• #102 sultar

    Whoever wrote this guide, is a dumbass.  I'm sorry, but you are.  Read some of the paragraphs...

    "W grants bonuses on minion kills?"

    "Won't be encountering any AP champs on bottom lane?"

    "Passive activates after 10 seconds.."

    Pure inaccurate garbage.  Even the masteries are terribad.  Go on mobafire and get more bad advice while losing more games.  Thanks Curse.

  • #108 Spirits33r

    U clearly havent played lol long enough to now what your talking about.

  • #101 MrTakumi96

    if the player pro,wont be problem even fight ranged/melee champ..

  • #99 xMarok

    After playing Garen for more than 500 games, I can definitely say that an Infinity Edge works much better on him than a LW due to the fact that his E can crit.

  • #98 amabosss

    outdated masteries...please update them!

  • #97 quirky9000

    I love garen, he is THAT champ that is known to be stupid and tower dive a lot. I've always neglected garen when I was playing the game. Thought up a nice build that really helps you through the game and really can snowball garen really hard and do tons of damage and still stay super tanky in the right match ups!

    Starting Items:Revjuv bead, ward, 5 pots

    Sunfire cape(Early Farm), Youmuu's Ghost(Crit and Armor pen), Boots of Swiftness(Wouldn't be garen without them) by that time you should be able to stomp your lane easily. Start to get tanky by grabbing a warmongs first. Then you get an Atmas impaler for the damage and the large amount of attack damage you get, because it synergizes well with warmongs. And if you make even farther in game, get the infinity edge for maximum damage.

    Just my thoughts and you don't get as tanky right away with this build and it's a little harder early game, but using garen they way he is meant to be played in the bushes this build usually is a sure win.

  • #100 MrTakumi96

    i would like recommend doran shield&pot  as starting..doran is good as regen,reduce dmg and hp because early game with "high" hp make ppl scare make u farm better as they will "scare silent" by Q

  • #103 sultar

    Terribad idea.  Any player with a pulse and 500 elo can passive farm you down and wreck you.  You don't scale well into mid game, at all. 

  • #95 mihajlo2211

    Garen's W is not a bad spell it saved me couple of times it gives u armor so they hard damage you but i love the crazy danage if Q and then i pres E and i kill in couple of hits.

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  • #90 NewCleanGaren

    A lot of the things in this guide are simply factually incorrect, and some parts that aren't are self-contradictory.  

    It says Garen's W gives him armor and magic resist on minion kills; it doesn't, since it's just a flat value and kills have nothing to do with it.  

    The skill chart says to start Q first, but the text right below says to start E.  

    It says the silence on Q has a flat duration that doesn't change with leveling up at least twice, but it does change; the silence duration is 1.5/1.8/2/2.3/2.5 seconds, as the Abilities page says in its copypasta (but contradicts itself in the description below).  This has a very pronounced impact on the calculation of whether it's worth leveling up more before late game.  (The guide says it isn't because the silence doesn't scale, but the silence does scale; so is it actually worth it?)

    It says that E clears slows (when saying that it's an escape tool!), when it's Q that does that.  The only situation in which E helps an escape is when you need to move through a wall of minions that are keeping you from running away; it does nothing to slows.  

    In the rune summary it says that you won't be encountering AP champions bottom lane, when the guide is for top lane.  

    In the Strategy and Tactics page it talks about what support to pair him with (!) as though he were an ADC and we were talking about bottom lane.  

    I mean, I'm just a silver-ranked scrub, and I know all this; these are basic errors and this is the only Garen guide on the site.  What's the deal? 

  • #91 Zeriphal

    It doesn't look like you've got an answer to this yet, so here's what the deal is, the problem was caused by the small rework Garen got last august, and this guide not being fully updated to account for all the little details. Garen's W used to have a stacking mechanic, and the slow removal used to be on W, etc. So, yeah, they're just slow with updating the guides here.

    The details on Garen's rework are here:

  • #92 NewCleanGaren

    Doesn't explain why the guide inexplicably shifts to talking about ADC Garen halfway through.  :p

  • #93 minybob4

    The main thing (I believe) is that tanks/bruiser were played bot lane in an old and forgotten meta. This guide is not at all up to date. It isn't meant to begin with garen as masteries, runes and items seems to be the only things updated reliably. You should have a certain basis and look at this taking what you need and leaving what isn'y relevant anymore.

  • #96 stonehead261

    Actually bruiser + suipport bot used to be the meta, pantheon and soroca, for instance, were fai

    rly common as duo bot partners

  • #79 spartacus697

    I personally main as Garen, and while I agree with alot of this guide I don't agree with the starting items. For Garen to be truely viable, he needs to be able to outsustain the enemy champ so that he can whittle them down until he can just 3 shot combo them. I usually start w/ a doran's shield vs most opponents simply because I prefer the enemy to be aggressive in the beggining so that they are the ones who make a mistake. I use flash to jump onto them for my combo so they can't escape. Also its better to stack resistances after you get your brutalizer, your main goal is to be annoying to leave alive unless it goes into LATE game you won't be your teams primary damage dealer, and stacking resistances helps with this. My normal build goes DS>Boots>Brutalizer>Resistances>BC>More resistances>IE>Selling BC for a Last Whisper.

    Image removed due to its file extension:

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  • #81 spartacus697

    Also I don't grab W until level 4

  • #84 aragorn42

    i find long sword 2 health pots is a lot better for aggressive play than doran's shield.


  • #94 ElementalMaster7

    I grab Cloth Armor and 5 health pots. Helps me stay in lane longer. More pots AND his passive helps him stay in lane all the way to like, Lvl 5, maybe?

  • #73 aragorn42

    The Pros and Cons need to be updated (they are really old now) as well as counters because Nidalee and Urgot are also very hard counters to Garen.

  • #77 minybob4

    pretty much any ranged top make ypu lose lane or rely on junglers gank. Also, not only pros and cons but abilities too.



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