is pretty good on his ult, for an AOE, so I think it would work really well.

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    i agree with u

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    The new phage was an indirect buff to everyones favorite pirate. start with what you want, max w first, rush phage, then build stattik shiv.  It works so incredibly well. high burst, and high mobility. Kill a minion and slingshot your way into a free parley with rage. And then since u just technically auto attacked, you get another movespeed boost to get out, or further in.its really powerful. Its nice to not have to farm up 2500 gold before gp becomes a competent laner now.


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    This guide is a little bit outdated with its starts and all, i would very much like to see this guide looked at again with some of the reworked items in mind.

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    Just an idea really, but I'd love it if they made Parrrley a passive where he could switch between his sword and his gun, making it possible to play him adc. The melee stance could, for example,  apply all the stacks of his passive whilst he would apply one by one with his gun. Any opinions ?

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    I guess you don't realize how strong his passive actually is. If you apply all stacks, it slows almost as much as redbuff and deals nice dmg. It makes sure you stick to your target. Giving his normal AA that high dmg/slow without items would be 2 strong. I also dont like the idea to put him in a marksman role. It just does not suit him.

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    I think this is very good build. But I prefer statik shiv instead of wit's end. I buy philospher and avarice blade as first 2 items. Combined with parrley even enemy outfarm me I have hell of a golds and both items can be upgraded very good items too... I don't build statik early to get more gold from avarice. After philospher and avarice I buy frozen mallet. Of course I take boots somewhere here. You don't actually need boots early at gp he is quite fast. After Frozen Mallet I go sunfire cape then I build statik. So it's like :

    Phisopher stone - Avarice Blade - (optional boots) - Giant's belt or Phaege - Frozen Mallet - (if you didn't get boots til now get them make it level 2) - Giants belt or Chain vest (depending on which one you need first) - Sunfire Cape - Statik Shiv - Glacial Shroud - Shurelya - Frozen Heart

    I didn't It's better to have statik shiv instead of Wit's End. Because Avarice Blade is AMAZING early game combinated with parrley and philospher stone (even better if you have TF in mid) and critical hits are better than Wit's End's bonus damage and mr for me. You can crit pretty much with statik shiv and it is enough. Even on lane through Avarice Blade you will crit sometimes and it helps A LOT.

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    Personally, i am a fan of building crit early, thus them into Statik getting Avarice Blade and Zeal, and combine them into Statikk Shiv. This boosts the chance of me taking advantage of my Q's ability to get me richer. Following this item, would be a Warmogs and Atma's Impaler. This keeps my damage on par with others whilst having a decent amount of health. I'd get a Frozen Mallet or Sunfire after this, and top it off with Infinty Edge to frighten enemy carries :) Boots depends on enemy team comp, but I enjoy Mobility or Swiftness :D

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    Personally I am a Critplank player, but I am not ranked or anything so I know that he isn't as viable as tankplank, but Critplank has kind of become my top lane trump card for when I want an easy win, I usually start with Brawlers and 2 pots, build an avarice and boots and turn the avarice into a shiv. Then I get another avarice for more crit and cash, and build an IE after upgrading my boots to berserker. The next part of my build is dependant on how the game is going, I will get phantom dancer if I am just facerolling, if not I grab the Atmog combo (using the avarice I bought earlier in the atma recipe). Either way I end up getting both of those, just depends on the order. At the beginning of the game I focus my Parrrley's on last hitting much more than harassing, I start to harass when I get a little higher level and have the mana. In normals this does very very well, but I am aware that in ranked it would probably be a different story.

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    Just tweak your build into more damage. an ie instead of a phantom dancer really helps out ur mid game. crit plank is perfectly viable tho, as long as you build the right items at the right time. rushing shiv is damn near a free lane win.

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    I get the IE before the phantom dancer, its like my second item. And yeah I tweaked the build ever so slightly since posting this, I build a FM instead of a warmog, its 25 extra AD at the price of 300 hp. My crits are 1k or higher with this build.

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    hi i would like to know one thing about GP because i see he's counters but i can't see who he is good against i would like to know that thx nice build 

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    gangplank beats almost no one lol. except besides darius, from level 1-4, he can use his strong early stats and grog soaked blade with parley poke to make farming a good item easier.

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    Thanks to his passive, the ganks his lane gets can be hard to get out of... but if you build tanky and with some crit chance early on, he can be great :) I actually pulled off an early kill on a WW because I had some crit runes (for lols) and 8% crit item (can't remember the name). Both my Qs critted him :D

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    I know critplank isn't opted for much now days, however I've been doing really well with this new build...

    Not in build order but > Merc Treads or Ninja Tabi, Statik Shiv, Warmogs, IG... and then optional between IE, Atmas, FM, Hydra, LW (IF you don't need to be as tanky).

    Usually I go;

    Avarice Blade


    Ninja Tabi (or merc treads)

    stat shiv (clears waves quick and good ms)


    Mogs (IG and mogs switched around depending on situation)


    And end with either LW, FM, Hydra and possibly atmas (all depends on if you don't need to be as tanky or not.)

    Great movement speed (that helps proc Shiv easily), Aoe crit pokes that also slow enemies down a lot from passive and items and tanky with great dmg.

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